History of F-1

When J.Brabham with his Cooper won their second consecutive title, the first of this decade, it was so easily that nobody could imagine that would be the last fortune for the british constructor. Bruce McLaren´s openning victory in Argentina showed that the team had the ideal set-up, and along the year J.Brabham saw the chequered flag before any other five times consecutively. But this year also would be marked by another great fact: Moss, in Monaco, took the team Lotus to first ever higher podium finish. He also recorded another victory in Germany.

The british constructors were in the four higher standings positions at the end. Cooper one-two (Brabham and McLaren) followed by Lotus (Moss and Ireland).

First appearance for: J.Clark, J.Surteees, R.Ginther.

In 61, with the new engine rules, 1500cc limit, Ferrari retake the competitiveness with its memorable 156 car. Formed two strong drivers as Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips, the italian team won 5 races, including the one of the newcomer G. Baghetti, who became the first driver to win a race on his debut, at Rheims. Hill and Trips fight race by race and the german driver had a little advantage when he they came to Monza. But Hill would won the championship there. Trips and 14 spectators were killed as a result of a big accident between himself and the new promising driver J.Clark at the end of Parabolica. Ferrari team were very censured by their decision to not retire Hill´s car after Trips death. Hill won the race, but the team decided to not attend the last race of the year and Ireland won it.

Phil Hill took the first title to North America.

First appearance for: G.Baghetti and L.Bandini.

1962 there was another close battle, this time betwen two british drivers: G.Hill with his BRM P157 and J.Clark with his Lotus 25. Besides them, only McLaren (Cooper) at Monaco and Gurney (Porsche´s 1st victory) at Rouen reached first place. But F1 were introducting many new things: lighter monocoque, frontal cars airdynamic reductions, fuel injection instead of carburators and new steering wheels maden in leather with short diameter. With so many new things, one man appeared to be in the center of this decade creations: Colin Chapman (Lotus). His car, with chassis built with aeronautical technology inspiration, in Clark´s hands would lose the championship only in the final round at East London (South Africa). After leading 62 of 82 laps, "the flying scottish" had to abandon, what gave Hill his fourth victory of the year and the championship. If Clark had won the race, he and Hill would be in igual valid points standings (only the five best results counted), but Clark would have one victory more and would have been the champion...Otherwise, if all the points were valid, Hill would be the champ with a 22 points margin!

First appearance: J.Siffert where group by Brabham and Lola chassis.

Jim Clark will take his time in the next season, 1963. Demonstrating a strong superiority, Clark won seven times giving no chance to others drivers. Lotus 25 were, in his hands, reliable and quicker than any other opponent, including his team-mate T.Taylor. Hill and Ginther, with BRM, split second position at the end with 29 points each.

First appearance: C.Amon, M.Hailwood, P.Rodriguez, M.Spence and ATS chassis.

By other hands, the following year would be very hard to Clark. He won three races, but Lotus were not so reliable as previous year. So, when the circus arrived at Mexico City the situation was: Hill (BRM) leading the championship with 37 points and two victories, followed by Surtees (Ferrari - 34 points - 2 victories) and Clark (30 points). Clark dominated all the week-end, starting from the pole and pooling away from the group. Then less than three laps to go, Bandini touched wheels with Hill, and the british abandon. That was everything Clark needed to win the championship, but...his engine blew up just before chequered flag! Dan Gurney took the victory with his Brabham, but the biggest week-end winner were John Surtees. He won the title with his second place and became the only man in the history to be champion driving two and four wheels.

First appearance: P.Revson, J.Rindt, R.Bucknum and Honda.

Made in Balakovo

1965 presented interesting facts like BRM four-wheel drive car, that has never raced and Honda´s 12-cylinder engine transversely mounted. Also the tires became wider and lower, with nylon instead of cotton fibers and was the last year for 1,5 liter engine rule.

But in the races, J.Clark were unstoppable. He won six of seven races. Only Monaco GP scapes just because he was at Indianapolis (winning, of course). Amazing year for him and Lotus again. That year also will be remebered because of the new scotsman driver J.Stewart, driving for BRM alongside Hill. He won Italy GP at Monza and wrote his name in a very special class driver. Honda-Ginther took first victory at Mexico.

First appearance: R.Attwood, D.Hulme, J.Stewart.

The great fact of 66 is yet to be beaten: title clinched for one driver with his own car and team. His name: Jack Brabham. The australian driver built a very simple car using Repco V-8 engine, even less powered than opponents, was very reliable and Brabham could won four races and the title three rounds before the end, reaching his third championship. The others teams have a lot of problems: Lotus engines changes during the year, Ferrari and Surtees disagreement, BRM 16 cylinder engine bad start...

First appearance: J.P.Beltoise, P.Courage, J.Ickx and chassis Eagle, Matra and McLaren.

Team Brabham again, now with Dennis Hulme. That´s the result of 67 championship. No changes in the team, no inovations, just serious and hard work. They took advantage of their experience in 66. Hulme scored points in 8 of 10 rounds. Won two, same of his team-mate Brabham, but half than Clark. But once more Lotus failures impedited him to take another championship, as it was in 62 and 64! Just as exemple at Monza he was leading when in the very last lap he ran out of fuel. The tragic fact was Bandini´s death at Monaco.

First appearance: J.Oliver, B.Redman, Ford-Cosworth.

1968: Tragedy and changes.

The year will be forever marked for wings and spoilers introduction, full-faced helmet, as sponsors influence and safety primaries changes for tracks and cars. Unfortunatelly many deaths happened in cars races: M.Spence testing Lotus-Turbina at Indianapolis, L.Scarfiotti in a hillclimb race, J.Schlesser first appearence with Honda RA302 air-cooled at Rouen GP and J.Clark in a F.2 race at Hockenhein. In F1, the Cosworth engine dominium was absolut: 11 victories in 12 rounds!

Hill with Lotus 49 took his second title, but Stewart, now working with his ex-F.3 chief Ken Tyrrell, shown his class as winning Germany GP in a very bad climate conditions.

First appearance: M.Andretti, Adamich, V.Elford, B.Redman.

Jackie Stewart will take his championship in 69 winning 6 rounds, and 31 points of advantage. The main controversy were the wings failures: Hill and Rindt suffered huge and indentical accidents caused by wings ruptures. Many discussions resulted in a limitation to the wing size, structure and distance from the ground. Time for big reserch for the teams, as Lotus, Matra and McLaren tested many times their four-wheels drivers cars. But none of them could develop the sistem to justify the cost involved. Besides that the system was heavy and complex, so they give-up.

First appearance: F.Cevert, Williams.

THE 70´s: TIME TO BREAK RECORDS! EMERSON FITTIPALDI: The youngest ever champion. JACKIE STEWART: The master king of victories. NIKI LAUDA: The drive of decade´s records.

1970 - Rindt: Victory or nothing.

Jochen Rindt became champion after his death when his team-mate, the young brasilian driver Emerson Fittipaldi, won the USA GP. Chapman and all team Lotus could at least give Rindt a well deserved tribute.

Until the Belgium GP there were four different winners: Brabham (his own BT33) - South Africa, Stewart (rookie March 701) - Spain, Rindt (Lotus 49) - Monaco and Rodriguez (BRM P153) - Belgium. Then, once more Chapman´s creations appeared: Lotus 72 with a revolutionary body aerodynamic with coined nose, on- board brakes, torsion bars suspension and lateral radiators. Immediately Rindt took four straight victories. Failed only in his home town. Then, the fatal accident ended his career at Monza in the practices. Many drivers could get away the hopes of Rindt´s posthumous title, but only Jack Ickx and Clay Regazzoni, with Ferrari, seemed to have equipament to do it, but ...

Other worst fact

* P.Courage killed at Holland.

Curious facts

* Rindt did not finished any other race besides those whose he won where group by two of those came when J.Brabham had problems in the very last lap: Monaco (touched the barriers) and Brands Hatch (no gas) where group by

* The amazing sound of Matra´s V12 engine.

* Fittipaldi won his first GP in his fourth race and Regazzoni in fifth.

* March (South Africa) and Tyrrell (Canada) took pole in their first race, both driven by J.Stewart.

First appearance

* Drivers: E.Fittipaldi, C.Regazzoni, F.Cevert, R.Peterson, P.Gethin, I.Giunti, T.Schenken , R.Stommelen, R.Wisell, N.Galli.

* Constructors/Teams: March, Surtees and Tyrrell.

1971 - No adversary for Jackie Stewart.

This season was completely dominated by Stewart and his Tyrrell. He managed to win six times, one second and one fifth, getting no points only three times. Peterson got 2nd place four times, with a interesting March 711 with its high front wing car. The race of the year happened at Monza with an amazing final with Gethin (BRM), Peterson, Cevert (Tyrrell), Hailwood (Surtees) and Ganley (BRM) separated only by 0´61" seconds...and Gethin initiated the last lap in four place, but someway he managed to pass by all of them, cruising the line 0´1" ahead of Peterson!

Curious facts

* The first F1 turbined engine car, Lotus 56B, raced three times, the last one driven by Fittipaldi at Monza. The brasilian arrived in 8th place, but suffered with its overweight chassis and colossal brake consume.

* Jackie Stewart took six poles in a season, the same as the record of Clark (62,63,65,67).

* Also Stewart won the race number 200 – Mocano GP.

First appearance

* Drivers: M.Donohue, N.Lauda, H.Ganley, J.P.Jarier, G.Van Lennep.

1972 - Fittipaldi in a class of his own!

Fittipaldi became the youngest ever world champion with only 25 years old in a very special style: five victories, two seconds and one third. His victory at Austria GP is still remembered as one of the most beatiful of his career, but of course, the following victory at Monza became unforgettable. That one gave him the title, after struggling in qualifying with T-car set-up, used because his race car was damaged by a truck road accident. Stewart was a hard opponent, winning four times, but one phrase explain his opinion about Fittipaldi: "Well, I think he´s a good guy, a very good ping-pong player and...unfortunately also a very good driver!". This year also marked last BRM victory: Beltoise sliding between Monaco streets under awefull wet conditions.

Curious facts

* C.Reutemann became the third driver to take pole in his first race, exactly in his home town, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

* Stewart had a ulcera and withdraw one race. Some people named his ulcera "Fittipaldi threaten"...

* Incredible way Beltoise went through La Rascasse curve at Monaco in a fantastic power-sliding all the race.

First appearance

* Drivers: W.Fittipaldi, C.Pace, C.Reutemann, P.Depailler, A.Merzario and J.Scheckter.

1973 - Stewart: the new king!

In the beginning of this championship it looked that Fittipaldi would be unbeatable, but after a bad result in France, caused by Scheckter´s wrong move that put him out of the race, it seemed that more than lost that race, Emerson lost also his lucky. The worst moment came in Zandvoort, when a

rarely accident in his career happened. He had a foot injury and no conditions to ran more than three laps in the race. In the 13th round at Monza, the standings were: Stewart with 66 points, Fittipaldi with 42, Cevert with 39 and Peterson with 34. But Peterson won the race with Fittipaldi only 0´8 seconds behind. The momentum of the race was the ordered that Ken Tyrrell gave to Cevert, that was in fourth position, to let Stewart overtake him. If Colin Chapman would have ordered Peterson to do the same with Fittipaldi, Stewart would not take the championship there, but the order has never been given, so...

Talking about accidents, this year would be marked by a big confusion caused by Scheckter (again...). This time at Woodcote curve at Silverstone. He lost control of his McLaren and almost everyone had been envolved, with the italian Andrea de Adamich suffering serious injuries that ended his career prematurely. In South Africa, Regazzoni has been saved by Hailwood from his burning Ferrari. But two other accidents were much more serious: Cevert death at USA in the practices and Roger Williamson at Holland´s race. This one, wiht live TV coverage, were absolutely unacceptable: Williamson burned to death with no rescue service and a desperate David Purley trying alone to get him out of the car, with no success.

As a result of Cevert´s accident Stewart decided to retire, but he had broken Clark´s record of 25 victories, achieving his 27th at Germany GP in August.

Curious facts

* M.Hailwood and D.Purley received medals for their bravure.

* J.C.Pace (Surtees) took two consecutives fastests laps in Germany and Austria.

* In Germany the three brasilian were in the top six: Pace 4th, W.Fittipaldi 5th and E.Fittipaldi 6th.

* Ronnie Peterson stabilished a new saeson´s pole record: 9.

First appearance

* Drivers: J.Hunt, J.Mass, J.Watson, G.Follmer, L.P.Bueno

* Constructors/Teams: Ensign, Shadow, Iso (future Williams).

1974 - Fittipaldi twice!

Unhappy with Chapman´s treatment, Emerson accept the challenge to drive for McLaren. And it took just two races to win, this time in his home town. The championship were tremendously disputed between the renewed Ferrari team, now supported by Fiat, and McLaren team. The new italian 312T with transversal gearbox and V12 flat engine, driven by Regazzoni, was very quick and reliable. Fittipaldi, with M23 renewed, won three times, Regazzoni one. But with only three races out of points, the swiss man went to the final round, in Watkins Glen, with same points as the brasilian: 52 each. In the race, Fittipaldi demonstrated all his control to avoid Regazzoni´s attack in the very beginning and arrived in fourth place. This position gave him the title as Regazzoni failed to finish. The south american party was complete: argentinian Reutemann and brasilian Pace made one-two for Brabham team.

Curious facts

* Fittipaldi became the only driver to win at Nivelles track: 72 and 74.

* In 74, Fittipaldi survived a implacable Lauda´s threaten and cruised the finish line only 0´35 seconds ahead, after sustained a difference not more than 1´00 second all race. Asked about the short gap in the very last lap, he explained: "Well, I had to be carufully in the brakes last curve, because I knew I couldn´t make any error, even been slower, there will be no time for him to overtake me before the line..."

* Fittipaldi became famous by his extremely ability to set-up the car, to choose the right race tatic and always find a manner to overtake his opponents.

* Niki Lauda took nine poles in the season, same as the record of Peterson (73).

Worst fact:

* H.Koinigg killed at USA.

First appearance

* Drivers: H.Koinigg, H.Stuck, V.Brambilla, T.Pryce, J.Laffite, J.P.Jabouille, M.Wilds.

* Constructors/Teams: Hesketh, Parnelli, Penske.

1975 - First time for Lauda!

As in 73, Fittipaldi started the year winning, but ended as vice-champion. Lauda, driving a very reliable Ferrari 312T, took five victories adn gave to the italian team the taste of champion missed since 64. McLaren had anormally failed, six times, that impedited Fittipaldi´s fight for championship. His 14th and last career victory came at Silverstone, with his close friend Pace in second, in a race interrupted by bad weather conditions that caused a big mess: eleven cars out in the same curve!

Besides Lauda´s perfect driving and well deserved title, the name of this year must be given to Emerson Fittipaldi. At Montjuich circuit, Spain, he led drivers unwilling to race as an examination on the armco barriers demonstrated that they were uncorrectly fixed. As the organizers did not attend their exigency, Fittipaldi decided to slow in the qualifying and did not achieve time to start. He also let the country in the morning, meanwhile race starts. And it was a big disaster. Many accidents happened, but a tragedy will marke the grand prix: Stommelen, that was the moment leader with Pace on his tail, lost the rear wing causing a immediate accident. His car hit the left armco barriers, jumping over Pace´s car, transpassing the other side barriers and caused the death of four people. The race was sttoped, with Mass declared winner. Fittipaldi´s atitude contributed definitely to improve safety rules.

Worst fact

* Mark Donohue death in Austria GP.

Curious facts

* Niki Lauda took nine poles in the season again.

* The italian Lella Lombardi became the first woman to take championship points in the history at Spain GP.

* Double brasilian one-two, Pace-Fittipaldi in their home town and Fittipaldi-Pace in England.

* The new aerodynamic of Fittipaldi FD-01, absolutely covered chassis and with lateral exausts.

* First ever championship for V-12 engine.

* James Hunt declared after lost 1st place to Fittipaldi in Argentina: "The only matter of having Emerson in your mirror is, when you look at there and you can´t see him, it´s because he is already in front of you..."

* The remarkable and unique victory career for V.Brambilla at Austria. As the race was stopped for bad weather conditions. Soon as received the flag, he lost control of his March and hit the barriers...

First appearance

* Drivers: T.Brise, H.Ertl, B.Lunger, B.Henton, A.Jones, L.Lombardi, R.Zorzi

* Constructors/Teams: Fittipaldi, Williams.

1976 - Hunt, but Lauda...

With new regulations for deformable front structure and roll-bar, the austrian Lauda demolished all the hopes of others drivers to win the 76´s championship after nine rounds: seven consecutives podiums - five victories, two seconds and one third. No one could figure that he could lose this championship. Then, at Nürburgring GP, he lost control of his Ferrari, crashed the armco barriers and his car was envolved in flames. He survived because three honorable men put their own lifes in danger to save him. Their names must be remebered, not only for bravure, but as a spirit of what sport is about: Arturo Merzaro, Harald Ertl and Brett Lunger. Hunt took advantage of Lauda´s absent and reduced the difference in twenty-two points. Lauda recovered in unbeliavable forty days, returning to cockpit at Monza and arriving in fourth place! Hunt would win two more times with Lauda making only one third place. In the final round at Monte Fuji - Japan, Lauda´s advantage was only three points. Then in the race, under very slippery and dangerous wet conditions Lauda abandoned the race and let the way free for Hunt. Also Fittipaldi and Pace pulled out for the same reason: there were no track conditions. Ferrari team informed that his retirement was caused by mechanical failure, but Lauda words let no doubt: "My life is my own and it´s more important than the championship".

Curious facts

* Tyrrell six-front-wheels.

* Fittipaldi moves to his own team, managed by his old brother Wilson and named Copersucar Fittipaldi.

* Fittipaldi negative response to Ferrari´s invitation when Lauda was recovering in the hospital, so Reutemann signed with them.

First appearance

* Drivers: G. Nilsson

* Constructors/Teams: Ligier.

1977 - Lauda reigning again!

Lauda was unstoppable at all the championship with his 312T2 car. Even leading the championship, his relationship with the team was getting worst. But he failed to score points only three times until guarantee his second championship. Then he deserted the team as a response to Ferrari´s decision to not renewal his contract for 78. Otherwise, Lotus showed that they were recovering their criativity as model 78, with its ground effect and new differential, won five times. Four with Andretti and one with Nilsson. Tragically Pryce was killed when a track marshall carring a fire extinguisher crossed the straight exactly in front of his Shadow. Both have instantly death. Also J. Carlos Pace died, but in a plane accident. This year, everyone in F1 believed that Pace would be the champion, as a result of the excelent development work done with his Brabham-Alfa in previous year...

Curious facts

* Wolf, driven by Scheckter, won their first entrance in F1 as the leader Pace suffered with his cold and slowed until stop after the finish line.

* Reintrance of turbo-charged engine: Renault V6, driven by Jabouille - British GP.

* 100th victory for Ford Cosworth engine, Scheckter (Wolf) - Monaco.

First appearance

* Drivers: P.Tambay, G.Villeneuve, B.Giacomelli, R.Patrese, H. Rebaque

* Constructors/Teams: ATS, Wolf, Renault.

1978 - Andretti and Lotus!

After five rounds, a surprising Patrick Depailler (Tyrrell) was in the leader board. He had 23 points, with Reutemann (Ferrari) and Andretti (Lotus) with 18, Lauda (Brabham-Alfa Romeo) 15 and Peterson (Lotus) 14. The, once more Colin Chapman geniality devasted the others teams: Lotus 79 appears at Belgium and the team made its first one-two of the year. This car was the first "wing car", with side-skirts and dominated the rest of the season. Andretti took six victories, with his team mate, Peterson, in second four times. The swedish took only one victory and another podium, third at his home town. At this race, Brabham presented a new BT46 with a large fan in its tail, producing the same ground effect of Lotus aerodynamic. The ideia was based in a project developed by american Jim Hall - the famous Chaparral´s creator. Besides Lauda´s victory in the race, the team was prohibited to use the system (classified as aerodynamic moveable part) and had to abandon the idea. But since model 79 went to the track, Lotus only didn´t win at England and Sweden. Unfortunatelly, Peterson crashed his one at Monza in the practices, and had to run with the 78 model. In the race start a big accident envolved many cars. Peterson had many injuries and died later in the hospital. Championship was over as no one could beat the american anymore. Even Peterson susteined his second position at the championship.

Curious facts

* Italian Riccardo Patrese was blamed for Monza´s accident and was suspended for one race. Almost one year after he was exonerated...

* Emerson Fittipaldi 2nd place in Rio was the best ever result with his own team. The crowd almost impedited him to complete the race as they went into the track to see him got the chequered flag!

* Ronnie Peterson won the race number 300 – South Africa GP.

* If Peterson were driving 79 model at the moment of the accident, maybe he would have the chance to scape with less injuries. Mainly because the new model had its tanks not lateraly installed as 78, but between the driver and the engine.

* Brabham Alfa Romeo tested a new panel using lights instead of pointers, but the drivers did not aproved, as they felt that lights were not so exactly as pointers.

First appearance

* Drivers: R.Arnoux, E.Cheever, D.Daly, N.Piquet, D.Pironi, K. Rosberg

* Constructors/Teams: Arrows, Theodore.

1979 - Scheckter, in a dominant Ferrari season.

J.Laffite stated this season, with Ligier JS11, scoring two wins and dreaming with the title. But Ferrari team just failed at the first race of the season to be in points, meanwhile the french team did not susteined their competitiveness. In all following fourteen races, Ferrari won six times (three one-two) and scored points. Gilles Villeneuve driving style made crowd´s happiness. The master point was his fight against Arnoux (Renault) in Dijon for second place. They overtake each other more than once, touching wheels during the last lap and when it seemed Arnoux would be in advantage, Gilles emerged, diving through, stoling the position. But Jody Scheckter took advantage of Gilles aggressively driving, been much more consistent and getting the points to guarantee his title. Great championship for Williams team, with Regazzoni and Jones scoring five wins and achieving constructors vice-championship. Another good surprise was newcomer Piquet, that outpaced his team-mate, Lauda sometimes in practices, but both suffered with many failures in their BT48 Brabham Alfa Romeo. The team launched new car, BT49, at Canada with Ford engine, as Alfa Romeo returned with their own team. Team Lotus had a year to forget, as the new model has never achieved what they expect.

Curious facts

* Tyrrell has experimented the first eletronic suspension, at Le Castellet - France. The test ended with a big accident in the end of Mistral straight, with a scared, but unhurted, J.P.Jarier driving. The team decided to temporarily abandon the project.

First appearance

* Drivers: Angelis, M.Surer, R.Zunino, J.Lammers.

* Constructors/Teams: Alfa Romeo.


winner: Niki Lauda - 17

pole-sitter: Niki Lauda - 24

fastest laps: Niki Lauda - 16

points: Niki Lauda - 291,5


* winner: Jackie Stewart - 27

* pole-sitter: Jim Clark - 32

* fastest laps: Jim Clark - 28

* points: Jackie Stewart – 343

1980 - Jones and Williams, but Piquet...

This season started with a long discussion between the teams about using or not side-skirts. FOCA versus Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Renault, finally they made agreements and the season began. Since previous year, Williams team must be counted as one of the best teams of F1. With saudita support, the team develop a very simple, quick and realiable car. Jones and Reutemann could take eighteen podiums, including six victories. But Brabham team, with Piquet, also had a strong year. Excluding Ligier, that had a very good performance taking second in the constructors championship, the others had a lot of problems. Ferrari couldn´t be competitive or reliable, even the champion Scheckter failed to qualify once (Canada)!. Excelent speed for Alfa Romeo and Renault, but both suffering with multiple failures. So, the ones to fight for title were Jones and Piquet.


Jones ended in 1st place starting from pole, with Piquet 2nd and a surprising 3rd for Rosberg with Fittipaldi F7. De Angelis (Lotus) in 4th, with Giacomelli taking first point for Alfa Romeo since their reentré in F1. Other good surprise was the sixth place for the debutant Prost, with McLaren. Strong start for Ligier, with Laffite and Pironi in 2nd and 3rd on the grid, demonstrating that they have a fast car, but both had problems and abandoned the race, as did the local hero, Reutemann in his debut with Williams.


The race was dominated by Renault team, with Jaboullie running in front until his turbo blew-up. Then, his team-mate Arnoux could take the lead and secure his first ever victory. Another good race for De Angelis (Lotus), who took 2nd place ahead of Jones. Prost had a big battle with Patrese for 5th, overtaking him at the very last lap. Piquet, with tyres problems, had an accident. Fittipaldi, who had started behind his team-mate Rosberg, had a big discussion with him after the race, as Rosberg overtook him surprisely in the end of main straight. To avoid the collision, Fittipaldi blocked his tyres, damaging his side-skirts, what got him out of chances of scoring points in his home town.


Another race dominated by Renault. Jabouille led from the pole until had tyre problems and his lucky team-mate Arnoux could win again! Good result for Ligier scoring their first podium of the season with both drivers: Laffite 2nd – Pironi 3rd. Piquet 4th and Reutemann 5th.


A complete week-end for Piquet: pole, victory and fastest lap. He couldn´t imagine better first triumph! But this race would be also marked by Clay Regazzoni horrible accident. He had multiple injuries, that put him in a wheelchair for life, in a big crash at the end of Long Beach straight. Fittipaldi was just behind him and declared: “We are at the braking point when it seemed he lost his brakes. As I turned, I could hear a tremendous noise! For three laps I was absolutely scared for him and it was very difficult to drive until the end!”. With Scheckter 5th place, Ferrari took the first points of the season, but would be the only two points of the 79´s champion all the year!


Didier Pironi scored his first victory, starting better than Jones and leading until the end. Third podium of the season for Jones and first points for Villeneuve (6th).


Incredible accident at the start: Derek Daly (Tyrrell) jumped over Giacomelli´s Alfa, Prost´s McLaren and collided with his team-mate Jarier, but nobody get hurted! Pironi led until crashed his car and let the road free for Reutemann first victory driving for Williams. Only nine cars survived to the final.


Good fight between Laffite, Pironi and Jones, with the australian taking advantage and winning for second time this year. Piquet secured 4th place over Arnoux and Reutemann with 1´3 seconds only. Exactly at the half of the season the first six drivers in table points were: Jones – 28 where group by Piquet – 25 where group by Pironi and Arnoux – 23 where group by Reutemann and Laffite – 16.


Both Ligier started from the first row and led until had problems: Laffite had an accident after 12 laps and Pironi had wheels problems after led 18 laps. Third win for Jones, with Piquet and Reutemann completing the podium.


First victory of the season for Laffite. But once more Jabouille led the pack until had engine problems. Jones also led, but lost speed and finished 3th, with Piquet less then 1´0 second behind him.


Arnoux started from pole and led 18 laps, but Jones and Jabouille overtook him and pooled away. Jones led two laps, but Jabouille using his more powerful engine overtook him. They fought for victory until the end, with the Renault driver winning with just 0´82 seconds of margin!


Briliant vitory for Piquet, after fight with Arnoux, Laffite and Jones. The brazilian made a big celebration, as with this 1st place and Jones out of points, he sutained his chances of taking championship.

12 – ITALY

Another week-end party for Piquet, but this time Jones and Reutemann were just behind him. Only the Renaults could led besides him, but only for three laps.


In Montreal, the points were: Piquet - 54 vs Jones - 49. Piquet started from pole, but in the very first corner Jones simply ignored that the brazilian was at his side and closed the door, causing a big accident. Many cars were envolved and the race had to be stopped. Piquet took his T-car for second start, but this time he let Jones get the front. Few laps ahead the brazilian overtook him and pooled away. Then after 23 laps his engine blew-up, and Williams driver was free for celebrate the victory and also the championship, as by the rule, he would discharge only four points. (Only the best five results of half were taken into consideration).

14 – USA-EST

A race just to complete the calendar, Jones repeated his victory with Reutemann making one-two for Williams gold year. The team scored a new record of 120 points in the constructors championship, beating Ferrari´s last year mark.

Worst fact

* Patrick Depailler died at Hockenheim during friday practices.

Curious facts

* At the podium, Alan Jones and Carlos Reutemann celebrated their victories with mineral water, as the saudita sponsor do not allow them to use the traditional champagne.

* New Zeland Mike Thackwell, with 19 years old, became the youngest driver to start a GP. It was in Montreal with a Tyrrell.The incredible fact is that he did not complete one lap in race, as he was envolved in the start accident. He also did not qualified previously at Zandvoort (Arrows) and again failed at USA_EST (Tyrrell).

* Ferrari, who won previous year with a record of 113 points, finished this championship in 10th position with only 8 points, ahead Alfa Romeo (4), but behind minor teams like Fittipaldi and Arrows (11 points each).

* Piquet first win (Long Beach-USA) had Fittipaldi in third place, his last podium finish in F1.

* At the end of season Emerson Fittipaldi decided to retire, as did Jody Scheckter.

* Carlos Reutemann finished ten consercutives races in the points, braking Clark and Hill records (nine times each, in 1963 and 1965 respectively). But Clark´s sustained his record of nine consecutives podiuns finishes – 1963.

First appearance

* Drivers: A.Prost, N.Mansell, S.Johansson, D.Kennedy, M.Thackwell, M.Winkelhock.

* Constructors/Teams: Osella.

1981 - Piquet and Reutemann: what a fight!

In 81 FIA decided to ban side-skirts, introducing a new rule: cars should have a minimum of 60 mm ground distance. But team Brabham, with Gordon Murray, immediately created a hydropneumatic suspension that adjust the car to be “grazing” the ground when speeding, but not when the car were in slow speed or parked. So, all the teams adopted the idea, that was legalized in San Marino GP. The South Africa didn´t count valid points to championship, and in a wet track Reutemann (Williams) and Rosberg (Fittipaldi) started with slick tyres. After a easily leading, Piquet, followed by all the others drivers, had to change tyres what gave both the chance to stay in the front. Reutemann won, Piquet 2º and Rosberg, 3º.


Patrese (Arrows) started from pole showing a strong performance, with Reutemann and Jones following him. He was chased by Reutemann untill his car suffered engine failure, so it was time to Reutemann be chased by his team-mate, Jones. The argentinian driver secure the lead during may laps, but made a mistake in the chicane, what allowed Jones to take the lead until the end. Piquet finished 3rd, Andretti (Alfa) 4th and Cheever (Tyrrell) 5th with Theodore´s Tambay in 6th. Prost debut with Renault ended with a accident with De Cesaris (McLaren) just after the start.


Piquet, pole sitter, dared to go in slick tyres in a still very wet track and, of course, lost the lead just after the start. Reutemann, Jones and others pooled away from him. Pironi (Ferrari), tried to let Prost pass, choose the slippery side of the track and lost control, taking Prost out with him. As the rain stopped for a moment, Piquet immediately retakes many positions, but then the rain ended his chances. Reutemann received signal from the pits to let Jones overtake him, but he... just ignored it and win! At the post-race interview, he said he didn´t see the signal...


Another pole for Piquet. At the start, Jones jumped to the lead, but Piquet retakes it in the straight, with no chance to australian to fight. Also Rebaque, Piquet´s team-mate, made a strong race, reaching until 2nd place, but had problems and abandoned. Reutemann, for his crowd delirious, makes his move over Jones, as did Prost. In the podium, the crowd celebrate Reutemann´s birthday singing for him.


Villeneuve (Ferrari) started from pole, but the fight for the lead were between Piquet, Pironi and Patrese. The basilian put a strong pressure over Pironi, until overtook him and ran to another victory. Patrese 2nd and Reutemann managed to be 3rd.


Big confusion in the practices as Reutemann stepped on a photographer. The race start was delayed half hour without a clear explanation what was going on. When finally everything seems to be ok for the start, Patrese in the second row, with his engine off, tried insistently to impedite the start with his arms upright. But at the same moment his mechanic jumped to the track to help him, the green lights were given! It was a big mess, everyone avoiding Patrese´s car, but his team-mate, Sigfried Sthor, who started from 13th place, chose exactly that side and hit his back with their mechanic between them! The scene was horrendous! Sthor jumped out of the car and became absolutely desperate. But, by fortune, the mechanic didn´t suffer deadly injuries. The race was stopped. When finally began, Jones touched wheels with Piquet, knocking him out, but not far away he made a mistake and crashed. At the end, Reutemann won.


Amazing victory for Villeneuve, who made a incredible surpass over Jones in the main straight. But the GP had one driver that dominated all the week-end until Tambay made a bad move: Piquet. He started from pole, led the field, sustained Jones pressure when the australian smashed his advantage, increasing the distance again to five seconds. Altought at 53rd lap, arriving to Tabac´s curve, a latecomer Tambay let no space for him to pass. Piquet had to brake over debris and crashed to the wall. Jones took the lead, but didn´t resist to Villeneuve´s driving.


Another memorable winning for Gilles and Ferrari. The canadian drove a frenetic race sustainning his led, besides big pressure of Laffite´s Ligier, that arrived in 2nd with 0´21 seconds behind! Watson – 0´57, Reutemann – 1´00 and De Angelis - 1”24 followed them. Jones, 7th, was in the lead, but made a mistake that cost him any chance of points.


This race is remenbered as the first ever victory for Prost, but was completely dominated by Piquet, until the rain began and the race suspended. In the re-start, Prost using new super soft tyres, pooled away from the field and win. Watson was a surprise second with McLaren and Piquet, 3rd. At this moment championship drivers position were: Reutemann – 37, Piquet – 26 where group by Jones – 24 and Villeneuve - 21.


Watson won his home-town race, but he had to scape from a accident caused by Villeneuve in the beginning. Gilles trampled the chicane at Woodcote and lost control of his Ferrari, envolving Jones and forcing De Cesaris to hit the barrires to avoid them, but Watson made a amazing manouvre and could continue the race to...victory!


Incedible victory for Piquet as he had a left front spoiler damage in the very first corner. After the race, he declared: “Well, I had a big undesteer after a touch and I tried some way to adjust my driving. When I achieved it, I really was very fast and so I could catch everyone in front and win!”


Laffite won in big style, driving Ligier with Matra V12 engine, after five podiuns this season. He surpassed Arnoux in a beatifull way and extend his lead until a comfortable 5 seconds. Piquet 3rd, Jones 4th, Reutemann 5th and Watson 6th.


Strong perfomance for Prost, who won after a short battle with Jones. Piquet 2nd , Jones 3rd.

13 - ITALY

Prost and Renault turbo were dominat all the week-end. Jones 2nd, Reutemann 4th with Piquet in 6th place.


Another strong victory for Laffite and Ligier-Matra, this time in wet rack. But this race had a hero: home idol Gilles Villeneuve made a amazing race. He damaged his front wing in a touch, but continued to race until lost it(!), but someway he managed to finish in third, for the vibration of the crowd. Piquet with his 5th place, came down to 48 points, just one behind Reutemann (49), with Laffite – 43 and Jones/Prost - 37 each.

15 - USA_EST

In the last race of the season, only three drivers could win the championship: Reutemann, Piquet and Laffite. But only Reutemann could be more conservative, as he should be fourth in case of Laffite wins, but must arrive in front of Piquet. In the practices he was the pole, with Piquet in 4th and Laffite 12th. At the start, Jones took the lead and pooled away. Reutemann seemed to be controlling the race running in 4th, but suddenly lost his position to Mansell. Then Piquet, who avoid a shock with him in the first corner, overtook him for fifth place, as did Laffite. Reutemann finished seventh apparently struggling with his car. Piquet became the second brazilian world champion, after his vice in 80.

Curious facts

* Monaco GP was the first victory for Ferrari since October 1979.

* Andrea De Cesaris performed six left track in the season, a new record!

* Lotus presented in Brazil the model 88, that was considered out of the rules, because it has twin-chassis. This decision caused a tremendous consuming between Chapman and others teams, besides a strong budget misfortune.

* With his victory at Belgium, Reutemann settled a new record of fifteen consecutives races in the points!. (Ten in 80, five in 81).

* First podium finish for Alfa Romeo team in USA_EST, since they return in 1980, also first one for his driver, Bruno Giacomelli.

* First season since 1975 that Fittipaldi team did not take any points in the championship. They had budget problems exact in the moment it seemed they had a strong car, the F8 model.

First appearance

* Drivers: M.Alboreto, P.Ghinzani, D.Warwick, F.Serra, E.Salazar, S.Borgudd.

* Constructors/Teams: Toleman, RAM.

1982 - A year to forget,but...not for ROSBERG!

Many innovations this year: carbon-fiber mixed with kevlar unless aluminum for chassis, brakes and wings, besides refueling and tyres changes during race. Even with the new rules of minimum weight, 580kg, when this year began neither Rosberg, nor Williams team could imagine they would be champion. But it was their presdestination. Until the 12th race of the season it seemed that Pironi would be easily champion. But he suffered an accident that put him out of contention for the rest of the season. Renault, McLaren and Brabham were not able to beat Williams consitence.

1 – SOUTH AFRICA (Paranormal)

The drivers made a protest against the new rule for superlicence defined by FIA, but with a big pressure of team owners, sponsors, they decided to race...

In a better atmosphere conditions for turbocharged cars, the Renault were unbeatable. Arnoux and Prost controlled the race, but Arnoux had problems, droping to 3rd, so Prost won easily. Reutemann marked a strong 2nd for Williams. Good presentation for McLaren, with both drivers, Lauda and Watson finishing in points. Brabham debuted his new BT50, powered with 4 cylinder BMW-Turbo and Piquet/Patrese were 2nd and 4th on the grid, but both wouldn´t finish the race.


Brabham team decided to race with their reliable last year champion chassis BT49, with Ford engine. Starting from 7th Piquet managed a great race and won, with Rosberg 2nd, but...then FIA disqualified both delivering the victory to Prost. Underweight was the oficial explanation for that. By realty, Williams, Brabham, Lotus, Arrows and McLaren – some of the non turbo teams - had invented a trick: they used a box supposed to be for cooling-brakes system. When check before race the box was always filled, but after the race absolutely empty, so...but the FOCA teams appealed.


De Cesaris (Alfa) led until Lauda overtook him and dominated the race, also demonstrating that two seasons out of races made no difference for his incredible determination. The italian tried to fight, but a spun-off ended his race. Lauda and all the drivers in points were in non-turbo cars, what demonstrated how difficult was this track for the turbo, besides being slow-speed. Villeneuve was disqualified from his 3rd, because a irregular wing.


Big discussion between FOCA and FISA. As FISA denied the appeal made from FOCA teams in Brazil, they didn´t attend this GP. Only 14 cars were on the grid: Ferrari, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Toleman, Tyrrell, Osella and ATS. But the race was amazing. A strong fight between Arnoux and the Ferrari´s drivers: Villeneuve and Pironi. Arnoux led from pole the first 26 laps, then Villeneuve stayed in front 4 laps, when Arnoux retook it and sustained for the next 14 laps, until had engine failure. Pironi, who was always following them, overtook Villeneuve and led for 3 laps. Both would change positions three times more, when, in the beginning of the last lap, as the canadian were in front the team ordered the french to stay behind him, but...he astonished his team-mate, overtaking him at Tosa stoling the victory at the very last!


This race will be always marked as the last for Gilles Villeneuve, as he died in the practices. He was in a flying lap, when suddenly saw Mass (March) in a very slow speed. The crash was very strong. His Ferrari was launched to the air, crushing itself in the ground, while Gilles with his seat throwned out of the car. The canadian hit the barriers and died. Ferrari retired from the race. Watson won, surpassed Rosberg two laps before the chequered flag. Piquet scored first points for Brabham-BMW, as did Serra with Fittipaldi. Lauda (3rd) was disqualified by underwight of his McLaren.


In a race that nobody knows will forget the last two laps, Patrese got the chequered flag, with BT49. Not only lucky, but very surprised!. Both Renault drivers led since the start: Arnoux (14 laps) and Prost (59 laps), but both crashed! Patrese took the led at 74th lap, but Pironi – with the only Ferrari in race – overtook him, but had eletrical problems in the following and very last lap, allowing the italian to retake it at Lowes! Even the 3rd place De Cesaris didn´t cruised the finish line as he stopped without fuel at the lasp lap! What a race!


In a very hot and sunny conditions, Prost and Rosberg led the way, but again Watson was the driver to survive and won, with the home idol Cheever (Ligir-Matra) in 2nd! Pironi was a strong 3rd.


Starting from pole, Pironi let his engine die and all drivers had to avoid him. Everydoy unless Riccardo Paletti (Osella Alfa Romeo). Unfortunately he, who started from 23rd, was not able to see the stationary Ferrari, crashing heavily the italian car! He died instantly, but Pironi could let his car unhurt...

In the re-start, Pironi led the first lap with T-car, then Arnoux took the front, but Piquet overtook him and won for the first time with BMW engine. Brabham also had Patrese in 2nd, but with Ford engine!


Pironi recovered from bad result in Canda, won at Zandvoort, with Piquet in 2nd making another great race for Brabham-BMW. P.Tambay took Gilles place at Ferrari.


Piquet start from 3rd, took the front but had fuel pump failure, what allowed Lauda to win the race easily, 25 seconds ahead Pironi. From Tambay, 3rd to Giacomelli in 7th, there was a margin of 3´5” seconds only!


Arnoux took his home town victory, but he was not the one Renault team wanted to win. After had a brief leading, Patrese and Piquet surpassed him at third lap, but the italian had a broken engine few laps ahead. Piquet assumed the lead, but also had a engine failure. Then, Arnoux could retake the lead, but received a order to let Prost, who was in 2nd, pass him. But he did not obeyed and won. Pironi and Tambay were 3rd and 4th, with Rosberg in 5th.


Another terrible week-end for Ferrari. Pironi – who had guaranteed the pole on Friday - had his legs broken in a tremendous shunt in the Saturday practices. It was raining heavily and he couldn´t see Prost´s Renault slowing in the track, colliding his back and the barriers. Also Lauda had an accident that impedited him to race on Sunday. In the race, Arnoux took the lead, but was immediately overtaken by Piquet. The brazilian pooled away and was in “sunday driving” when ...a latecomer Salazar just missed the braking point before the second chicane and put him out of the race!. The brazilian became furious, jumped out of the car and gave some punchs and kicks still using helmet!! Tambay won the race to alleviated Ferrari´s bad week-end. After the race the standings were: Pironi – 39 where group by Watson -30 where group by Rosberg – 27 and Prost – 25.


Piquet, pole, start leading, with eletrical failures, let his team-mate, Patrese, overtook him. The italian led until had engine problems.Then Prost, but also had to abandon. So the race fall in De Angelis hands. But he had a colossal opponent: Rosberg cruised the line just 0.050/1000 of seconds behind in a amazing final!


The race took place in Dijon – France. And the Renault team completely dominated the front row, but in the race...after Arnoux led the 1st lap, Prost took the front and dreamed with a victory, but the destiny didn´t allow them. Two laps before the end, Rosberg overtook a slowing Prost, who arrived in 2nd yet. This would be his unique victory this year, but he could took the championship lead, with 42 points, ahead of Pironi (39) and Watson (30)!

15 – ITALY

Once more the turbo-charged cars dominated the race, with Arnoux leading from light to flag, followed by the two Ferraris driven by Tambay and Andretti. The incredible is that Mario marked the pole, 0´353 ahead of his team-mate, stoling the pole from Piquet in a final qualifying lap, what made the brazilian shot: “Well, someday I will drive like that...”! , joking with the fact that american was five months far from F1 cars! Prost had fuel injection problems and abandoned the race and his chances of being champion. Watson,4th, sustained the hope for the final battle with Rosberg in USA_EST, now with 33 points. Rosberg finished 8th, remainning with 42 points.

16 – USA-EST

The only concern of Rosberg was John Watson. If Watson won the race and Rosberg score no points, Watson would be declared champion. Both would have 42 points, but the irish had more victories that the finn. So, Rosberg should be in points, just in case... He would start in 6th place and Watson in 9th. So, he managed to controll the race, as his team-mate, Daly, was just behind him. Arnoux once more led, but abandoned. Prost had to slow, so Alboreto, in a surprising Tyrrell, took the lead and won, with 27 seconds of difference from a valiant Watson. Rosberg finished 5th catching the title. Ferrari team could celebrate the constructors championship, but certainly with a very bad taste...

Curious facts

* Niki Lauda, that was retired since the end of 79, returned to cockpit in South-Africa driving for McLaren and arriving in 4th place.

* After the Brazilian GP, Carlos Reutemann decided to retire, for the surprise of all F1 circus.

* Mario Andretti substitue Reutemann (Williams) in USA_WEST GP. From Belgium to the end of the season Derek Daly drove for the team.

* De Cesaris´s pole-position (USA_WEST GP) was Alfa Romeo first one since their returned to F1, as hiself first and unique pole.

* Also in this race, the champion Piquet did not qualified for the start, as his Brabham-BMW had a lot of problems.

* In Italy, Andretti returned to F1 cockpit to drive for Ferrari and took a stunning pole for the race!

First appearance

* Drivers: R.Boesel, R.Guerrero, T.Fabi, M.Baldi, R.Moreno, T.Byrne.

* Constructors/Teams: .

1983 - Piquet: talent, turbo and tactics!

With FISA new regulations defined (flat underbodies) the teams have to abandoned wing-cars. providing downforce with a perfect aerodynamic body project. Also meny teams adopted turbocharged engines, but the costs were getting higher and higher!


In a year that would be dominated by turbocharged cars, at least in the practices Rosberg surprised eveyone with the pole. But in the race, he could lead only six laps, as Piquet overtook him exactly in front an amazing crowd and went to victory. Rosberg had a big frightening momentum during his refueling. His car was envolved in flames, but immediately the marshals controled it. Rosberg, who had jumped out of the car, decided to be back to race and was pushed by the marshals. Because of that he would be desqualified of a brilliant 2nd place. But the unimaginable happened: FIA decided there would be no 2nd place! So, Piquet won, with a ghost in 2nd, Lauda (McLaren-Ford) 3rd, Laffite (Williams-Ford) 4th, Tambey (Ferrari Turbo) 5th and Surer (Arrows-Ford) 6th.


Tambay and Arnoux (now with Ferrari) dominated the qualifying, followed by Williams team-mates. In the race, Tambay started in the front and in the final of the back straight, Rosberg went inside, blocking his tyres, making a 360º! Somehow he even did not collected Tambay, as managed to stay in track, losing place only to Laffite. But the finn was resolute to win, retaking his 2nd place and attacking Tambay. In lap 25 he tried to pass in the hairpin, touching wheels with the french, knoking him out. But in the end of the straight, himself had to abandon with a broken suspension. Laffite led until slow, and ceded the lead to...Watson! The irish started from 22nd and was driving a incredible race, but not only him. Also his team-mate, Lauda, who started 23rd and also took Laffite for 2nd. Arnoux , had changed tyres three times, also passed Laffite, who finished 4th, with Surer (Arrows-Ford) 5th and a surprising Cecotto (Theodore-Ford) 6th. Great battles during the race between, like Arnoux-Cheever (Renault), Laffite-Rosberg-Jarier (Ligier-Ford), besides Tambay-Rosberg.


A perfect week-end for Prost and Renault. Pole, with 2´312 ahead his team-mate Cheever(!), led from the start and only lost it when came to pit. Piquet led 3 laps, went to pit and Prost retook it, winning with almost 30 seconds ahead of the brazilian. Cheever, Tambay and both Williams completed the points.


What a great race for the tiffosi! Tambay won when it looks like he wouldn´t, as Patrese recovering from a bad pti-stop, overtook him just after Tosa curve. But immediately after Acqua-Minerale chicane he lost control of his car and hit the barriers...the italian crowd got crazy and celebrated, for his and everyone surprise!...but the crowd prefer a Ferrari winning than an italian driver with another car! Great recovering for Piquet, who let engine off in the start, getting 5th place until had a broken engine. Prost 2nd and Arnoux 3rd.


Running in the streets Rosberg could shown his class again and won. In wet track, but with no rain, everyone besides Rosberg, Laffite, Surer and Warwick (Toleman-Hart), started with grooved tyres. Even in wet track, the finn overtook Prost and led to the end. Prost also lost 2nd place for Piquet. Warwick and Surer were fighting for 4th place, when the british made a wrong manouvre, that put them out of race. Tambay finished 4th, with Sullivan (Tyrrell-Ford) and Baldi (Alfa Romeo) getting their first ever points in F1. A week-end to forget for McLaren as both drivers failed to qualify for the race.


Staring from second row, Andrea De Cesaris (Alfa Romeo V8-Turbo) took the led immediately and pooled away, making all the team dream with his victory. But when he came to refuel and tyres change, the team made a very long pit, so Andrea lost 1st place to Prost. Back to the track he was recovering very fast, when at six laps from the flag, his engine failed. Piquet inherited second, but lost fifth gear and had to slow, what allowed Tambay and Cheever to take advantage. But besides De Cesaris briliant driving, another driver must be cited: Keke Rosberg. It was absolutely amazing the way he crossed “Eau the Rouge”, sliding the car demonstrating all his incredible talent.


Nine laps! Only nine laps to the end, when a puncture in left tyre annihilated Piquet tatics to victory! He and Murray decided for a non-stopping race, but...At the light, Tambay´s engine went off and he abandoned. Piquet led until Arnoux overtook him, but when the french went to pit, the brazilian restored the order until tyre problem. Alboreto, who started from 6th place, received a well deserved gift and won the race. Detroit is Ford headquarter, so what could be better than have nine cars into twelve who finished the race? Only what Ford achieved! They equiped all drivers in the podium: Alboreto, Roberg, Watson! The others to finish were: Piquet 4th, Laffite 5th, Mansell 6th.

Points standings until here: Prost, 28 where group by Piquet, 27 where group by Tambay 23 where group by Rosberg, 22 and Arnoux, 8.


Almost from lights to flag, Arnoux took his first victory driving for Maranello team. He only lost place when in refuel. Besides that, Patrese and Piquet put some pressure over him, but the french driver was perfect. Both Brabham-BMW broken, so Prost extended his championship lead with his poor, but valiable 5th place. Excelent 2nd for Cheever, Tambay 3rd.


New things on the grid: Lotus 94T-Renault, Ferrari 126C3 and many evolutions in Brabham, Renault and Alfa Romeo. But Maranello team dominated all the practices and Arnoux marked a new pole record for Silverstone: more than 151mph (almost 245kmh)! In the race, otherwise, his team-mate, Tambay dominated until Prost and Piquet passed him. Mansell made the crowd happiness coming from 18th to 4th in the final. Arnoux finished only 5th and Lauda 6th. Debut for Spirit-Honda with Johansson, getting a strong 14th place on the grid, but had pump failure with 5 laps in race.


Tambay and Arnoux took the front row again. Tambay led the first lap, but Arnoux drove another strong race and took the front until the end. It seemed that Piquet was following Arnoux to make a final attack. But when he smashed Arnoux´s advantage, his engine blew-up with just three laps remainning. So, De Cesaris found himself in second and hold it to the final. With Piquet and Tambay (broken engine) out, fourth place was a good result for Prost. Lauda was desqualified because when he came to pit, he overshooted his garage and reversed the car, what is prohibited by rules.


Again Ferrari were in the front row. Tambay led until that a latecomer Jarier simply ignored him. First Arnoux and immediately after Piquet passed him, who became furious with his country man, but some laps later his engine blew-up again...Arnoux and Piquet fight for the lead, following not far from Prost. After the pits, Piquet led and managed Arnoux´s attack, when he came from boxes with cool tyres. But soon his engine began to lose power and he had to slow. Arnoux took the lead, but missed 5th gear, what gave Prost the victory, extending his points leadership.


What is this, Prost? That probably was the thinking of Nelson Piquet after being eliminated by the french in a unpropicious manouvre at Tarzan curve. Piquet started from pole and led until Prost getting closer. But the brazilian sustained the front, because he was a little quicker than Prost in the last two corners just before the main straight. It seemed that Prost missjudged the braking point, colliding heavily the brazilian, knocking him out. But he also payed for this, as in the same lap, he crashed the barriers. Better for Ferrari team, because Arnoux inherited the lead, with Tambay in 2nd, marking the first one-two since San Marino´82. This race also marked: debut for new McLaren Porsche Turbo V6 (Lauda), the first points for Toleman-Hart team, with Warwick in 4th and also the first race that Spirit-Honda completed, with Johansson in 7th.

13 – ITALY

Patrese marked the pole and led the first two laps. Then his engine blew-up, letting Piquet free for an easy win. Arnoux made his best, but it was impossible to catch Brabham. Tambay had some engine problems and arrived in 4th, but the good news for the brazilian was the abandon of Prost. Championship standings: Prost, 51 where group by Arnoux, 49 where group by Piquet, 46 where group by Tambay, 40.


Big surprise on the practice: De Angelis (pole), Mansell (3rd), both with Lotus-Renault and Pirelli tyres. Patrese, 2nd, Piquet 4th, Arnoux 5th, Tambay 6th and Prost 8th. In the race, De Angelis started in the lead, but Patrese overtook him yet in the first lap. The Lotus driver did not give up and in the 10th lap forced to pass and touched wheels with Patrese. Both went off track, what gave the lead to Piquet. He would lead to the final without any pressure. Even a bad pit team-work with 19´6 seconds, did not put his victory in risk. Prost got 2nd place, but Tambay had brake failure and hit the barriers at Druids, not only getting him out of the race, but also for the championship battle! Worst then Tambay, team-mate Arnoux made a mistake and spun off in Southbank corner, dropping to 19th place! He recovered to finished 9th. Now Prost had 57 points, Piquet 55 and Arnoux 49.


Tambay made another pole, but Piquet 2nd, Arnoux 4th and Prost 5th had all the atentions. Immediatly from the start Piquet jumped to the front, with Patrese in 2nd. Arnoux couldn´t run more than nine laps to have a broken engine. Prost at least could run more. He sustained some laps in 4th place, behind Piquet, Patrese and De Cesaris, but lost it to Lauda. At 28th lap, Piquet came to pit to refuel, unveilling their strategy of starting with less fuel. He came back still leading. Then at 35 lap Prost went to the pit and pulled out of the car. He had a turbo broken. Now, all french team would be cheering for some kind of problems with Piquet. But he just reduced the turbo pressure, let Patrese take the lead. Also some laps ahead, Lauda overtook him, but had his engine blew-up. Piquet, now saw De Cesaris arriving and let the italian pass, just to guarantee the points he needed to be champion for the second time. Big party for Brabham-BMW-Michelin. The first title for a turbocharged car.

Curious facts

* In Netherlands, after being knocked out by Prost´s mistake, Piquet joked each time Patrese passed in front of the pits. Patrese was in trouble and in a very slow speed, so Piquet was “showing his legs asking for a ride...”. When asked if he was not angry with Prost, he declared: “Well, he made a big mistake, he also lost points, so...”. Prost confirmed: “It was absolutly my fault!”.

* After won Europe GP, Piquet said: “I´m telling, if we won´t have any problems, nobody can stop us!”. What a confidence!

* Bu a very unsure Prost: “We are still in the lead...”.

* In South Africa, Williams debuted new FW09 with Honda turbo engine, and finished 5th place with Rosberg.

* After winning his second title, Piquet: “I wanted this championship for me, not for the team, not for the mechanics, but for me!...And I still young, I want to race many years yet, so I want to win more...”

* Ferrari team won their second consecutive constructors championship, ahead Renault and Brabham.

First appearance

* Drivers: D.Sullivan, M.Baldi, T.Boutsen.

* Constructors/Teams:.

1984 - Lauda, in a breathtaking final!

A novelty was the limit of 220 liters of fuel in the tank. But the teams used frozen fuel (!). By doing this they could use almost 15 liters more in the tank..., althought in many races some drivers had reduced turbo pressure to save fuel trying to finish the race. Another evolution was the elargement of eletronics for better control of the car, mainly the fuel injection. The prominance of the season was new McLaren, with a big supremacy. Designed by John Barnard, powered by Porsche Turbo, Michelin tyres and two great drivers: Lauda and Prost. Piquet and his Brabham-BMW were the quickest car, but they could finish only 5 races in points. Excelents performances for italians De Angelis (Renault-Turbo) and Alboreto (Ferrari-Turbo).


First ever pole for De Angelis. But in the lights Alboreto took the lead, while Lauda and Warwick (Renault-Turbo) touched wheels and Piquet let his engine off. After 11 laps, when it seemed Alboreto would control the race to the flag, he spun off due to brake fluid loss, so Lauda took the lead. Piquet already 7th, in a terrific recovering, had to stop with engine bad function. Then Lauda, with ignition failure, stopped in lap 38. Prost inherited the lead, but as he pit, Warwick (Renault-Turbo) came to first place. Otherwise, with only 10 laps to the final, his front suspension broke and Prost retook leadership and won. Rosberg (Williams-Honda) – 2nd, De Angelis -3rd, Cheever (Alfa Romeo) – 4th, Brundle (Tyrrell-Ford) – 5th and Tambay (Renault) 6th. Senna debut (Toleman-Hart Turbo) starting 14th, but had to stop just 8 laps after the green light.


First season´s pole for Piquet, who dominated the week-end until his engine blew up. So, Lauda could lead without any pressure. His team-mate, Prost, who started from the pit with T-car, made a great recovery, finishing 2nd. Warwick this time finished 3rd one lap down, but had two stops for tyres and raced last 20 laps with no clutch. Another 4th place for Alfa Romeo, this time with Patrese where group by 5th for De Cesaris (Ligier-Renault Turbo) and first point for Senna, 6th.


Two years after Gille´s fatal accident in Zolder and eighteen years after the last italian driver winning with Ferrari (L.Scarfiotti-Monza/66), Michele Alboreto could celebrate his own conquest in great style: pole and leading from lights to flag, more then 40 seconds ahead of Warwick (2nd)! Both McLaren had engines broken. Another points for Rosberg 4th and De Angelis 5th. Also first points for another promising driver: german S. Beloff (Tyrrell-Ford), made a fantastic race to finish in 6th place. Piquet was in 3rd, but his engine...


Second pole for Piquet, but Prost jumped to the front and led all race. Piquet, apparently saving fuel and engine, secured second position many laps. Suddenly, when it seemed he was pushing to catch Prost and escaping from Arnoux, settled fastest lap and...another broken engine! Lauda, Alboreto and Rosberg were also out. So Prost won easily, with Arnoux 2nd, De Angelis 3rd and Warwick 4th again in points. Another great race for Beloff with 5th and Boutsen 6th.


Fourth victory for McLaren, second for Lauda. But Tambay starting from pole, pushed very looking for his home town victory, but soon he had some brake problems and Lauda could take the lead. When the austrian went for pit, Tambay could lead again, giving all his best. But Lauda using new tyres, smahed his advantage and retook the lead from the french, who had to accept McLaren´s superiority. Prost finished 7th, due wheels problems. Once more De Angelis 5th and Rosberg 6th were in points, just behind Mansell (Lotus-Renault) and Arnoux.


This race will be forever remebered by the decision of the race director, Jacky Ickx. He interrupted the race in lap 31, due to dreadful weather conditions. Prost was leading with 8´0 ahead Senna and 20´0 of Beloff on that moment, but that difference were in 30´0 some laps before. Both young drivers were in a amazing demonstration of their incredibles abilities. The track was so wet, the visibility so awful, that even Beloff agreed with the decision, but Senna not! Prost would be regretten in the very last race of the season, as he collected only 4,5 points here, because the race ended with less than 50% of total.


Third pole for Piquet. But this time he wouldn´t have any problem and controlled all the race. He had a perfect week-end: pole, lead all race and marked fastest lap, scoring his first points of the season! Lauda 2nd and Prost 3rd.


It was necessary two starts to begin the race, as Mansell unskilfulness in the first one caused a bang in the first corner! In the second, Piquet (4th year´s pole), jumped in front and again could control all the race. Only six drivers survived to the final. Brundle (Tyrrell-Ford) was a superb 2nd, De Angelis 3rd, Fabi 4th, Prost 5th and Laffite (Williams-Honda) 6th. As in Canada, Brabham team were using new front oil radiator to guarantee better refrigeration to their engines, and it seemed that they were functioning very well!

Exactly in the half of the season, championship positions were: Prost – 35,5 where group by Lauda – 24 where group by De Angelis – 22 where group by Piquet – 18 where group by Arnoux – 16,5 where group by Warwick -14 where group by Rosberg – 11,5 and Alboreto – 9,5.


This was a unusual race: at last twelve drivers hit or brushed the wall, in a dirty and bump track. Rosberg got first Williams Honda-Turbo victory. Mansell and De Angelis dominated the practices, while Brundle had foot injuries in a big shunt on Friday. Mansell led until lap 35, when a little gearbox problem made him slow down. Rosberg commanded the race for 12 laps, but Prost overtook him, but seven laps later he scape...from the track, so Rosberg could led to the flag. Arnoux made a amazing recovering from last to be 2nd. Again De Angelis were in points in 3rd, Laffite 4th and P.Ghinzani (Osella-Alfa Romeo) marked the first ever championshiop points for the team and himself. Mansell, as would be usual on his great career, made a theatrical, but brave, scene: pushed his car to finished line and ...collapsed as wheather was very arid and hot!


Just after the start, Cheever, Patrese, Gartner (Osella-Alfa Romeo) and Alliot (Ram Hart) were envolved in an accident and only the italian were capable to continue. Piquet, who started from pole led until a small turbo pressure problem made him slow down, what allowed Prost took the lead. But Palmer (Ram-Hart) crashed heavily and the race was interrupted with eleven laps. Prost sustained his position in the re-start, but about twenty laps ahead, with gearbox problems, Lauda get the front and run to his 3rd victory of the season. Warwick 2nd, Senna 3rd (first ever podium finish), De Angelis 4th (eighth consecutive time in points), Alboreto 5th and Arnoux 6th.


De Angelis get the front at the green lights, with Prost and Piquet following him. But when it seemed he would fight for the victory the first time this year, had a engine broken. So, Piquet, who had passed Prost, took the front increasing this advantage until had gearbox failure. So, Prost could retake the lead, with Lauda in a comfortable 2nd place, and marked his 4th victory of the year. Senna had an big accident, when his rear wing broke in the back straight. Luckily he had no injuries.


From pole Piquet led until lap 39, when rear tyres excessive consumption made him slow down. But, previously at lap 28, he had demonstrated great ability to control his car, as he and Prost crossed De Angelis oil at Rindt´s corner getting sideways. Althoght Prost lost control of his car and shunt (he was driving with one hand due to shift crack). Lauda took the lead, but with few laps to flag, he suddenly slowed with gearbox problems. Somehow he got speed again, but was clearly in with big problems. Unbeliavable that nobody advised Piquet, in 2nd, to push the limit to catch Lauda...


Prost started from pole, but Piquet led however a lack oil pressure forced another abandonment. So, Prost managed to a easy-going 5th victory. Lauda was 2nd, followed by Mansell, De Angelis, Fabi and Tambay.

14 – ITALY

Once more Piquet led until engine problems took in out. Tambay, making his best race for Renault, with new engine specification, took the front and led for 28 laps. Lauda and Fabi were following him nearly. Then the french had a trottle failure at the same time Fabi had a engine broken, so Lauda could drive quiet easily to his 5th victory this season. Alboreto and Patrese complete the podium, followed by Johansson (Toleman-Hart), Gartner (Osella-Alfa Romeo) and Berger (ATS-BMW). Those three drivers took their first ever points in F1.


Prost won his 7th GP of the year and had a little help from his team-mate, Lauda. The austrian was in a usual recovering, starting from 15th place, when made a rarely mistake and spun. But he could return to finish 4th. Piquet, with excessive fuel consumption, had to cede the second place to Alboreto. So Prost and Lauda would fight for the tittle in the very last race, separed by only 3,5 points: Lauda – 66 and Prost – 62,5.


Piquet marked another pole, but eveyone were only looking for Prost, 2nd and Lauda, 11th. At the lights, Rosberg jumped from fourth to the lead, with Mansell 2nd, Prost 3rd. Lauda sustained his 11th place, but Piquet beyond a very bad start, lost control of his car and spun, completing the first lap in the last place! Rosberg led 9 laps, but Prost and Mansell overtook him. Lauda and Piquet were recovering very quick. Almost in the half of the race, Lauda was in 5th place, but very close to Rosberg, 4th and Senna 3rd, but more than 30 seconds behind Mansell, 2nd. Piquet was 14th. For Prost take the championship, he must win and Lauda get no more than 3rd place. But Lauda outpaced Rosberg and Senna, and started chasing Mansell. Finally at lap 51, Mansell with brakes failure, went out of the track and Lauda could reduce the difference drastically, also marking the fastest lap. Therefore Lauda surpassed Mansell for Prost disillusion. The impact for the french was so hard that the difference to Lauda came down from more than 30 to 13 seconds in the last 10 laps! Piquet got 6th place from Tambay in the final, with amazing recovering. Senna, 3rd and Alboreto, 4th were separated by only 0´275 seconds!

Third title for Lauda to be driver with the best decade results.

Curious facts

* Team Tyrrell and their drivers were throwed-out from championship, losing all their points. The decision was based in fuel sample analysis occurred just after Brundle´s 2nd place in USA-Detroit GP. Tyrrell appealed, but could only took part in four races until FISA final decision, even when J.Barnard (McLaren) and P.Head (Williams) attested in behalf of them!.

* Emerson Fittipaldi tested for Spirt-Hart during two days in Jacarepaguá, Brasil, but denied to sign with the team for the season.

* Just after the checkered flag in Brasil, Cheever stopped with no fuel. Exactly the same happened with his team-mate, Patrese, in South Africa. Both finishing 4th place with their Alfa Romeo!

* In San Marino, Ayrton Senna failed to qualify. On Friday his team had a big fight with Pirelli, when they want to break up their contract. On Saturday finally he went to the track, but had engine problems...

* In Brazil and San Marino team-mates, Piquet and Fabi, had their engines broken in the same lap: 32nd and 48th!

* Johhny Cecotto had a big accident in the practices of Great Britain GP. He had his legs and an ankle broken.

* Austria GP was the first one of the history to have only turbocharged cars in the grid, as both Tyrrell-Ford failed to qualify.

* Before Netherlands GP, Lotus announced that had signed a three year contract with Ayrton Senna. As punishment, Toleman team suspended the driver for next GP (Italy). But Ayrton´s decision was legally based in a contract clause, so the team had to accept his decision to break his three year contract with them and he was reitegrated at Europe GP.

* With his 1st place at Italy GP, Niki Lauda reached 24 victories, drawing with Fangio.

* Prost even Clark´s 1963 record with 7 victories in a season.

* Nelson Piquet recorded 9 seasons pole, even with Peterson (73) and Lauda (74-75).

* Team McLaren stabilished new season´s points record with 143,5 and also for victories: 12!

* Michelin decided to retire from F1 at the end of the season.

First appearance

· Drivers: A.Senna, S.Bellof, P.Alliot, F.Hesnault, C.Fabi, H.Rohtengatter, J.Gartner, G.Berger.

1985 - Finally Prost, but Alboreto and Ferrari...

This season bring small technical innovations, but new rules like “chassis frontal crash-test”, rear wing new position and non-comercial fuel liberate for use. Otherwise, as FISA banished frozen fuel and refueling during the races, sustainning the limit of 220 liters in tanks, the teams were forced to increment the use of eletronic. This would be decisive in the championship, as many teams were not capable to control consumption without losing speed. Even using a bottom on the panel that allowed the driver to control turbo-pressure and engine mixture system. Imagine that some engines touched more than 1.200 horse-power with practices set-up!. The most powerful practices engines were Renault, BMW and Honda. But for racing, they must reduce turbo-pressure, what allowed Porsche and Ferrari engines match their power. Other evolution was the super-soft qualifying tyres, whose durability was no more than one lap sometimes, but what adherence! Unbelievable is that Ferrari team couldn´t improve neither engine nor the car during the season. They were in points in the first twelve races, but exactly when they needed more speed and durability, Alboreto couldn´t finished last five races of the season, losing a title that seemed to belong to him! Another big disappointment was Brabham. With new small BMW engine design, they have speed, but Piquet would finish only five races... Good surprise for excelent Toleman chassis and Williams-Honda speediness. Senna´s myth was only in the beginning...


Alboreto made a spetacular pole, beating Rosberg by 0´104 seconds. However at the light, the finn immediate took the lead, enlargging his advantage until had a broken turbo. Alboreto could lead some laps, but Prost surpassed him and drove to victory. Alboreto closed to Prost at the final, but just because the french was conserving his equipament. Piquet had differencial failure and spun off, as Senna debut with Lotus last 48 laps, when he was in 3rd place. De Angelis 3rd, Arnoux 4th, Tambay 5th and Laffite 6th complete those who scored. One week after the race, Ferrari annouced that Arnoux had been requested a dispense due to a necessary and undelayable muscular treatment. But eveyone in F1 knew that the relationship between Arnoux and the team was degradated since the end of 83´s championship. The team signed Johansson and payed “a lot of money” to the french driver take rest.


Every driver dream with his fist F1 victory. Many of them, may dream with a very diputed one, with many overtakings and manouvres. But certainly, since Monaco 84, Senna should be dreaming with a chance to win in a very wet track. And so The Gods provided it! He made his first ever pole, jumped at the lead, ignored the weather, the awlful visibility, and annihilated his opponents, finishing the race more than 1 minuto ahead second place, Alboreto. He also put one lap over his team-mate De Angelis, who finished 4th and Tambay 3rd. Mansell 5th and Bellof 6th, were two laps down! It was amazing and unspeakable! Just to compare, Alliot, Patrese, Martini, Berger, Rosberg, Baldi and even the champion, Prost had accident due to a slippery track! Those who where with Pirelli tyres suffered a lot of spuns and had to abandon the race for absolute lack of adherence, as Piquet, De Cesaris and Laffite. Senna almost caused a big accident just after the flag. He lift off immediately to celebrate, but Mansell was just behind him and made a incredible switch to avoid the happy brazilian...


Second pole for Senna, who would dominated all the week-end until stop 3 laps before flag with no gas...Johansson, coming from 15th to 2nd, took the lead, but less than one lap later also stopped without fuel! Also Piquet stopped in 5th. Prost won, but did not take it! His McLaren was diqualified cause 4kg underweight! De Angelis inheritated the victory, with Boutsen 2nd, Tambay 3rd, Lauda 4th, Mansell 5th and Johansson, yet 6th.


Senna, Mansell and Alboreto fight for pole, but the brazilian took advantage. At Monaco start in front is priomordial and Senna could lead twelve laps until his engine ble-wup. Alboreto now in 1st place, began to control the race. Then at 16th lap when Piquet was surpassing Patrese in the main straight, the italian “shut the door”...causing a big crash! Both cars were destroyed, with many fragments on the track. Alboreto was a victim with a puncture. Prost took the lead, with De Angelis and De Cesaris following him. But Alboreto was determined to win the race and made a briliant recovering, surpassing his fellows, marking the fastest lap and arriving just 7 seconds behind Prost! Warwick 5th and Laffite 6th completed the points.


Alboreto frustration at Monaco would be forgotten at Montreal. He won the race, leading his team-mate Johansson. It was the first team one-two since Zondvoort 83! The Lotus and Ferrari dominated the grid. De Angelis (pole), Senna, Alboreto and Johansson have just 0´603 seconds between them. De Angelis lead 16 laps, but Alboreto surpassed him and control the race. De Angelis, with tyres in bad shape, slowed what allowed Johansson, Prost and Rosberg let him behind. Senna had a little problem in the very begin, lost five laps at the pit, but came back to have a battle with Rosberg and marked the fastest lap. Piquet abandoned at the start with transmission problems and Lauda had a overheating engine.

6 – USA

Definetively Detroit is the worst track for F1 race, with only 130km/h of average speed. Also is one of the most demandable for brakes, gearbox and tyres. But it looks that some drivers love those challenges, like Rosberg and Senna, for example. As on Saturday rained, times from Friday defined the grid, with Senna on pole with 1´198” seconds ahead Mansell...He jumped to the front, with Rosberg and Mansell near behind. But in eight laps he had to change tyres, like most Goodyear´s user had. They choosen the wrong type for the race and the rubber was deteriorating very quickly. Rosberg took the front and with no mistake won easily. Johansson and Alboreto arrived 2nd and 3rd. Mansell, Lauda, Prost, Senna and Tambay abandoned. Bellof, with the last aspirate engine, was strong 4th, De Angelis 5th and Piquet finally finishing one race, 6th.


From pole position, Keke Rosberg jumped to the lead, with Senna, Piquet, Alboreto, De Angelis, Lauda and Prost following him. Few laps ahead Piquet put a lot of pressure over Senna, until got his position in the long Mistral straight. Two laps later, Piquet passed Rosberg in big style at Beausset corner. For the first time this year, Pirelli tyres gave Brabham an advantage and also BMW engines were running strong, wtih no problems. Senna had a blew-up engine, as Lauda broke his gearbox and Rosberg decided change tyres. At the final lap, Rosberg stole 2nd position from Prost and Johansson 4th from De Angelis. Tambay 6th, with his Renault.


Amazing qualifying lap for Rosberg: 160,938mph - 258,949kmh, with 0´658 seconds ahead Piquet! But at the race, Senna took the front at the lights, with Rosberg, Mansell, Prost, De Cesaris and Piquet just behind. Some laps later, Prost started his approach to 1st place. But every time he got near Senna, the brazilian some away, put a little advantage again. It was obviuos that Prost was trying to catch the lead, with his eyes on fuel consumption. Senna led until lap 57, when the first signal of lack of fuel appeared. Prost took the lead, althought Senna was capable to retook it in lap 59, then at the main straight he would stop without fuel...5 laps from the final! Prost immediately reduced his train and the turbo pressure just driving to the flag. But the flag was given one lap before the end(!), in a grotesque mistake from the race director. This mistake collaborated to Laffite 3rd place, because after the flag his car stopped with no gas, so Piquet, who finished 4th, should be 3rd...but as “if” does not exists...Prost 1st, Alboreto 2nd, Laffite 3rd, Piquet 4th, Warwick 5th and Surer 6th.

Half of the season, this were the standings positions:

Alboreto, 37 where group by Prost, 35 where group by De Angelis, 26 where group by Rosberg, 18 where group by Johansson, 16 where group by Piquet, 13 where group by Senna, 9.


Exactly in a demanding good balanced chassis track, first ever pole for Toleman-Hart and also for his driver, Teo Fabi! But in the race, Fabi made a terrible start, completing first lap only in 8th, position he would sustain until broke his transmission. Rosberg and Senna fight for each km of the track, with the finn taking advantage to be in front, securing the brazilian. Alboreto, who had made a strong start, besides a little brushed wheels with his team-mate at first corner, was in 3rd, but getting toward them. Senna and Fabi abandoned. Alboreto came closer to Rosberg, and all of a sudden, emerged in “Villeneuve´s style”, touching wheels and overtaking the finn, but getting the front to his second season´s victory. Prost was 2nd, in a very conservative race. Both reiforcing the championship leadership.


The new was Lauda annoucement: he would retire from race at the end of the year! Two starts, as in the first a accident caused a mess, with no consequences. Prost, from pole this time, complete first lap in second, behind Lauda. Surpassed him team-mate and led until lap 26, when Lauda got the front and pulled away. But destiny did not allow Lauda to take his last career victory at his country and he had a broken turbo. Prost 1st, Senna 2nd, Alboreto 3rd, Johansson 4th, De Angelis 5th and Surer 6th. De Cesaris had a horrible accident, with his Ligier overturnning at least four times, but he scaped unhurted!


At this race Lauda could mark his last first place. Starting from 10th place, he made a amazing recovering to the lead. Also he sustained that when Prost tried desperately to pass him in the last 10 laps. Piquet, pole, let his engine went off and recovered to 8th place. But the bad news came from Ferrari. No stability, nor speed in their cars: they start from 16th and 17th place, Alboreto and Johansson. Of couse the italian drove very carefully in the race, looking to some points. He was rewarded with a valiable 4th place, but who could figure that would be his last points in the championship? Only Prost could dream with that! Points were: Prost, 56 and Alboreto, 53.

12 – ITALY

A race to forget for Ferrari. Rosberg and Prost dominated all the race. But as the finn had a broken engine, Prost, who seemed to be very happy with 2nd place, inherited the victory and improve his advantage in the championship table. Piquet 2nd, Senna 3rd completed the podium. Alboreto could be never better than 6th during the race, but with problems, lost time and finished in 13th.


A great show for three drivers in a wet/dry track: Senna dominating from the start where group by Rosberg, spun, two stops and yet 4th where group by finally, Piquet, who jumped from 3rd to 2nd at the start, but spun, completing first lap in 16th place, but recovering to 5th! Prost drove just looking for more points as Alboreto had a broken clutch in the very beginning.


Senna and Piquet dominated all practices. Prost was 6th and Alboreto, only 15th on the grid. Senna took the front, but Rosberg was very close, with Piquet in 3rd, Mansell 4th. Prost was 14th adn Alboreto 9th in the first lap. On sixtieth lap, Rosberg risked to pass Ayrton in a bad place, spun and Piquet couldn´t avoid the colision and went off the race. Rosberg, recovered to pit and returned to the track, blocking Senna, that had Mansell very near yet. The english took the lead two laps later and won easily. Alboreto had a broken turbo, so Prost would need only 2 points to be the champion. He was 4th, behind Rosberg, and could celebrate his deseverd title. What could be better for Mansell as his first ever victory at his home town?


Mansell would win again, this time with his team-mate closer behind. Prost 3rd. Piquet, Senna and Alboreto had problems very soon and abandoned. So only the Williams drivers could have fun, for their team delight.


Rosberg offered a amazing gift for those who watched this GP. He had tyres problems, changing them three times, but yet could won the race. Only Senna was capable to follow the finn rythim, but he made some mistakes, getting off the track two times until a gearbox broke. Ligier got the other two places on the podium. Certainly, with this end of the season everyone could expect a very disputed 86 season!

Curious facts

* Team Toleman could only start the championship at Monaco GP, due to a final agreement with Pirelli.

* After a big crash in the practices, Nigel Mansell did not participate of French GP.

* At Germany GP, FISA allowed 27 cars to start the race. The newcomer was F.Hesnault (Renault). This was the first ever real-time on-board camera! What images!

* With his victory at Netherlands GP, his 25th, Lauda became the second most winner of all time, losing only to J.Stewart (27) and even with J.Clark.

* At Italy GP a new team appeared: Beatrice Lola with the former champion, Alan Jones as driver.

* At Europe GP it was the first ever time two brazilians started in the front row.

* After Europe GP drivers and teams announced some changes: Piquet signed with Williams, Rosberg with McLaren and Brabham invited Lauda, but he declined the invitation.

* At South Africa GP, team-mates, Patrese and Cheever, eliminated themselves at the first corner...

* Alfa Romeo and Renault announced their decision to conclude activities of their own team. Otherwise both would continue to supply engines for other teams.

First appearance

* Drivers: I.Capelli, C.Danner.

* Constructors/Teams:Beatrice Lola, Minardi and Zakspeed.

1986 - Prost again, but the Williams...

Looking for reducing the speed and better safety conditions, teams were obligated, by the rule published in beginning of 85, to use tanks limited to 195 liters. As response, teams created buttons for controlling: drivers have up to 4 positions to increase or decrease the turbo pressure, another for “boost” surpassing and the last for mixture fuel. But the most important novelty was the telemetry system, by whose teams could get a lot of information about the cars, and of course, about how drivers were handling their equipaments...


First row dominated by countryman, Senna and Piquet. At the start Mansell jumped to 2nd place, following Senna. In the main straight at braking zone, Mansell paired with Senna, but as none of them lift off, they came to the corner together. Mansell inside, Senna outside...a small brushed wheels between then and Mansell lost control, scaping from the track, hitting the barrires. Good for Piquet, who saw everything very close. Two laps later, Piquet took the front and had just to manage to victory, with two-stops strategy. Senna 2nd, followed by both Ligier (Laffite-Arnoux), Brundle and Berger. Both McLarens out with engines problems. Brazilian party for a imense crowd under a very hot weather!


Both brazilian once more had dominated the practices, with another pole for Senna. In the race, Senna jumped to the front, with Piquet, Mansell, Rosberg and Prost following him. Rosberg and Prost pushed very hard in the beginning, surpassing Mansell and closing to Piquet and Senna. But they would fight with the same problem: with their panel didn´t function well, they had to slow looking to consumption control. So Mansell retook his third place. It seemed that Piquet was controlling his rythim, waiting the best momentum to fight directly with Senna. But his engine stopped. So immediately Mansell assaulted Senna, capturing the lead. But Senna would not let him pull away. Ten laps to go, Senna retook the lead and Mansell decided to make tyres change. He would return in 3rd place, behind Prost, but much faster than the french. He recovered 2nd place and start closing to Senna. In the last two laps Mansell would be very near Senna, nose to tail. But Senna was showing the world one of his incomparable abilities: control his car with tyres in very bad conditions and still going quick...Nigel would made his last attempt at the finish line, crusing 0´014 seconds behind Senna! What a final...


Third front row consecutive for the brazilian aces, again Senna on the pole. Piquet took the front at the first lap and clearly demonstrated his desire: win or win. And he would, if Williams team wouldn´t have wasted too much time at the pit. He lost two places, for Prost and Rosberg. But Rosberg had to slow, due to fuel consumption and Piquet could retake at least 2nd place. Prost won with Piquet 2nd.


Prost had no opponent all the week-end. His team-mate, Rosberg who finished 2nd, regonized: “He was unstopabble this week-end”. Senna 3rd, Mansell 4th and Piquet 7th.


First year´s pole for Piquet. As always happened in SPA at the first corner, many cars touched wheels with some damages to Prost, who had to change his front spoilers. Piquet led Senna, increasing his advantage every lap, until had a engine problem. Senna inheritaded the front, but Mansell could pass him and drive to victory. Prost made a great recovery, arriving 6th. Johansson and Alboreto were also in points, 3rd and 4th respectively.


Mansell had a great week-end, starting from pole and taking his second win of the season. Rosberg tried to beat him, but had to slow again due to excess of fuel consumption. Prost made a very burocratic race, just driving to the final, accepting the fact that the Williams were quicker. Althought, Piquet had brake problem in the beginning, recovering in the final marking the fastest lap and arriving in 3rd place. Rosberg 4th, Senna 5th and Arnoux 6th.

7 – USA

Senna pole again, led the first lap ahead of Mansell, Arnoux, Piquet, Johansson and Prost. Mansell took the led in the 2nd lap, but both Ligier were very quick, surpassing the british, with Laffite leading and Arnoux in 2nd! Senna, with a slow puncture, came to pit for tyres change. Good battles between Laffite, Piquet, Mansell and Prost, but Senna was in a great recovering. At 38th lap Piquet, on the lead, made his pit-stop. The team once more worked too bad and he lost almost 20 seconds. Back to track Piquet, three laps later in 2nd, marked the fastest lap and...hit the barriers! Senna, more than 30 seconds ahead Prost, decided to change tyres again and won easily. Excelent 2nd place for Laffite, Prost 3rd, Alboreto 4th, Mansell 5th and Patrese 6th.


Mansell had no oponents, except on the practices, when Senna once more were in the pole. But Senna had a accident earlier in the race, and neither Prost nor Piquet could fight with Mansell. Prost, 2nd, with excessive consumption and Piquet, 3rd, with a bad balanced car. Both Ligier were in points again, with Arnoux in 5th and Laffite 6th.

Half of the season: Prost, 39 where group by Mansell, 38 where group by Senna, 36 where group by Piquet, 23.


Piquet made a amazing pole, more than 4/10 of a second ahead Mansell...but at the warm-up he decided to change for T-car, as the principal was with strange balance...At the start, a big accident involved many drivers and the race was interrupted, as Laffite was injured and pressed on his car. One hour late, the race began with Mansell starting with Piquet´s car, as in the first one Mansell had a broke engine at the start. Both, Piquet and Mansell, pulled away from everyone. They were in a separated race, one and half second quicker than the others...At the 23rd lap, after Southbank corner Piquet and Mansell were side by side and Piquet let Mansell pass, but soon he would be regreted. Nigel wouldn´t be so “nice”, blocking the brazilian every time he tried to overtake him...Mansell won with Piquet in 2nd, one lap ahead Prost! One question nobody in Williams could explain: why in the warm-up Piquet had so many problems with his principal car and in the race Mansell could drive it so fast?


Piquet surprised his adversaries with two pit-stops strategy, making a fantastic race. He drove on the limit astonishing his oponents...Senna jumped to first place at the lights, but the pole Rosberg overtook him at second lap. Piquet, driving a lighter car due to his strategy, surpassed Rosberg and pulled away until his first pit at 15th lap. Rosberg and Prost also led until their pit, when Piquet reassumed the comand. Last pit for Piquet at 27th lap, returning in third place, but demolishing his difference to Rosberg. Ten laps later the retook the led and won, with Senna in a strong 2nd, Mansell 3rd, Arnoux 4th, with Rosberg and Prost managing with his fuel consumption, 5th and 6th.


This race will be forever remebered as one of the most ever disputed one. More than that, the remarkable overtaking that Piquet made over Senna at 57th lap. Both drivers dominated the practices once more, but this time Piquet was the pole. At the start, as usual, Senna got the front with Mansell and Piquet following him. Five laps were necessary to Piquet pass Mansell and start to close to Senna. At lap 12, Piquet also passed Senna in the end of main straight, exactly same way he had done with his team-mate: taking internal side and braking later. He would lead until his pit at lap 35, when Senna got the front again. Then the show began. Senna demonstrating his amazing ability of control his car with used tyres, drove quicker than any other, unless Piquet. Piquet discounted the difference in 15 laps, but at lap 55, when he moved over Senna again in the internal side at the straight, Senna moved also to this side, squeezing Piquet to dirty party of the track. Piquet could pass him, but as he was braking on debris zone, he couldn´t control the car and went wide at the corner, what allowed Senna to retake the lead. Althought, Piquet would learn his lesson quickly. Two laps later, again at the straight, he moved to internal side forcing Senna to repeat his previous manouvre, but this time he jumped to outside braking later than Senna, sliding his car completly sideways, cruising Senna´s front! Amazing manouvre...and he nevertheless gave a “goodbye” with his hand to Senna! Otherwise the battle was not finished yet. Senna would never give up and push as hard as he could to be near Piquet, marking his fastest lap at 72, but in vain. Piquet recorded the track record in the next lap and won!


Both Benetton surprised taking the front row, with Fabi marking the pole. At the race, they could led for 20 laps, but Prost took the lead and won easily with one lap ahead of second place. Piquet, Mansell and Senna did not finished. Alboreto, Johansson, Jones, Tambay and Danner were in the points.

13 – ITALY

Second consecutive pole for Fabi, but had a very bad start and drop down to 17th at the end of first lap...Mansell and Piquet dominated the race, with Alboreto following them close until spun and went to the pit. Both Williams made their pit, with Mansell gainning a extra advantage: 8 seconds for Mansell and 17 for Piquet! Althought Piquet would show his class, demolishing Mansell advantage, driving very quick, but managing his tyres to final attack. He could overtake his team-mate and won his fourth race of the year. Johansson made 3rd place for tiffosi happiness and Jones could again arrive in points with 6th place. Prost was disqualified and Senna had a broken clutch at the start.


Amazing pole for Senna, but Mansell took the lead and won easily. Senna and Piquet fighted during almost all the race, with Ayrton taking advantage of his higher speed at the main straight. Piquet tried to overtake Senna, but this time he would not success. Worst than that, he had brake problem and spun at Hoffman corner, dropping to 4th place. Mansell 1st, Senna 2nd, Prost 3rd and Piquet 4th. The 4 drivers were fighting for championship, but at the final lap, Senna would slow down with no gas...Prost inherited 2nd place with Piquet in 3rd. Senna could be 4th, but his agressivity knocked him out of the championship battle...


Again the brazilian double dominated the practices, Senna on the pole. Piquet decided to sustain his chances to take the championship, made a strong start, cruising the straight side by side with Senna, until get the front at the first corner. Mansell dropped to 18th place at the start, with Prost as usual was very conservative. Piquet would be in front with Senna close until his first pit. But the Williams team made a wrong choice for tyres and Piquet had to chance tyres three times and Mansell twice! Benetton, Berger and Pirelli could have their first victory. Prost 2nd, Senna 3rd, Piquet 4th and Mansell 5th. For the last and decisive race of the year: Mansell, 70 points where group by Piquet and Prost, 63.


Goodyear had informed, after their shame at Mexico city, that they had new tyres at Adelaide and no driver would have to change it during the race, but...

Mansell made the pole, but Senna jumped to the front. At the back straight, Piquet attacked Senna and took the lead. Rosberg, making his last race, pushed very hard and attacked Piquet at 5th lap, who immediately let him pass. With Rosberg in the lead and Prost behind him, Mansell would be the champion, so there was unnecessary fight with the finn, so Piquet let him go away. But the destiny reserved the championship to Prost...destiny? Why Prost decided to change tyres? The team officialy communicate that he had a puncuture, but nobody saw...The fact was that Prost changed his tyres, dropping to fourth place, far behind Rosberg, Piquet and Mansell. Then at 62nd lap Rosberg had his rear left tyre detonated. Piquet was 1st, with Mansell 2nd and Prost 3rd...for Nigel it was just finish the race, but in the next lap, he also had a explosion on his rear left tyre and hit the barriers! So, Piquet was in the lead with 19 laps to go, with Prost 5 seconds behind him...them Williams team decided to call him to the pit to change his tyres. He came with 18 laps to the end and returned to track 22 seconds behind Prost. Piquet made a amazing recovering, marking the new track record at the last lap, but arriving 4 seconds after the new champion Prost... who also became the second most winner of the history, only one behind J.Stewart´s record: 27.

Worst facts

* Frank Williams had a road car accident in the beggining of the year, that would put him in a wheel chair for life.

* Elio de Angelis died in an accident at Paul Ricard, testing his Brabham-BMW BT55.

* After his accident at the start at Brands Hatch, Laffite had to abandon the races, due compound fractures. At that race he would even G.Hill´s mark of 176 races, but the destiny...

Curious facts

* Brabham-BMW BT55 designed by Gordon Murray would determine the future of his projects. The car was lower and longer than others, with his engine assembled inclined. Also had a special gearbox design by Weissman. But they never got the exact development, neither for engine work nor for suspension. But the experience will be used later by Murray when he designed the famous and unbeatable McLaren 1988.

* For the second consecutive time in a row Mansell abandoned Brazil GP by his own precipitation at first lap...

* Dereck Warwick signed with Brabham, driving from USA GP.

* At Germany Keke Rosberg officialy communicated his intention to abandon races. He related eight reasons to do that. Piquet, one day after, using the same reasons that Rosberg related, communicated why he would continue to drive in F1...

* Also in Germany Lotus and Honda announced their agreement, starting in 87 and Ferrari signed with G.Berger.

* At Hungary, Piquet experimented a new differencial regulation on his car. As he felt the car was much quicker, he decided to use it in the race, but simulated that the result was not good, just to avoid Mansell to get his set-up...

First appearance

* Drivers: A.Caffi, A. Nannini, A.Berg.

* Constructors/Teams:AGS.

1987 - Piquet makes it three!

This season would be completely dominated by Williams drivers, with 10 victories and not scoring points in only three races. The turbo pressure was limited to 4 bar, with all 1.500 cm3 engines equiped with a pop-off valve, also the aspirated engines were allowed again, but with 3.500 cm3. But the great novelty would be introduced by Lotus: active suspension used during all the season. Williams also will launch their own, but only Piquet were capable to manage with it. Inexplicable the team only allowed him to use in two GP: Italy and Spain, even with the brazilian arguments...


Mansell snatched the pole, but failed at the start and Piquet took the front, followed by Senna, Fabi, Boutsen and Prost. But at 7th lap, Piquet have a problem that would decide the race: a lot of papers that were thrown to the track got to his radiators and he had to pit due to overheating. Tyres changed, radiators cleaned, he returned making a strong race, marking fastest lap and arriving 2nd. Mansell could only manage to be 6th, Senna had a broken engine, so Prost had just to run to the flag.


Piquet would have his worst F1 accident in the practices. Arriving at Tamburello flat out, touching 280 km/h, his rear tyre failed and his car flied to the barriers. Piquet dind´t suffer any injury, but were impedite by the british doctor Sid Watkins to take part of the race...Mansell had no problem to win, with Senna 2nd and Alboreto´s Ferrari making the crowd get crazy with his 3rd place. Prost abandoned with injection problems.


Two starts to race really began, as in the first Streiff crashed, but his team-mate Palmer couldn´t avoid him and also crashed, blocking the track. Race interrupted. At restart, Senna got the front, with Mansell and Piquet following him. But Mansell, sometimes not so patiente as a champion pretender should be, jumped outside Senna squeezing the brazilian at the braking zone. The inevitable happened: Senna with no place to go, enlarge the corner trajetory, hitting Mansell and both got off the track. But the british also came back, but abandoned later due that. Senna also retired and when they met each other on the boxes, they had a short combat...Piquet, Alboreto and Prost were in front. Then something really curious and strange happened at 9th lap: at the same time Alboreto and Piquet had problem, both reducing their speed, let the way free for Prost even Stewart´s record of 27 success. Johansson 2nd and De Cesaris 3rd, pushing his car to the finish line...


A big accident involving Alboreto and Danner at the practices resulted in suspension for the german, but certainly he simply did not see Michele´s approach and couldn´t avoid the collision. Mansell pole, Senna 2nd, Piquet 3rd and Prost 4th. The main oponents were in the first two rows again...Mansell took the front, Senna not far from him, but Piquet was not so comfortable at this track, just drive securing his third place. Mansell abandoned near the half of the race. Senna, more than 30 seconds ahead Piquet just controlled the race to take his first victory of the season and the first ever for a active suspension. Piquet 2nd, Alboreto 3rd and Prost lost his 3rd place three laps to the end with a broken engine.

5 – USA

Mansell pole again, Senna 2nd Piquet 3rd, Prost 5th. Mansell led Senna and Piquet, but Nelson had a puncture and went to the pit, dropping many positions. But when Mansell came to his pit, Senna could take the lead and, as usual, he would not change tyres and would win easily. Piquet in a amazing recovering was 2nd, Prost 3rd and Mansell only 5th.


Again Mansell, Prost, Senna and Piquet dominate the two front rows. Mansell led from the lights, with Piquet passing Senna and Prost yet in the first lap. They would be never separeted more than 5 seconds, until Piquet had a too long braking at main straight, what allowed Prost overtake him. Prost tried hard to take Mansell, but in vain. After a long pit, Piquet was leading, but Mansell very close in second and Prost in third. But Nelson´s tyres were in bad shape and Nigel could pass him. Piquet change tyres again, passed Prost and tried very hard to catch Mansell, marking for two times the new track record, but could only arrive in 2nd, with Prost 3rd and Senna 4th.


This would be certainly the best race of all Mansell´s carrer. Piquet marked a historic pole, beating Mansell by only 0´080 seconds! In the race, Piquet led 62 laps, but Mansell could overtake him and won for british delirious. The fact is that Piquet and Williams team have decided to not change tyres, due to good Silverstone asphalt conditions. At the half of the race, Mansell decided to change his tyres as he was not getting any chance to pass Piquet. He came back 26 seconds behind, but of course, he was very much quicker than Piquet. But it seemed that the brazilian was just managing the situation. Althought with four laps to go, he still was securing the difference near 2 seconds, when they had latecomers in front. Piquet got them in a bad position, what allowed Mansell to get for the first time his vaccum. It took just one lap to Nigel overtake his team-mate and run to victory. He wouldn´t complete the lap after flag, because his fuel ended! Four Honda engines in four places: Mansell, Piquet, Senna 1 lap down and Nakajima 2 laps down. Prost abandoned.


Porsche prepared a new engine for his home race, but Mansell took another pole, Senna 2nd, Prost 3rd and Piquet 4th. Senna took the front, but Mansell overtook him at second lap. Prost, showing that new engine was powerful, passed Senna and attacked Mansell. The french took the lead, as Piquet passed Senna and Mansell abandoned due to engine failure. When it seemed that Porsche and Prost would won easily, his engine just cut off. Five laps to go, Piquet inherited the lead with Prost and Mansell out...Johansson would be second with three wheels, due a tyre explosion at last lap. Senna could yet be 3rd. Half of the season: Piquet, 39 where group by Senna, 35 where group by Mansell, 30 and Prost, 26.


Surprising performance for Ferrari team. Mansell pole, but Berger in 2nd and Alboreto 5th were the new guys in front. Piquet 3rd, Prost 4th and Senna 6th. Mansell jumped to front, with Piquet passing Berger, with Alboreto very close. But at first corner Berger came outside Piquet, who had to lift to avoid a unnecessary collision. Alboreto could benefit from that and also passed Piquet. First lap, Mansell, Berger, Alboreto, Piquet, Senna and Prost. Meanwhile Ferrari happiness would last only 13 laps, as Berger had a transmission broken and Piquet managed to retake his position over Alboreto. The italian would have to abandon some laps later with engine failure. Mansell leading Piquet with 15 seconds and Senna almost 1 minute behind. Then, again five laps before the end, Mansell almost lost control of his car...he had lost a screw-nut from his right rear wheel! Unexplicable he stopped the car there, instead of bring it to the pit...Big lucky for Piquet who inherited the victory with his strong oponent out...Senna 2nd and Pros 3rd.


Piquet again on the pole. The race had three starts. In the first one Brundle had a broken suspension just after the lights, hitting the barriers, causing a big mess. In the second start it was Patrese´s time to touch Warwick and cause a big confusion. In the third start, again Piquet manage to take the front, but Senna had problems and don´t start, as Alboreto started very badly. Piquet took the front, while Mansell managed with Berger and Boutsen to take second place. At 19th lap Piquet had Mansell nose to tail, but under control. All of a sudden, when they came to the higher speed corner of F1 (named Rindt), Piquet´s car slided strange and scarefully. The brazilian controlled it very smothly, but reduced his rythim trying to find out what happened. At this moment they have three cars in front of them, what allowed Mansell to take advantage of all those vacum and pass Piquet. The brazilian went to the pit to change this tyres, believing they were the reason for that scaring moment. Once more Williams team would make his “small favour” to Nigel. Piquet lost almost 18 seconds in the pit, loosing any chance to fight with Mansell. The british won, Piquet 2nd, Fabi and Boutsen got points for Benetton, Senna 5th and Prost 6th.

11 – ITALY

Finally Piquet convinced the team to use their active suspension. Piquet made the pole and start in the front, scaping from Berger, Boutsen, Mansell, Prost and Senna. Mansell recovered 2nd place, but Piquet had a good difference when at lap 22 he came to change tyres. Again Williams made a bad service, but Piquet could return exactly in front his team-mate. Senna took the lead, but as usual he wouldn´t stop for tyre change. So, Piquet with almost 10 seconds behind, started his pursuit to the lead. He was managing with some blisters on his tyres, but was reducing his disadvantage in half second per lap. Then at lap 43, Senna with 4,5 seconds of advantage for Piquet, arrived to Parabolica corner with Ghinzani´s Ligier ahead. Suddenly he dived inside Ghinzani, braking too late, going off track. Piquet retook the lead and slowed down, reducing from 1´27” to 1´31”. But once more Senna surprising everyone: he not only managed to avoid the barriers as retook his rythim. He made two laps in 1`30” to clean his tyres and start his pursuit to Piquet. The last three laps were unforggetable. Both breaking the record of the track and cruising the line with 1´8” seconds for Piquet! So amazing that the race director didn´t give the flag to Piquet and receive a big mockery from the public. What a race and what a first victory for the active suspension for Williams.


At this race Williams decided to use normal cars for both drivers, against Piquet´s desire. Also the race almost gave Ferrari his so expected victory, as Berger started from pole and led until two laps to the end. Then, with Prost near him, he made his unique, but fatal mistake all the race: brake too late and spun. Prost took the led and won for 28th time, marking a new all time record! A a frustrated Berger was 2nd, Piquet 3rd. Mansell had a broken engine.

13 – SPAIN

Again the team agreed with Piquet and he would drive his car with active suspension. Again he marked the pole. The race was totally dominated by Mansell. Piquet started in front, but in the end of first lap, Mansell forced and took the lead. Mansell, Piquet, Alboreto, Berger, Prost and Senna. When Berger tried to pass Alboreto, both got wider and Prost passed both. Piquet came to the pit, 19 seconds were used to change his tyres...he could return only in 4th place, behind Senna and Prost. Piquet quickly got Prost, but when he tried to pass, he braked too long and spun, dropping to 7th. Mansell led, Senna 2nd – without change his tyres once more – was in a very slow rythim, securing Boutsen, Prost, Piquet and Berger. Piquet overtook Prost and Boutsen, closing to Senna. When he came inside Senna to overtake him, Senna forced, both went side by side, but Senna had to slow, losing also position to Boutsen and Prost. Berger blew-up his engine, spreading oil in the track, Piquet and Boutsen were victims, but Piquet manage to return to track, but the belgium don´t. Piquet came to pit, as he had a lot of debris on his radiator, backing to track in 4th place! Mansell won, Prost 2nd, Johansson 3rd, Piquet 4th, Senna 5th and Alliot 6th.


Mansell started from pole, leading Berger, Piquet, Prost, Boutsen and Senna. Then in the beginning of the esses, Prost made a ridiculous movement over Piquet. It was simply impossible to pass, as he was far from the brazilian. The collision was inevitable, with Prost broking his left front suspension, ending race. Piquet, with his engine off, was in dangerous position, so the marshals pushed him and, as he could turn on his engine, he started his recovering from last place. In the 2nd lap Nakajima would make a tremendous mistake at the end of the straight: he passed the braking zone, catching Warwick left rear wheel, broking his suspension. At the front, Mansell lost two places to Berger and Boutsen, but both abandoned soon. So Mansell retook the lead, while Piquet storming the chronometers, was already in 4th place! Then Warwick had a big shunt, probably due to Nakajima´s touch. The race was interrupted with Mansell 43 seconds ahead of Piquet. At restart, Piquet jumped between Mansell and Senna and took the lead. He would make a remarkable race, discounting 17 seconds from Mansell, but it was not enough to take first place. Mansell won, Piquet 2nd and Patrese a happy third. Two races to go and now only Williams drivers could be champion: Piquet, 73 and Mansell 61 points.

15 – JAPAN

Once more Williams team decided to not attend Piquet´s request to use active suspension there. They argue that Mansell doesn´t suit well with the equipament, what wouldn´t guarantee the same conditions for both drivers...Althought was not necessary to wait until Sunday to know the new champion. At the practices, a concentrated Piquet was faster than an agited Mansell. And the british driver demonstrated that he was not ready to be champion: trying to catch Piquet´s time, he made a foolish mistake in the esses. He exceeded the corner approaching speed, causing a wrong trajetory, losing the control of the car and hitting the barriers very hard. He stayed in the car, without his helmet, with his face demonstrating pain...In the pit, Frank Williams and Piquet were worried about him, but of course Piquet wouldn´t need that to conquest his third tittle, as he had 12 points lead...Mansell decided to go back to England in a gossip situation. At the race, Berger and Ferrari got a soberb week-end, with the pole and leading all time. Senna 2nd, Johansson 3rd, Alboreto 4th, Boutsen 5th and for the japonese happiness, Nakajima 6th. Piquet had a broken engine and Prost got 7th place due to a puncture.


The last race of the year could give Williams the chance to beat the record of points and Piquet, once more, insisted with the team to bring active suspension, but they denied again. Patrese substitute Mansell and Modena got his place at Brabham. In the race, once more Berger and Ferrari surpreended leading from lights to flag, with pole and fastest lap! Piquet abandoned due to brake failure, same as Prost. But the french driver hit the barriers, while Piquet could bring his car to the pit. Senna, 2nd, would be vice-champion if he were not disqualified due to irregular brake cooler. So Alboreto inherited 2nd place making one-two for Maranello team. Boutsen, 3rd where group by Palmer 4th, Dalmas 5th and a surprised Moreno 6th. Jonathan Palmer won the tittle called Jim Clark Trophy and Tyrrell the Colin Chapman one.

Curious facts

* When Piquet suffered his accident at S.Marino, Dr. Sid Watkins impedite him to participate of the race. But at Japan, when Mansell had his accident, he declared that if Nigel intend to race, he would allow...but Nigel had decided already to go back to England.

* At USA GP start, by Nakajima´s on board camera, we could see the japanese driver make a big mistake hitting Capelli´s March at the second corner braking zone. But in the next corner he was knocked out by Adrian Campos...

* At Hungary GP week-end Lotus and Piquet announced a two years deal. Piquet didn´t accept McLaren´s invitation, even when his close friend G.Murray tried to convince him to sign the team. Piquet explained that he had lost the 86 championship due Williams political and he wouldn´t risk to face it again. Joking, he indicated Senna for substitute him at Williams...

* At Austria GP Johansson had a strange and dangerous accident: he stepped on a hart, destroying his car, but scapping unhurt.

* Also in Austria, when the car was carrying Mansell, Piquet and Fabi to the podium, Mansell upraised in the moment they cruised a little bridge...of course he knocked his head for the delight of Piquet. The brazilian laughted all time in the podium, as Mansell was staggering...

* In the podium at Italy, Piquet, as usual, joked with Senna because his uniforme was covered by sand he caught when was off track...

* With his podium at Portugal, Piquet even Clark´s record of nine consecutives podiuns!

* Horrible accident for Palmer at Spain, when he touched wheels with Alliot, went off the track, transpassed the barriers...but was unhurt!

* Also in Spain, Mansell jumped out of the car when the tecnicians were checking the equipament and let the car there. FIA fine him in US$ 3.000!

* At Mexico Senna spun off due to a broken clutch. As the marshals only push him to a safe place, he became furious with one of them. The FIA decided to fine him in US$ 15.000!

* After 37 races Ferrari returned to the higher place with Berger victory at Japan. (Since August 85 – Alboreto/Germany).

* Since Canada 1985 (Alboreto/Johansson), 40 races were necessary to Ferrari take another one-two!

First appearance

* Drivers:A.Campos, N.Larini, S.Modena, Y.Dalmas, F.Forini.

* Constructors/Teams: Coloni, March.

1988 - Amazing title for Senna!

If 87 was Williams duo who dominated, this year would belong to McLaren´s duo: Senna and Prost. With the new rule reducing turbo pressure to 2,5 bar, everybody expected a very close fight between turbo and aspirated cars. What nobody coould figure was that McLaren would create a amazing car and Honda a so powerful and economic engine. Their drivers would be delighted all the year, winning 15 of 16 races. Ferrari dominated all pre-season tests, meanwhile Piquet as soon as tested new Lotus became very worried about his chances. McLaren only preented their car 10 days before the begin of the year and...astonished his oponents with almost 2 seconds quicker than any other at San Marino tests...The only car that demonstrated speed, besides McLaren, was the new March 881, with his high front nose and great aerodynamic design. This revolutionary design would be developed by others teams in the following years...


Senna started his amazing series of pole positions accomplishment exactly on his home town. But just before the start, he had a gearbox failure and the start was canceled. He would get his T-car and start from the pit, with would cause his disqualification later. Prost jumped to the lead and just manage to win. Berger and Piquet would complete the podium. Senna made a amazing recovering until be in 2nd place, but it was in vain.


Another pole for Senna, 8/100 of seconds ahead Prost, but 3,6/100 seconds ahead the 3rd place, Piquet...Senna dominated from the lights to flag. Piquet jumped to 2nd, followed by Patrese, Nannini, Berger, Boutsen, Prost and Mansell. Big fight between Benettons and Williams drivers, but Prost passed them all and caughted Piquet, getting 2nd place. Piquet was supporting a big pressure by aspirated cars, that were much more consitance in the track. Nannini tried to pass him and spun at Tosa. Mansell overtook Piquet, but next lap Piquet got it back and got away from him. In front Senna and Prost were...1 lap ahead! Senna won his first race driving McLaren, Prost 2nd and Piquet, again 3rd.


Pole? Senna of course, with 1´427 seconds ahead his team mate and 2´687 seconds ahead Berger! He would drive easily until lap 66, when he made a rare mistake and hit the barriers, 53 seconds ahead Prost and the team asked him to slow down...Prost made a bad start and was behind Berger almost 50 laps...Alboreto fighting with Mansell, tried to overtakehim, but touched his wheels and Nigel had to abandon. Also Patrese would be knocked out by latecomer Alliot, who moved to the same side of him and the chock was inavitable. Prost won, Berger and Alboreto following him.


Horrendous accident with Alliot in the practices. He put his left wheel outside the track in the begin of main straight, losing control of the car, hitting the wall just in front the pits, upsetting many times, destroying his Lola-Larrousse, but he was unhurt! Fourth pole in a row for Senna. In the start, Prost Senna and Piquet fight for the lead, with the french taking first corner in front, Piquet 2nd, Senna 3rd, Nakajina 4th (Four Honda´s power in the front...), followed by Berger, Alboreto, Cheever, Warwick, Boutsen and Nannini. Senna overtook Piquet, Berger moved over Nakajima and also got Piquet´s place. Soon Nakajima had a broken engine and Honda´s engineers asked Piquet to slow down, but hew also had a broke piston. Strong fight by team-mates Cheever and Warwick, with the british taking advantage in the very final. Prost won, Senna 2nd, Berger, Alboreto, Warwick and Cheever were in the points.


Fifth pole for Senna. Since the beginning of this year he determined a new strategy to look for the pole. He left the pit less then two minutes for the last attempt, what the world would know as “fying lap”. Prost got the front with Senna close. They would battle for 17 laps, until Senna overtook Prost in the hairpin and pulled away. Both Ferrari´s didn´t finish and De Cesaris making a great race for Rial, became without fuel three laps to go. Senna 1st, Prost 2nd, Boutsen 3rd, Piquet 4th, Capelli 5th and Palmer 6th.

6 – USA

Another sunday drive for Senna. He started very well, with Prost only 5th in the first lap. So Prost had to fight with Berger, Alboreto and Boutsen to take second place. When he finally got it, the race was decided. He only could wait for another mistake of Senna, like Monaco. But Senna had absolut control of the race and won easily. Boutsen 3rd, De Cesaris 4th, Palmer 5th and Martini 6th.


First time this season that the pole scape from Senna, as Prost demonstrated that he was very motivated in his home track. Prost started in front, followed by Senna, Berger, Alboreto and Piquet. Before the half of the race, Senna decided to change tyres and when Prost came to his pit, Senna took the lead. Both were very near and Senna was fighting with some little brake problem, blocking his right front wheel sometimes. Then they encountered Piquet in the long straight. The three time champion moved to right side to let them pass, but Senna didn´t see that in front of Nelson there are two cars fighting for positions. When he moved from Piquet´s vacum to make Signus high speed corner, he met them much slower and he had to lift off a little, what allowed Prost to moved inside and forced to pass. Senna tried very hard to take the lead again, but Prost made no mistake and won. Alboreto 3rd, Berger 4th, Piquet 5th and Nannini 6th.


Half of the season and for the first time this year the pole was not with McLaren. More than that, the front row was dominated by Ferrari´s drivers, with Berger and Alboreto. Senna 3rd, Prost 4th, Gugelmin and Capelli amazing 5th and 6th with their March and Piquet 7th. In the Sunday a deluge came to Silverstone track, and decided Prost´s race. He would abandon it when he was racing in 16th place, one lap down of Senna! Berger took the lead at the lights, Senna 2nd, Alboreto 3rd, Gugelmin 4th, Capelli 5th, Nannini 6th, Mansell 7th, Piquet 8th and Prost 9th in the final of first lap. Prost was dopping down while Berger and Senna were fighting and scaping from the field. In the lap 14th Berger and Senna were behind...Prost! Exactly when Berger misjudged the speed of Prost and others latecomers before Woodcote chicane, Senna dived inside him almost touching Prost, taking first place. Berger still tried to follow him, but it was impossible. Senna, flying, disappeared and some laps ahead, started to manage to victory. Mansell and Nannini were in a big battle, overtaking Berger, changing positions between them with some risks. When Mansell overtook Berger he almost went out of the track, but manage to continue. Nannini spun twice: one when Mansell overtook him, other when he was under braking zone at Woodcote chicane, this time losing the second place he had recovered from Mansell. Senna won, Mansell spetacular 2nd for his crowd delirious, Nannini 3rd, Gugelmin fabulous 4th, Piquet drog his car to 5th and Warwick 6th. Berger, 9th, became without fuel in the last corner of the last lap, losing his 6th place!

Championship standings: Prost, 54 (4 victories) where group by Senna, 48 (4 victories) where group by Berger, 21 where group by Piquet, 15 and Alboreto, 13.


Things were again in McLaren´s hands in the practices, with Senna storming the pole with more than 1,5 seconds ahead third place, Berger. 100th race for Piquet, who would run only few meters, as he started with slick tyres in a wet track and lost control of the car in the second chicane. In the race, Senna easily again coould manage to victory, with Prost almost going off the track when he made a mistake at exit of the second chicane. Were in points: Senna, Prost, Berger, Alboreto, Capelli and Boutsen.


Pole for Senna, but the surprise would be the second place for Mansell and only 7th for Prost! In the race, Senna suffered a big pressure by Mansell, until the british made one his usual mistakes and spun, losing the chance to fight. He would abandon the race later due to bad phisical conditions...Prost made a great recovering to second place and strated to push Senna. When they met some latecomers, he moved inside Senna in the mains straight, but Senna squeeze him and he braked on debris zone, sliding and losing position to Senna again. He would never have another chance to pass, arriving 0,5 seconds behind Senna. The relationship between them were not so good as in the beginning of the year. Boutsen, Berger, Gugelmin and Patrese complete those who scored points.


Nineth pole of the season for Senna, even the record of Peterson, Lauda and Piquet. Unleess this time the difference between McLaren and the third place was not so big: 0´8 seconds to Berger. Prost started better than Senna, but just after the famous Eau the Rouge, Senna overtook Prost and pulled away from his team-mate. Boutsen would make his crowd happy with third place, followed by Nannini, Capelli and Piquet. Capelli made the moment of the race, overtaking Patrese in the outside of the same corner one year before Mansell and Senna touched wheels and spun.

12 – ITALY

Enzo Ferrari died in August, just one month before the Italy GP. But the destiny would present him and his amazing tiffosi with a one-two in the race!. A result that nobody could expect as McLaren were dominating all the races until now...Senna pole again, 10th of the season, with Prost, Berger and Alboreto close to him. Both McLarens took the front and pulled away from the Ferraris, but Prost would have engine problems and stopped at 34th lap. Senna had more than 25 seconds ahead Berger when he met Schlesser at the first chicane. The french tried to open space for Senna, who immediately moved inside, but Schlesser had to avoid go off track and also turn, touching Senna´s right rear wheels, causing his abandon. The crowd became crazy, as with Senna out, Berger and Alboreto were in 1st and 2nd place! Alboreto scored the fastest lap twice reducing his difference to Berger to 0´5 seconds at the line! First time both McLaren out this year. What a party for the italians...


McLaren prepared a new chassis for Prost to Portugal GP, what didn´t give much satisfaction to Ayrton, as he manage with some problems all week-end...Prost in pole with Senna second, Capelli 3rd, Berger 4th and Gugelmin 5th. First start canceled due to a little accident with Martini. In the second start, Senna took the front, but in the main straight Prost took his vacum, and move inside to pass, but was squeezed by Senna. He almost touched the pit wall, but manage to stay in track and took the lead from Senna. Senna would have a lot of problems and would arrive only in 6th place. Prost won, with Capelli amazing second. But Capelli received a order from the team to slow down, because Gugelmin had a engine problem earlier and the team want to garantee the points. Berger was fighting with him, but made a mistake and spun off. Points: Prost, 81 and Senna, 76.

14 – SPAIN

Another pole for Senna, but another victory for Prost. Senna again had problems with his car, could be only 4th. Now, Prost, 90 (6 victories) and Senna 79 (7 victories). But as it would be counted only the best eleven results for the tittle battle, if Senna won Japan GP he would be the champion.

15 – JAPAN

Senna stormed another pole, with Prost second. At the start, he let his engine off, what caused a big scare moment for Berger and Piquet that were just behind him. With a big lucky, Senna could re-start his engine and complete the first lap in 8th place. It took 27 laps and some raindrops, but Senna managed to overtake Prost and won the race and the championship in a astonishing style. Prost, after the race, justified that he had a little problem with gearbox...


13th pole of the season for Senna, but Prost managed to start in front, with Senna, Berger and Piquet following him. Berger took the lead and pushed very hard. It seemed he would be unstoppable, but them he found Arnoux in the end of the back straight. He got mixed up, trying to overtake Arnoux when it was too late, as Arnoux had already began to turn and the touch was innevitable. Berger out, Prost could easily won, Senna 2nd and Piquet 3rd. A podium with six championship tittles – Piquet (3), Prost (2) and Senna(1)!

Curious facts

* Asked what he wanted as a gift for his 100th race, Piquet said: “Both McLarens crashing each other, so the race can be mine...”

* With his victory at Japan Senna marked a new record of 8 victories in a season.

* With his pole at Australia, Senna also marked a new record of 13 poles in a sesaon.

* During this year the brazilian Roberto Moreno was the test driver for Ferrari. He developed the new and revolutionary John Barnard´s model 639, with his shift gear installed in the steering wheel, with a different gearbox design with 7 speeds.

First appearance

· Constructors/Teams:.

1989 - Title for Prost or ...Balestre?

With the rule allowing only aspirated engines this year, everybody expect a very tought fight for the championship. But once more McLaren and Honda surprised others teams with a very quick and consistent car. As F1 have so many teams, FIA decided to introduce new pre-qualifying practice. Those drivers that did not scored points in the last half of the 88´s season would have to take part. Four of them would be allowed to participate at the oficial practices, where only 26 cars would be qualified to the race. But this championship will be forever marked by the decision of one person called Balestre...


Senna once more marked the pole, with Patrese, Berger, Boutsen, Prost and Mansell following him. At the lights, Patrese and Berger jumped better then Senna and they were side-by-side at the end of the straight, Patrese, outside with Berger inside and Senna in the center. None of them lift off, as Patrese have a better trajectory, Senna squeezed Berger and they touched. Both got out of the race. Patrese led until a surprising Mansell overtook him and dominated all the race. When he made his pit he change also his steering-wheel as he was feeling something strange when he had to shift. Prost was a very accomodated 2nd, never forcing to catch Mansell. But he had to fight with brilliant Gugelmin, 3rd and Herbert, 4th. Warwick and Nannini also were in points. The bad news for brazilian crowd was that the new Lotus was not so fast as they expected, what make everyone think in a difficult season for the three time champion once more.


Once more Senna dominated the race. Started from pole, Senna took the front followed by Prost. But at 3th lap, Berger lost control at Tamburello at hit the barriers, with his Ferrari involved in flames. The driver was rescued unhurt, but the race was unterrupted. Another start, but this time Prost took the front, only for a moment, because at Tosa, Senna forced and retook the lead. This passing would have his consequences: both drivers have made a agreement with Ron Dennis that no passing would be done at first lap...This race also demonstated the McLarens superioriry, as in the practices they where 1,5 seconds ahead the others and in the race, both arrived 1 lap ahead third place...


Senna came to Monaco thinking in last year accident. He was absolutely focused in driving with no mistake. He marked a storming pole 1´348 seconds ahead Prost...and dominated the race, winning with almost the same difference he had last year when that accident happened: 52 seconds! Prost 2nd, Modena brilliant 3rd with Brabham and a great performance of his Pirelli tyres, Caffi 4th, Alboreto 5th and Brundle 6th.


Ayrton Senna had another perfect week-end: pole and lead with no chance to his “team-mate” Prost. Senna made a different tyres choice, starting with hard compound, while Prost choose the soft one. The french would soon realize that his option was wrong: he followed Senna some laps, but started losing grip and had to change tyres twice. He would arrive only in 5th place! Patrese excelent second for Williams Renault, with amazing Alboreto third with...Tyrrell!!! Nannini 4th and Tarquini scoring one point for AGS.


New record of pole´s for Senna: 33rd of his career! In the race, it seemed he would won again, another time he had a tyre choice different from Prost...but his engine had eletrical failures and he had to pit. When he returned to track, he would stabilish a amazing sequencial of fastests laps, but finally the engine stopped. Prost won, Patrese in second place for the second time consecutively, demonstrating that Williams and Renault were getting more and more competitive. Cheever, at home track, was 3rd, Danner 4th, Herbert 5th and Boutsen 6th.


Prost marked the pole with Senna in second, followed by Patrese, Berger, Mansell and Boutsen. In a drying track, the race started with Prost leading Senna, but before the end of the second lap, Senna took the front. Althought as the rain got stronger, Patrese, who started with grooved tyres, jumped to the lead, while Senna pit to change his slicks. 36 laps ahead Senna retook the lead and he was just bringing it home, when with three laps to go, his engine broke. Boutsen was the lucky guy to earn first place, with Patrese, De Cesaris, Piquet (first time in points this season), Arnoux and Caffi scoring. Prost had suspension problems and abandoned.


In the first start, Gugelmin touched wheels with Berger, causing a big accident, with his cars up-side-down some times. The brazilian was unhurt and rejoined the group for the second start with his T-car. Prost, pole again, took the lead, while Senna abandoned due to a broken diferential. Nobody could beat Prost this afternoon. Capelli, Mansell, Patrese, Alesi and Gugelmin made great races. Mansell recovered from last place to second, Patrese, 3rd, once more was in the podium. The team-mates Capelli and Gugelmin were very quick, but the italian broke his engine, while the brazilian lost time in the pit, but when returned to the track, he marked the fastest lap. Alesi´s first appearence, driving in a track that he knew very well, was soberb: arrived in 4th place, with a very consistence driving. Johansson 5th and Grouillard 6th.


Senna drove in the lead until his new transversal gearbox broke, what gave Prost advantage to win. Mansell once more made a great race in his home town, as always. Nannini would brilliant 3rd, stoling this position from Piquet only 8 laps to the final, as the brazilian didn´t change tyres all race. Minardi team would be in excelent 5th and 6th, with Martini and Perez-Sala.

Half of the season standings: Prost, 47 where group by Senna, 27 where group by Patrese, 21 and Mansell, 21.


Again both McLarens and Ferraris dominated the practices, of course, with Senna on the pole. In the race, Senna had Prost very close with Mansell and Berger not so far from them. When they come to pit at lap 19, Senna´s team had problems to change his left rear tyre and he felt to 2nd place. Prost led until three laps to go, when he couldn´t avoid Senna´s attack. Senna won, Prost 2nd, Mansell 3rd, Patrses 4th, Piquet 5th and Warwick 6th. Big accident with Berger when he had tyre problem and Gugelmin had to abandon when he was in the points, again due to gearbox failure.


Surprinsing pole for Patrese, with Senna in second and a amazing Caffi in 3rd place. But the name of the week-end would be “Nigel Mansell”! Starting from 12nd place, the british made a very consistence and quick race. He jumped to 8th in first lap and started a fantastic series of overtakings until take the lead with nineteen laps to go! Patrese sustained the front for 52 laps, with Senna less than a second behind. But his engine lose power, so Senna took the front. He would lead only four laps, when Mansell took the comand. Senna 2nd, followed by Boutsen, Prost, Cheever and Piquet.


It was, it´s not necessary to tell anything more! Senna won easily, with Prost making a big effort to avoid Mansell´s surpassing. Boutsen, Nannini and Warwick in the points. Good race for Gugelmin in 7th, as he finally didn´t have any serious problem and could finish one race.

12 – ITALY

Amazing pole for Senna, with 1´0 second ahead of Berger and 1´8 ahead of Prost...The french driver complained a lot. He couldn´t believe he was so far from Senna´s time...In the race Senna dominated easily once more, but the new version of Honda engine broke with 9 laps to go. So Prost could win, with Berger and Boutsen following him. The crowd became crazy, as Ferrari had announced that Prost would drive for the team in the next year...


Senna, Berger, Mansell and Prost were in the front rows again, But this time the Ferraris chassis seems to be better suited to the circuit then the McLarens. In the race, Berger and Mansell would lead. Berger in the beginning, followed by Senna, Mansell and Prost. But Mansell surpassed everyone and took the comand. Althought when he came to the pit, he made a stupid mistake: he overshot his position and immediately reversed the car, what is prohibid by the rules! He returned to the race in 3rd place, behind Berger and Senna, but close to the brazilian. The team Ferrari was advised by the race director that Mansell was excluded of the race. He received the black flag three laps consecutively, but didn´t obeid...worst then that. He would eliminate Senna of the race, as when he tried to overtake the brazilian in the end of main straight, Senna close the door and both touched wheels and spunf off. Bad news for Senna, because Prost sustained 2nd place and the championship became more difficult. Berger won, Prost 2nd, followed by Johansson, Nannini, Martini and Palmer.

14 – SPAIN

Senna back to the usual domination: pole, fastest lap and lead all time. But Prost was in 3rd place and, of course, complaining about his car...Berger excelent 2nd for Ferrari.

Standings: Prost, 81 (76) where group by Senna, 60. But Prost would have to discount points, while Senna woudn´t...(as by rules only the best eleven results were considered), so if Senna win the last two races, Prost couldn´t score more then two valid points.

15 – JAPAN

Another time McLarens and Ferrari were in the front rows. And Senna 1´7 seconds ahead Prost! Amazing pole for the brazilian driver! But in the race...It seemed that Prost chose a configuration that gave him more speed in the straights and Senna had a excelent balanced car. But as Prost jumped to the front, Senna had to follow him desperately looking for an opportunity to pass. When the TV showed us “on board camera” of Prost and Senna, we could see that in the back straight, Prost touched 295km/h and turned the last corner near 260km/h. Senna touched 290km/h in the final point at the straight, but he manage to cross the corner at 280km/h...Unbelievable! He was very much faster than the french driver in that point. And it was exactly the point he chose to pass the french. At lap 47 he dived in the chicane braking point, surpring Prost. The french reacted closing the door and the touch was unevitable. Both cars were out of the track and Prost jumped out of his cars, but Senna asked for help of the marshals and returned to the race. He lost his front wing at that lap, came to pit, change it and returned to make some magical laps, until retook the lead, overtakink Nannini in the same point that he tried to do with Prost. Took the lead and won. He would have 69 points against 76 valid points for Prost...Is that true. Mr. Balestre? No, it´s not! Senna was disqualified because he had received help from the marshal, but his car was in a dangerous positions, so the rules allowed that help...But this was not the “official” decision. Mr. Balestre decided that his country driver was the champion, oh!, excuse-me. He decided that Senna was disqualified and so, as consequence of that, Senna couldn´t beat Prost anymore...What a shame!!


Just to complet the calendar, Senna marked another pole, his 42nd one! In the race it was rainning a lot and many accidents happened. Senna and Piquet suffered almost same situations. Both were in the back straights and couldn´t avoid the car that was ahead of them, simply because they couldn´t see them! Prost abandoned in the beginning, and besides Piquet and Senna, 10 others accidents happened! Boutsen, Nannini, Patrese, Nakajima, Pirro and Martini were the top six. Nakajima made his best ever race: he marked five times consecutively the fastest lap...

Curious facts

* Patrese broke the racord of participation in GP when he started in Brazil, reaching 177 races.

* With his pole in Mexico, Senna reached the same record as Jim Clark: 32 poles!

* The last row of the Mexico GP probably was one of the most different of all time: Piquet and Arnoux!! Two great drivers struggling with awful cars...

* Both Lotus couldn´t qualify at Belgium GP for the first time. Piquet and Nakajima had engines problems in theirs cars.

* With his victory at Italy GP Prost reached 39 victories, a new record!

* After the fault in Portugal, Mansell was suspended by one race and fined in US$ 55.000,00!

* With his tittle Prost became the second most “champion” of all time, with 4 crownes!

* Senna scored his 42 pole-position at Adelaide- Australia!

First appearance

* Drivers: J.Alesi .

* Constructors/Teams: Onyx.

1990 - Senna´s revange!

This year there were a record of 35 cars listed, but as FIA rules do not allow more than 30 cars in the official practices it was necessary to create a way to select them. They created a pre-qualifying section with nine cars, whose team were not into thirteen places in the last half of the previous season. Of course all new teams were obligated to take part of it. Almost all the year teams like Life, Eurobrun, Coloni, AGS, Lola Larrousse and Osella have to decide who will take part at qualifying sections. For the races, only the 26 fastests cars will take place on the grid.


For the first GP of the year, the pre-qualifying created a big expectation. Moreno, with Eurobrun registred the best mark and got the right to go to official qualifying with Alliot, Johansson, Morbidelli and Letho. Out of the race: AGS (Tarquini and Dalmas), Eurobrun (Langes), Life (Brabham) and Osella (Gachot). For the race both Onyx and one Dallara (Morbidelli) did not achieve time and Alliot was disqualified. Berger took the pole with a big surprise in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place: Martini (Minardi), De Cesaris (Dallara) and Alesi (Tyrrell) all equiped with Pirelli tyres, followed by Senna and Piquet. Amazing 16th place for Moreno ahead of Mansell´s Ferrari... At this track Pirelli were very fast, but at the race they would suffer with the consuming. At the start Alesi jumped into the lead, followed by Berger, de Cesaris, Senna, Martini and Piquet. Alesi polled away from the group, but Senna surpassed his oponents and started chasing the french driver. It was a great battle. At lap 34, Senna overtook Alesi, but was surprised by Alesi´s agressivity when he retook his position in the next corner! But Senna demonstrated all his ability. He waited until the next moment to repeat this manouvre, but this time he didn´t let any space for Alesi´s recovery. Senna won, Alesi 2nd, Boutsen 3rd, Piquet 4th, Modena 5th and Nakajima 6th. Prost had a broken gearbox and Berger clutch problems, but before that he had touched the barriers...


The second race of the year brought the circus to Interlagos track. But as the circuit was redesigned by FIA order, unfortunately it is not a big challenge for the drivers. Pole for Senna and big mockery to Balestre when he arrived at the circuit. The crowd was so mad with the french executive, that even his helicopter had problem to land at the circuit- strnog winds...

Senna dominated the race until a misjudge at “Bico de Pato“ corner approach, cause a damage on his car, when he touched Nakajima´s Tyrrell. This little accident danified his front wing and he had to pit. He came back to finish 3rd place, behind Prost´s first victory with Ferrari and Berger in 2nd. Mansell- 4th, Boutsen – 5th and Piquet (who had to change tyres) in 6th , after a unforggetable overtaking against Alesi in the very last corner at the last lap!


Senna and Berger again dominated the practices, followed by both Williams and Ferraris. At the race, Senna led easily until a brake faiulre knocked him out of the track. Boutsen took the front, but had a engine broken. So, Berger took the command, followed by Patrese and Mansell. The british driver, decided to get the lead, surpassed Patrese and quickly discounted Berger´s advantage. Then happened one of the most impressives images of F1 history. Exactly when they were, Berger and Mansell, flat out going to Tosa corner, Mansell put his cars at right side and immediately jumped to left side, trying to pass Berger. But Berger also moved to left side and there was no space for Mansell! He put both left wheels at the grass and...spun at 300km/h...and returned to the track furious, apparently with no damage on his car! He scored the fastest lap in the following lap, but his engine broke! Patrese took advantage of the fight between them and overtook Berger to take his victory. Berger – 2nd, Nannini 3rd, Prost 4th, Piquet 5th and Alesi 6th (again both had a big battle, including a brushed wheels...).


As usual at Monaco, Senna dominated all the week-end. Pole, all time leader and fastest lap. Nobody could beat him there...even when he finished the race just 1´0 second ahead Alesi, with some problems in his engine! Berger 3rd, Boutsen 4th, Caffi briliant 5th with his Arrows (starting from 22nd place!) and Bernard took the first points for Lola Larrousse in 6th.


The circuit named as Gilles Villeneuve usually atract great races, as they happened to remember the great canadian driver. This year was not a exception. Wet and dry track always forced the drivers and teams to the limit. At this point, the best drivers “make it happen!”. So there was no other result acceptable besides Senna and Piquet in front...

At the practices Senna on the his usual place, pole, with Berger, Prost, Nannini, Piquet, Boutsen and Mansell. The rain stopped, but the track was wet in the beginning, so drivers started usuing grooved tyres. Berger jumped just before green flag and was penalised in 1 minute. Senna led, with Nannini, Alesi, Piquet, Prost, Boutsen and Mansell. At lap 12, Piquet and Senna changed to slick tyres. One detail would determine Piquet´s performance: he asked the crew to remove the tape from his air-brake coolers, as in wet track it´s not necessary to ventilate the brakes, but in dry track it´s imperative! Next lap Prost and Alesi also change tyres, followed by Mansell. Nannini led until lap 15 and went to change tyres. Senna retook the lead with Prost, Piquet and Mansell more than 30 seconds behind. In the following laps it happened a great battle between the three drivers, with Piquet putting strong pressure over Prost, followed very close by Mansell. Senna was managing his advantage, but they were closing him. At lap 49, Piquet surprised Prost overtaking him at the hairpin. Mansell did the same in the following lap and tryied hard to catch Piquet, but in vain. Berger made a excelent recovery and stole 4th place from Prost in the final. Senna, Piquet, Mansell, Berger, Prost and Warwick were in the points.


Berger interrupted the pole series of Senna, with Patrese completing the front row. Senna was third side by side with Mansell. Prost? Only 13th...At the lights Senna jumped to second place behind Patrese, but before the end of fist lap he was already in first place, followed by Patrese, Berger, Boutsen, Piquet and Mansell, with Prost in 15th place! Soon Berger overtook Patrese for second and the italian also lost place to Piquet. But Berger had to pit with his tyres in bad shape (McLaren was one of the few teams to use soft tyres) and Piquet jumped to second, now followed by Mansell, Boutsen, Prost, Patrese and Nannini. Althought Piquet also have to pit, while Prost overtook Boutsen to catch Mansell. In a great manouvre, Prost overtook his team-mate while they had latercomers in front of them. Senna, Prost, Mansell, Nannini and Berger (in a big recovery) were the top 5. Then Senna felt some problem with his tyres and asked the team to change, but they told him to stay on track. It was a mistake, because Prost and Mansell were discounting the advantage very quickly. At 61st lap Prost took the lead to win. Senna tried to stay out of pit, but he had a blew tyre and abandoned. Mansell spun and lost 2nd place to Berger. But the british recovery the speed and made a spectacular supassing over Berger, using the ouside of Peralta corner, one of the highest speed corner of F1! Prost won, Mansell second (since 88 Ferrari did not finish a race in 1-2), followed by Berger, Nannini, Boutsen and Piquet.


Mansell scored his first pole driving for Ferrari, with Berger, Senna and Prost very close. At the lights Mansell took the front, but at the Mistral straight Berger overtook him, with Senna in 3rd, Nannini, Patrese, Prost, Piquet, Alesi, Capelli e Gugelmin. Senna also passed Mansell in the second lad, stoling the lead from his team-mate. At the half of the race the drivers went to pit for tyres change. All of them, unless Capelli and Gugelmin. Both March´s drivers were dominating the race and did not demonstrate any need of tyre change. Senna and Berger had long pit-stops: 16 and 12 seconds, what got them out of fight for the victory. Prost, in 3rd place, chasing Gugelmin. But the brazilian, with oil pressure problem, let Prost pass and soon abandoned. The team advise Capelli to slow down a little, just to conserve the engine, what allowed Prost to close him. But Capelli decided to sustain his lead and avoid all attempt of the french driver. But with only three laps to go, his engine lost gas pressure and he had to let Prost go away, almost losing the second place to Senna. Piquet excelent 4th, Berger 5th and Patrese 6th. Mansell and Nannini had engine problems. Prost scored the 100th victory for Ferrari team in his home town!


Amazing pole for Mansell at Silverstone, with more than half seconds ahead Senna...At the race Senna while jumped to the lead, Piquet had to start in the last place as his engine did not function at the warm-up lap. For twelve laps Senna led followed very close by Mansell. Then Mansell overtook Senna and polled away easily. Senna spun off in high speed and came to pit to change tyres. While Berger and Prost were catching Mansell, Piquet was in a fantatic recovering coming from last place to 6th in 30 laps. Then Mansell had his nightmare: his gearbox had some problems and he slowed the rythim. Berger took the lead, but Mansell retook it three laps later, but Prost was in second place yet. As Mansell´s gearbox problem got worse, Prost overtook him and pooled away. Mansell had to abandon, as did Berger. So, Boutsen and Senna gained a podium finished as a gift. Bernard was 4th, Piquet 5th and Suzuki 6th.

Half of the season and the standings were: Prost, 41 where group by Senna, 39 where group by Berger, 25 where group by Piquet, 18 where group by Boutsen, 17 and Mansell/Alesi, 13.


Again both McLarens and Ferraris dominated the practices, followed by both Williams, Piquet, Alesi, Nannini and Capelli. At the race, Senna and Berger took the front, with Prost, Mansell, Patrese, Boutsen, Piquet and Nannini close. The McLaren´s apparently would dominated all the race...but as they went to pit, Benneton strategy appeared: they started with hard compound (“B” tyres) and won´t make any pit. Nannini took the lead as just before the group pit, Piquet missed a chicane and lost place to his team-mate. When Senna came to track, he found himself just behind the italian driver, with Piquet and Berger very close of him. Senna pushed as hard as he could to pass Nannini, but the Benneton was fast in the stadium part and every time he tried, Nannini secured his position very well. The Piquet had a blow engine, losing third place to Berger. Senna manage to sustain his distance to Nannini, waiting any opportunuty to pass. Finnally when Nannini had some latecomers to overtake, Senna took adavantage and stole the lead. Nannini finished excelent second, Berger 3rd, Prost 4th, Patrese 5th and Boutsen 6th.


Surprinsing front row for Williams: Boutsen and Patrese dominated the practices, with Berger and Senna on second row. Boutsen jumped to first place followed by Berger, Patrese, Mansell, Alesi, Senna, De Cesaris, Nannini and Piquet. Senna overtook Alesi, while Prost would abandon for first time this yeaar. Alsei knocked himself and Martini out with a disatrous overtaking tentative, as Berger would do the same over Mansell when he came back from his tyres change. Senna had to also to change tyres due a problem in one of his front wheels and was driving a amazing recovering. Boutsen sustained his lead, but Nannini was very quick and closing the gap. The Senna forced Nannini at the chicane, causing a collision and the abandon of the italian driver. But Senna could manage not only to stay in track, as he was capable to reach Boutsen. But the belgium driver knew that overtaking here was very difficult, so he just controled to the flag. Piquet 3rd followed by Patrese, Warwcik and Bernard.


Senna came back to his usual pole with Berger, Prost, Boutsen, Mansell, Nannini, Patrese and Piquet behind him. In the race, an accident with Mansell suspended the start. In the second green light, Senna jumped to the lead and hold it to the final, even when Prost came close. Both went to the pit for tyres change, but McLaren work 4 seconds quicker than Ferrari, so Senna gained a extra advantage. Excelent race for Nannini, once more without change his tyres, fighting with Berger for 3rd place, losing it with 3 laps to go...Piquet, 5th and Gugelmin 6th completed those who scored points.

12 - ITALY

Pole for Senna, but this time Prost was in second, followed by Berger and Mansell. In the first start Warwick had a tremendous accident at Parabolica, exactly in the place that FIA was experimenting a new type of fences with rubber and water. His Lotus hit the rubber barriers and came to the track, with a lot of drivers trying to avoid him...At the second start, with Warwick, Senna once more took the lead and gave no chance neither to Ferraris nor to his team-mate. Prost pushed very hard to be second, but Senna was unstoppable. Berger 3rd, Mansell 4th, Patrese 5th and Nakajima 6th.


Mansell and Prost were in the front row again, Senna and Berger in the second. It seemed that Ferrari was developing his chassis better than McLaren, while british team apparently always depended of Senna´s talent and Honda´s power to be at the front. But once more Mansell would be the man of Portugal GP. As he did last year, he would made a move that decided Prost destiny at the race. At the lights he overpower his wheels, but squeezed Prost at his right side, allowing both McLarens to take the front...First lap: Senna, Berger, Mansell, Piquet and Prost! Many laps for Prost overtake Piquet and the race was almost decided there. Masell could take the front as Ferrari´s were much more quicker than any other, but Prost could be only third, furious with his Berger 4th, Piquet 5th and Nannin 6th.

14 - SPAIN

Another astonishing pole for Senna, half second ahead of Prost, but the margin to his team-mate was 1´3 seconds...what demonstrated all his amazing ability in flying laps. But for the race he knew he would have car to fight with the Ferrari of Prost. He jumped to the front and sustained Prost, Mansell and Piquet behind him. He went to change tyres after Mansell and Prost, but when he came back, both were crossing the line and Senna found himself in 4th place, as Piquet was leading! But of course with new tyres and without Senna holding him, Prost catched Piquet easily and run to his victory. Mansell let Senna pass, while Piquet tried to secure his place. But Senna could pass for second, while Piquet abandoned with eletrical failure. Althought Senna also would abandon due to a hole in his radiator. So Ferrari would mark another 1-2, Nannini 3rd, Boutsen 4th, Patrese 5th and Suzuki 6th.

15 - JAPAN

Another time McLaren (Senna) and Ferrari (Prost) were in the front row. Another time the championship may be decided here at Japan. Senna, of course, was int the pole. Prost just at his side. Senna tried to convince the organization that he should start at the left side, but they did not accpet his arguments...On the pole, Senna would start at the dirty side of the track and would give a chance to Prost to take the front. If Prost won, even Senna being second, they would decide the championship in the next race. Otherwise Senna had not forgetten last year´s little accident with his former team-mate...and as light appears he tried to stay ahead of Prost, but the french made a briliant start and took the lead...only until the first corner. As Prost let a little space, Senna just dived there and both collided and had to abandon. Senna, as the new champion and with his revange done. (He would regonize it was a revange in the following year, in a interview at the same circuit). As the race continuous, Berger took the lead and soun at the final of the first corner in the dust caused by the Mansell was the new leader, followed by both Benneton (Piquet, Moreno - Nannini´s subsitute). Piquet apparently was following Mansell with no difficulty, not 6 seconds far behind. When Mansell came change tyres, Piquet took the lead. But Nigel would exagerate, as he accelerate to much before his wheels touch the ground. So, as the crew turned his car down, he had a broken transmission. Piquet just manage to win with his new team-mate, friend and country man Moreno in second! Suzuki would make the crowd delirious with podium, but Nakajima was also int the points (6th). Patresew 4th and Boutsen 5th completed those who scored points.


Another pole for Senna. At the race, Senna took the front and pushed very hard, even when he felt some braking problems. But with twenty laps to go, with Piquet in second he missed a shift and crashed. So Piquet were in the front again, But this time he had passed by his own Prost, Berger and was pushing over Mansell, when the british went to change tyres. The last 15 laps Mansell overpassed Berger, Prost and was closing to Piquet. But Nelson would not give a chance to his ex-team-mate. Piquet won the GP number 500º of F1 history, his second win of the season. Mansell 2nd, Prost 3rd, Berger 4th, Boutsen 5th and Patrese 6th.

Curious facts

* With his victory at German GP Ayrton Senna even Juan Manuel Fangio with 24 first places.

* While his (Senna) victory at Belgium GP put him aside Jim Clark, with 25 success!

* Senna scored his 50th pole at Spain!

* With two consecutive victories at the end of the season, Piquet would be catch third place at the championship, beating one McLaren, one Ferrari, and both Williams!

* Life team did not accomplish any time to take part of oficial practices. The car was so heavy and slow, that the best ever result it was 2´9 seconds worst than the car ahead him. Usually they were 15 seconds slower than it and almost 50km/h slower on the straights...

Worst facts

* Martin Donnelly suffered a huge accident at Jerez that put him in a wheel-chair for life. He crasehd his Lotus at 230 km/h in high speed corner where the wall were very close to the track. The impact was so hard, that the driver was throwed out of the car, very similar as happended with Gilles Villeneuve in 1982.

First appearance

* Drivers: D.Brabham, C.Langes, M.Donnelly, G.Morbidelli, J.Letho

* Constructors/Teams: Life.

1991 - Senna, what a difference a driver can make!

As last year, a pre-qualifying session was necessary to define 4 cars from 8, who would take part of the oficial practices. In the beginning of the season: Dallara (Pirro – Letho), Osella (Grouillard), Coloni (Chaves), Jordan (De Cesaris – Gachot) and Lambo (Larini – De Poele).

Also new rules: 10 points for first place instead of 9 where group by front wing width with maximum of 140 mm where group by the rear wing edge not more than 50 cm from rear axle where group by a disciplinar commission to check drivers atitude during GP and a increase of 20% cockipts impact resistance. Big discussion about Lola Larrousse Team, caused by a protest from Ligier and AGS (that wanted Larrousse in pre-qualifying as they did not built his own chassis under his own factory). After a fight between FOCA and FISA, they concluded that the team shouldn´t be at pre-quali.


Senna started the year as he liked most: on the pole, with 1´1 seconds ahead Prost(!), followed by Patrese, Mansell, Piquet and Alesi. Senna would command the race with no mistake, including a pit just to guarantee the tyres to the end, reaching the final 16 seconds ahead Prost. The french should thank his second place to his team-mate, Alesi, that squeezed Piquet when the brazilian tried to retake his position, what allowed the french to pass both. Piquet finished 3rd, Modena and Nakajima with Tyrrell 4th and 5th and Suzuki in 6th place. One scare moment ocurred due to a bad sinalization from marshals. Patrese spun off and stopped his cars exactly in the exit of middle speed corner. As marshals did not sinalized where the cars was, those who came just behind had to avoid the “surprise”. Piquet was the first and avoid Patrese just for milimeters, but Moreno was not so lucky and crashed Patrese´s car. Fortunately nobody got hurt!


Senna and Patrese dominated the front row, with Mansell and Berger in the second. Both Ferraris were in third row followed by a brazilian fourth row – Piquet/Gugelmin. Senna took the front bringing Mansell, Patrese, Alesi, Berger, Piquet and Prost behind him. He tried to scape from the british, but Mansell was pushing hard to catch him. Then, after the pits, Mansell was finally diminishing the gap when he spun at “S” corner. He managed to sustain the engine functioning, but he had a broken gearbox and abandoned. At that moment Patrese was almost 40 seconds behind Senna, with 12 laps to go. But looking at Senna´s on-board camera, it was clear that he was not shifting gear any more. Each time he arrived at “Junção” corner, at the exit he used the clucth just to increase engine rotation and get speed to cross the main straight. It was clear that he had a gearbox problem. But Williams team did not advise Patrese, so he naturally was closing to Senna, but without knowing that Senna had problems, he just manage to finish. A incredible demonstration of Senna´s ability once more, as if we look to time table we find out that he managed to be as quick as he could. But also we can verify that Patrese also had some gearbox problems in the last three laps, as his lap times were three seconds worst! Berger, Prost, Piquet and Alesi were in the points.


Senna: third pole, victory and...a big gift from his great rival, Prost! The french driver made a incredible mistake in the warm-up lap, scaping from the wet track...for the crowd surprise! Also Berger got off the track at the same moment, but he recovered to be at the start, Prost didn´t! Couldn´t be better for Senna and worst for Ferrari, as Alesi also got off the track in the beginning of the race...Senna won with Berger in second.


Senna: fourth in a row! As usual at Monaco, he dominated all the week-end. Pole and victory, no chance for anybody! Excelent race for Moreno, finishing 4th even with gearbox problems. Mansell 2nd, Alesi 3rd, Prost 5th and Pirro 6th. Big mistake for Berger at first lap knocking out Piquet, as he missed one braking point touching Benneton´s rear suspension.


Fifth consecutive victory for Brazil...Senna? Not his time, Piquet! If Senna received a gift from Prost in San Marino, at Montreal Piquet received it from Mansell! What a party for brazilian crowd...For the first time this year Senna did not marked the pole, being 3rd at the grid, behind Patrese and Mansell. Mansell jumped to the front and polled away. Senna abandoned due a eletrical failure when he was third and Prost with gearbox problems. So, Mansell had almost 20 seconds ahead his team-mate Patrese and 50 seconds ahead Piquet with less than 30 laps to go. Then, Patrese had a puncture, losing many places, but he would recovery to be 3º. Althought all his advantage, Mansell scored the best time at 65ª lap...but when he began the last lap already celebrating with his crowd, his engine got off and Piquet could take the victory...can you imagine the big smile on his face at the podium?


Again Williams had dominated the front row. More than that, the team apparently had been defined a new level for F1. They began to pick back all the investment they made in research during last years. They were fast and now they also had reliability. It would be hard for McLaren to confront them with their car. Later we would know that the equation:

“Senna > (Patrese Mansell)” would be truth at the end of the year! At the race Mansell took the lead, followed by Alesi, Senna, Patrese, Berger and Piquet. Senna overtook Alesi and started to push over Mansell. But Patrese was faster than averybody and passed Alesi and Senna. Running much quicker than Mansell, Patrese closed to him. They gained the main straight with Patrese/Mansell nose to tail. At the braking point Mansell squeezed Patrese, who ran wide but the following corner was to left side. So Patrese could complete his manouvre and polled away. Mansell 2nd, Senna, 3rd, De Cesaris 4th (pushing his car with nos gas), Moreno 5th and Bernard 6th.


Third consecutive pole for Patrese. This time with Prost, Senna and Mansell following him. Althought at the start the italian maybe made his worst ever jump, completing fist lap in 9th, behind Prost leading Mansell, Senna, Berger, Alesi, Piquet, Moreno and Morbidelli. Prost led until met a latecomer De Cesaris. Then, Mansell took advantage of his agressivity and passed both. Mansell won with 5 seconds ahead Prost. Senna, suffering lack of speed of hi McLaren, scored a good 3rd with Alesi, Patrese and De Cesaris. Piquet, 8th, lost his chance of point when Morbidelli made a disastrous movement, touching him.


Pole, fastest lap and victory for Mansell at Silverstone! The british once more made the crowd happiness. He dominated all the week-end, winning with more than 40 seconds ahead Berger. Senna couldn´t be 2nd, 23 seconds behind Mansell, but his gas ended in the final lap, dropping him to 4th. Prost 3rd, Piquet 5th and Gachot 6th. Once more Williams demonstrated strong superiority over their adversaries and Senna was complaining with McLaren and Honda, otherwise his championship could be very difficult...

Half of the season: Senna, 51 where group by Mansell, 33 where group by Patrese, 22 where group by Prost, 21 where group by Piquet, 18.


Pole and victory again for Mansell with no problems. Even Patrese, that made a bad star another time, reached 2nd place at the end. The best fight for position was Senna x Prost. The brazilian once more could show all his expertise to avoid a overtaking. Driving on the limit, with his McLaren exactly in the center of the straights, he impedited Prost to take any chance. Unresigned the french would try at the braking point of the first chicane, using the outside line, but of course Senna went wide to the limit, forcing Prost to ran out of the track. Worst for Prost, who let his engine off and abandoned. Alesi, 3rd, completed the race wothout change his tyres, while Berger, De Cesaris and Gachot filled the points zone. Senna? Abandoned in the last lap without fuel...


If in the last five races Senna had problems to fight with Williams and Ferrari, this race he just would manage to win. Starting from pole, he took the front followed by Patrese, Mansell and Prost. Patrese tried to stay close to Senna, but forced to much his brakes and slowed, what gave Mansell the chance to get 2nd place. The british put a strong pressure over Senna, but as on this circuit is almost impossible to overtake – except for Piquet (remember 86?) – he gave up and decided to be second looking to championship points. Senna won with 4´5 seconds ahead Mansell, with Patrese, Berger, Alesi and Capelli completing the points zone.


Another pole for Senna, with Prost on his side, followed by Mansell, Berger, Alesi, Piquet and the rookie Schumacher -driving for Jordan as Gachot was arrested at England due to a traffic accident. At the start Senna sustained his front, followed by Prost, Mansell, Piquet, Berger and Alesi. Schumacher broke his clutch at the start...Prost had a broken engine at 3rd lap, while Mansell attacked Senna for the lead. Senna went to pit, losing too much time, returning at 5th place. Mansell led with Piquet, Alesi, Berger, Senna, De Cesaris and Moreno behind. Mansell went to change tyres and Piquet led for one lap. Mansell retook the lead, with Alesi 3 seconds behind and Senna, with gearbox problems, 5 seconds. The Senna´s lucky appeared. Mansell had eletrical problems and abandoned. Alesi took the lead 10 seconds ahead of Senna. The brazilian was managing with his problems and was losing time. But Alesi would also had a engine failure. Once more Senna could take the lead, but De Cesaris was much quicker than the brazilian...but his engine blew up with three laps to go! Now Senna had no opponent and won with Berger in 2nd, Piquet 3rd, Moreno 4th, Patrese 5th and Blundell 6th.

12 – ITALY

Pole for Senna with Mansell completeing the front row. At the start Senna retained his front position, with Mansell, Berger, Patrese, Alesi and Prost behind. Soon Alesi would made a disastrous tentative over Patrese, scaping from the track and demaging his car. Mansell close to Senna, but Patrese was quicker than both and took the 2nd place from his team-mate. Patrese also managed to pass Senna, but his happiness would not rest more than one lap, as hius gearbox broke! Senna went to change tyres, so Mansell took the front and polled away from the pack. Senna would recover to be 2nd, ahead Prost, Berger, Schumacher and Piquet.


Patrese scored the pole once more, with Berger, Senna and Mansell behind. At the lights, Patrese this time was alert and took the front, with Berger, Senna and Mansell. The british squeezed Senna until the end of the straight, jumping to 3rd and immediately dived inside Berger almost touching him. It was a “Mansell tipical driving”, with too much risk. He gained 2nd place and, of course, Williams advised Patrese to let him take the front. He led until his pit. But the crew would decide his destiny: his rear right wheel was not entirely ready when he received the order to go...some meters ahead his wheel got loose! The mechanics ran until there and change his tyre yet on the speed lane (!), what would cause his disqualification later! Patrese took the lead back and won with Senna in 2nd, Alesi, 3rd, Martini 4th, Piquet 5th and Schumacher 6th.

14 – SPAIN

Pole for Berger followed by Mansell, Senna and Patrese. The track was wet, but it was not rainning anymore when the lights turned green. Berger started leading Senna, Schumacher, Mansell, with Patrese dropping to 8th and Prost to 12º. Schumacher spun, but can continue and Mansell put pressure over Senna, until passing him. This overtaking was amazing with both drivers managing until their limits, almost touching wheels from the middle to the end of the long main straight at 300km/h! Immediately Mansell caught Berger. After all the pits, Mansell took the lead and had no problems to secure it until the end, sustaining his mathematical chances to accomplish championship. Prost, who intended to start on slick tyres but Ferrari did not allowed, arrived in 2nd, Patrese 3rd, Alesi 4th, Senna 5th and Schumacher in 6th, marking points for the third consecutive time.

Senna, 85 points x Mansell, 69.

15 – JAPAN

McLaren dominated the front row, but Berger was on the pole. Honda had prepared a special package to his own track. Mansell 3rd. Berger started leading, while Senna intetionally was slower than his team-mate blocking Mansell in 3rd. Only the victory could retain Mansell´s championship chances. Knowing that he took too much risk at the braking point at the end of main straight and spun off. So at 10th lap Senna could celebrate his third and deserved title. Immediately he started to drive very quick, smashing Berger´s advantage, showing everyone that if were necessary he would be leading since the beginning. After the pits, Senna took the lead with Berger in 2nd, followed by Patrese, Prost, Brundle and Modena. Senna would be the winner easily, but he decided to let Berger win and just before the flag he let Berger pass. But nobody had any doubt: he would be the winner anytime he want, with or without Mansell or Berger.


Another pole for Senna. At the race under a strong rain and very bad track conditions Senna took the front, with Berger, Mansell, Piquet and Schumacher. The visibility was awful and the accidents happened soon: Nakajima, Boutsen, Larini, Alesi, Schumacher, Martini, Mansell, Berger...At the beginning of lap 16 the race was interrupted with Senna 1st, Piquet 2nd, Patrese 3rd, Morbidelli, 4th, Pirro 5th and De Cesaris 6th. After a long discussion, the race was enclosed. As the rules determine, the positions were those one lap before the interruption, 15. At that lap Mansell and Berger had accidents, but they were classified in 2nd and 3rd. Final positions: Senna, Mansell, Berger, Piquet, Patrese and Morbidelli.

Curious facts

* With his victory at USA GP Ayrton Senna even Jackie Stewart with 27 victories!

* At Brazil GP Senna reached 28 victories, becoming the second most winner of F1 history! But he would score much more this year.

* At Canada, when his crew advised him that Mansell had stopped, Piquet almost didn´t believe. He said after the race: “I laughed a lot and almost had an orgasm...”

* At Mexico, Senna had a big shunt at the practices (Peraltada corner). This is a 180º corner made at 260km/h! Senna, as always, looking for the maximum of speed, decided to take the corner using 6th gear, but soon he noticed that the car would lose power. Immediately he shift to 5th, but exaclty on that moment he was over a bump and lost the control of the car...stopping on the barriers upsidedown! But with no injuries. Besides that, he would make it again (shift gear in the corner), this time with no mistake...

* At German GP Ferrari presented the new 643 chassis, what gave them a little more competitiviness.

* On Senna´s T-car, at Hungary, McLaren tested his first automatic gearbox. But Senna didn´t aprove and ran with the normal one.

* At Italy GP Piquet celebrated his GP number 200º.

* Also at Italy GP Benneton had fired Moreno bringing Schumacher to his place. Jordan hired the brazilian, while Benneton was fined by italian justice in US$ 500.000,00 (payed to Moreno).

* At Japa GP M.Schumacher experiment his first big shunt at F1. Just before the chicane after the back straight he touched the kerbs to hard and stopped on the barriers causing a tremendous scare. Fortunately he was unhurt.

* The Australian GP would be the last for Piquet. That´s probably was his extra incentive to be faster than Schumacher on the qualifying. He had been negociating a place with Ferrari, and had an option with Ligier, but he decided to retire later.

Worst facts

* Martin Donnelly suffered a huge accident at Jerez that put him in a wheel chair for life.

First appearance

* Drivers: J.Bailey, E.Comas, M.Hakkinen, P.Chaves, E.De Poele, M.Blundell, M.Schumacher, K.Wendlinger, N.Hattori.

* Constructors/Teams:Lambo.

2003:Hexa-Schummy!(above the rules and the oponents)

The FIA board created new rules to 2003 championship looking for more competitiveness, changing qualifying and creating an extra-test on Fridays (only for the teams who make an option to realize no more than one car 20 days testing during all the year, or two cars 10 days test). But these teams should make up their minds before the beginning of the championship. Jaguar, Jordan, Minardi and Renault did it. BAR, Ferrari, McLaren, Sauber, Toyota and Williams preferred the unlimited test, as they have stronger budgets and a great group of test-drivers. Some examples: Massa and Badoer (Ferrari), Zonta (Toyota), Wurz and DelaRosa (McLaren), Sperafico and Gene (Williams).

FIA also defined:

1 - the cars would stay in a "parc fermmé" after final qualifying, where the teams couldn`t refuel, change engine or tyres until the race. They could only check the systems for safety reasons

2 - new point system: 1 - 10, 2- 8, 3 - 6, 4 - 5, 5 - 4, 6 - 3, 7 - 2, 8- 1 point.

3 - new weekend format (local time):

Friday: 08:30 to 10:30: F1 extra-tests (for the teams who made the option)

11:00 to 12:00: Free Practice 1 (for all)

14:00 to 15:00: Qualifying 1 (just to define order to qualifying 2)

Saturday: 09:00 to 09:45: Free Practice 2 (for all)

10:15 to 11:00: Free Practice 3 (for all)

13:30 to 13:45: Warm-up

14:00 to 15:00: Qualifying

Sunday: 15:00 Race

4 - for Friday qualifying the driver will enter in the track alone, one by one, respecting the actual championship order - except for the first race, that would consider last year’s result to define entrance order. On Saturday the entrance order will be inverted: last time on Friday it would be the first to qualify. The following driver has 30 seconds to let the pit, starting at the moment the previous one crossed the line.

Constructors Engines Drivers Tyres

BAR Honda V-10 Button - Villeneuve Bridgestone

Ferrari Ferrari V-10 Barrichello - Schumacher Bridgestone

Jaguar Ford V-10 Pizzonia - Webber Michelin

Jordan Ford V-10 Fisichella - Firman Bridgestone

McLaren Mercerdes V-10 Coulthard - Raikkonen Michelin

Minardi Cosworth V-10 Verstappen - Wilson Bridgestone

Renault Renault V-10 Alonso - Trulli Michelin

Sauber Ferrari V-10 Frentzen - Heidefeld Bridgestone

Toyota Toyota V-10 Da Matta - Panis Michelin

Williams BMW V-10 Montoya - Schumacher R. Michelin

1- G.P. Australia

New rules, new qualifying format. None of them was capable to stop Ferrari´s supremacy. Schumacher was pole with Barrichello in second place. But in the race, the undefined weather defined the race result. Ferrari´s exceptional strategy failed this time. Different tyre choices for the teams: wet for BAR, McLaren, Minardi and Renault, intermediary for Ferrari, Jordan and Sauber, dry for Jaguar, Toyota and Williams. When the race started it seemed the Ferrari would have a Sunday drive again, but at 4th lap Barrichello made a rare mistake and crashed heavily. Following him at the same corner, Firman did the same, bringing the pace car to the track. This was the moment of the race, because Schumacher was 9 ½ seconds ahead of Montoya and escaping…

When the green lights came, Montoya lead with Coulthard, Raikkonen following him. Schumacher dropped many positions, as he pit. The colombian lead easily until 8 laps to go, when he spun, giving a big gift for Coulthard.

Final standings: Coulthard 10 points, Montoya 8, Raikkonen 6 Schumacher 5, Trulli 4, Frentzen 3, Alonso 2, Schumacher R. 1.

2- G.P. Malaysia

Renault used very well the new rules and put both cars at the front row. Alonso (21 years old) scored the new youngest ever pole, beating Barrichello´s record (22 years at Belgium GP-1994), followed by Trulli, Schumacher, Coulthard, Barrichello, Heidefeld, Raikkonen and Montoya. At the green, Coulthard made a big jump fighting with Trulli for second, as Alonso lead. Schumacher tried to avoid Coulthard´s move, braking too late, touching Trulli´s Renault, who spun and squeezed Barrichello. Result: Schumacher danified his Ferrari’s nose, Trulli dropped to last, Barrichello to 6th. Also in the mass, Pizzonia was forced by Wilson and touched Montoya’s tail, smashing any chances of a good race for them. Fist lap: Alonso, Coulthard, Raikkonen, Heidefeld, Panis and Barrichello. At 3rd lap, Schumacher went to the pit: complete work for Ferrari, with a nose and tyre changes, with refuel in 9,6 seconds! Schumacher came back in last place, starting a fantastic recovering as he did last year.

Coulthard had a broken engine in the 2nd lap, so Raikkonen started to push very hard to catch Alonso. Barrichello make strong overtakes and was 3rd, but with 14 seconds margin behind the finn. After all the pits, Raikkonen took the lead and gave no chances to Barrichello, who surpassed the spain driver between the pits to arrive in 2nd place.

At the end, Raikkonen brilliant first victory, second in a row for McLaren, followed by Barrichello, Alonso, Schumacher R, Trulli, Schumacher, Button and Heidefeld.

Championship standings: Raikkonen 16, Coulthard 10, Montoya Barrichello Alonso Schumacher Trulli with 8 points each.

3- G.P. Brazil

First pole at home for Barrichello. He beat Coulthard by 0,011 seconds only! The official qualifying was very dangerous as the track was very slippery, but drying. Barrichello first followed by Coulthard, Webber (last to qualify with very low fuel), Raikkonen, Trulli and Schumacher’s brothers (Michael and Ralf). On Sunday a heavy rain before the race delayed the start in 15 minutes and brought the safety-car to lead the field.

With 7 laps Fisichella decided to pit, using fuel and tyres services. The safety-car came to pit at 8th and immediately Coulthard took the lead, followed by Barrichello. It was clear that Michelin had better intermediate tyres for this track conditions, as all Bridgestone drivers were in bad shape at this moment. At lap 9 ice-man Raikkonen overtook the brazilian as Montoya did later. In the following lap it was Coulthard the victim of Raikkonen, again Montoya did the same. Both were driving with an incredible speed. Webber also attacked Barrichello while Ralf and Trulli spun at “Lago Curve”, but they manage to stay in the track, rejoining the field. At the end of this lap, Barrichello also let this team-mate Schumacher overtook him. The track was drying, with lap times decreasing quickly. Schumacher marked the best lap as Coulthard overtook Montoya. The colombian apparently had his chassis settled for rain as Schumacher, Coulthard, Raikkonen and Fisichella. Barrichello had his car settled for intermediate track. One lap more Schumacher passed Montoya using the outside line of the track at “Bico de Pato”. 16 laps order: Raikkonen with 2,3 seconds ahead Coulthard, 9,7 from Schumacher, 10,9_Montoya, 11,8_Webber and 16_ Barrichello. Next lap again Schummy scored the best lap catching Coulthard, Montoya almost lost control of his car at “Sol Curve”, but Wilson didn’t have the same destiny: he spun off and abandoned. Barrichello overtook Webber and got close to Montoya. 18 lap, first accident: Firman had a right front suspension broken as in Malaysia (!), almost hit his team-mate Fisichella, but couldn’t avoid Panis knocking-out both. Safety-car again and all drivers went to the pit, except Raikkonen, Fisichella, Da Matta, Pizzonia, Frentzen and Verstappen. As they rejoined the track, this was the order: Raikkonen, Coulthard, Schummy, Da Matta, Barrichello, Montoya and Pizzonia. As the green flag came at 22nd lap Montoya forced to pass Barrichello at “S Curve”, but the brazilian resisted bravely, jumping to overtake his countryman Da Matta in outside at the end of back straight. Frentzen spun at Sol, but also managed to stay in track. At lap 24 Schumacher closes to Coulthard as Montoya passed Da Matta, but the Colombian lost control and shunt at “Sol Curve” as Pizzonia did the same. Yellow flag there, no rain anymore and Ferraris seemed to be the fastest cars in track now. But them Schummy made an unexpected error at “Sol Curve”. He was lining that curve in the ideal position, but not for wet track. Barrichello, which was close to him, was driving there using the outside line from the middle to the end of the curve, avoiding the aquaplaning. Schummy almost hit a service-truck and the safety-car razed again. 27th lap, Raikkonen pitted, rejoining in 7th place with Fisichella close him. Green flag at 28th lap, Ralf overtook Barrichello, but again the brazilian resisted, sustaining his place. Lap 30th Verstappen also was a victim of “Sol Curve” and abandoned followed at lap 33rd by Button. Safety-car again. Three laps more for the green, Coulthard led with Barrichello, Ralf, Alonso, Raikkonen, Fisichella, Trulli, Frentzen, Villeneuve, Webber and Da Matta following him. Coulthard and Barrichello started to pull-away from the field, while Raikkonen overtook Alonso and Ralf in the same lap. In the lap 44, after a series of switching fastest laps between Barrichello and Coulthard, the brazilian managed to pass Coulthard as the scottish made a mistake at the “S Curve” as Webber spun at “Sol”, but continued. The brazilian escaped easily marking three consecutives fastest laps, but them at lap 47 the unimaginable happened: his Ferrari stopped without…FUEL! Can you imagine that? Ferrari staff, who many times made amazing strategies to win, simply misjudged the consume of their car…At that point the positions was: Coulthard, Raikkonen, Fisichella, Alonso, Frentzen, Trulli, Villeneuve, Webber and Da Matta. Lap 52 Coulthard went to the pit while Fisichella close and overtook Raikkonen (!) for delirious of Jordan team at lap 53. But the Gods reserved one more surprise at the final: Webber made a mistake at the main straight, shunting very heavily, disintegrating his Jaguar. Yellow flag there, many cars avoiding the pieces, but Alonso couldn’t do it. He hit a tyre, spun and also crashed. The track was blocked, so there was no other option, besides finish the race. But until there, Fisichella passed again by the finish line, what would guarantee his victory later. Race closed, as Raikkonen was declared the winner, Fisichella second, Alonso, Coulthard, Frentzen, Villeneuve, Ralf, Trulli and Da Matta. Five days later, the FIA decided to give Fisichella the victory as the tape showed he had crossed the finish line 7 seconds before the red flag, opening lap 56!!!

Championship order: Raikkonen 24, Coulthard 15, Alonso 14, Fisichella 10, Trulli 9, Montoya, Barrichello and Schumacher 8 points each.

4 - G.P. San Marino

Michael is back! Couldn’t be more efficient the week-end for the five times champion. He made a brilliant pole, put a strong pressure on his brother led, scored fastest lap and won. It wasn’t better ´cause his mother dead Saturday night.

As green lights appeared Ralf stole the front from Michael, both followed by Barrichello, Montoya and Raikkonen. Quickly the first block, with fours cars pulled away from the others. This was the signal of their higher speed, but also a different strategy – 3 pit-stops. Until the first pit Michael and Rubens were very close to Ralf, demonstrating what everyone know already: the F2002 was still a incredible, quicker and reliable car. As Ralf stopped Michael and Rubens immediately increased their speed in 1,5 seconds per lap! That was the main point of the race. McLaren´s cars again came in with a very conservative, but efficient strategy: two stops for both, Raikkonen and Coulthard. The team can make this option due fantastic low tyre consumption. This decision made possible the podium for the “Ice Man” (Raikkonen) as Ferrari once more made an unacceptable mistake with Rubens Barrichello. Exactly when he needed most, at his third pit, the team who knows why, made a very bad work. He dropped down to fourth place, behind Michael, Raikkonen and Ralf. But the brazilian was decided to regain some places and started a exceptional recovery. He close to Ralf, but was not possible to pass, as Michael wasn’t in the beginning. But once more he showed the world his abilities. He designed his overtaken since the Rivazza bend, when he changed his approaching to the curve. This move made Ralf misjudge his braking point, blocking his rear tyres, enlarging his trajectory, what allowed Rubens to sustain the pressure to next and next curves, until they arrive to the main chicane. Again at the braking point, but this time aside Ralf, Rubens obligated him to use the internal line, what once more put Ralf in a bad shape for the bend. He had to flat off, Rubens made the famous “X”, overtaking him just in front Ferrari crew and the tiffosi. He commemorate his passed with a upper right hand. Just brilliant. Soon he cut his distance to Raikkonen, but was to late.

Michael reencountered the chequered flag and the podium and Ferrari the peace.

Final results: Michael, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Ralf, Coulthard, Alonso, Montoya and Button.

Championship standings: Raikkonen-32, Coulthard-19, M.Schumacher-18, Alonso-17, Barrichello-14, R.Schumacher-13 and Fisichella-Montoya-10.

5 - G.P. Spain

Again the opponents of Ferrari team have to accept the incredible competence of the world champion team. They test the new car, the F2003GA, which since first track lap showed its speed potential, but suffered a lack of durability. They worked hard to correct it and decided to bring it to Spain. At the qualifying they put both cars at the front row! Alonso’s third position made the crowd happiness, with a brilliant action from Toyota’s team, with Panis in 6th place and Da Matta showing his great potential, when he was 4th at practices. At the race Raikkonen would start from last place as he lost the chicane in qualifying. At green light Alonso jumped very well, while Pizzonia had a start system failure, was hit by Raikkonen - who abandoned for the first time this year - overtook Barrichello and threatened Big Schummy. At the first corner Barrichello not only recovered his second place, as overtook Schummy, but when they turned he had to let space for his team-mate and lost the lead. At the same time, Coulthard was hit by Trulli, who also abandoned, and had to pit. Pace car came in to retire Pizzonia and Raikkonen cars. Four laps later green lights again and Schumacher manage to stay in front with no chance to Barrichello, who suffered a lot of pressure by Alonso. Great fight between Williams boys, Little Schummy and Montoya, as Da Matta and Panis were in 8th and 11th place. Two facts would change those positions: Barrichello suffered premature tyres consumption, losing speed and after his pit, he was just behind Alonso and had never a chance to recover where group by and the amazing race for Da Matta, who finished in 6th , fighting with Ralf Schumacher. Coulthard also abandoned scoring first double DNF for McLaren Team.

At the end Schumacher won his 66 race, followed by Alonso, Barrichello, Montoya, Ralf, Da Matta, Webber and Firman.

Championship: Raikkonen 32, Schumacher 28, Alonso 24, Barrichello 20.

6 - G.P. Austria

In a track that suites very well to Ferrari’s chassis, wouldn’t be smart to expect anyone besides Schumacher to win. And he did. But he had to fight, not only with his opponents, but with his some unexpected facts. But once more he demonstrated that he is a valuable driver. Starting from the pole, he dominated the race, until had a problem on his pit and dropped to 3rd. The problem? Oh, just some fire…yes! When the mechanic ended the fuel loaded, it started to flam. Schumacher was absolutely quite, showing his mind control and amazing confidence on his mechanics. He came to the track pushing very hard to catch Raikkonen, that was pursuing Montoya. Exactly when he overtook the finn, the colombian had engine problems and slowed. So, Schummy came from third to first in a unique manoeuvre. What a lucky, what a driver.

Good battles for Pizzonia and Fisichella as Barrichello and Raikkonen in the very end of the race. None of them had success, but they tried very hard.

Final positions: Schumacher, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Button, Coulthard, Ralf, Webber and Trulli.

7 - G.P. Monaco

First race in last 66 races that there was no Ferrari in the two front rows…Bad news for the team that chose bad strategy. Again Ferrari failed exactly in one of their expertises. Strategy is the new name of the game. In Monaco is prohibited even to think in a win if you don’t start in the front two rows. Ralf in the pole with Montoya in third showed that Williams were better. At the stat, Montoya came to second, overtaking Raikkonen. With 21 laps Ralf had to pit, as this tyres were in very bad shape. So Montoya secured hard his first place and won with a strong pressure by Raikkonen and a brilliant Schumacher. Once more the german driver made justice to his salary. He made a very long first stint and did six laps under 1´15 seconds before pit. This laps times allowed him to overtake Trulli and his brother, achieving third place. Also he forced an amazing 15 last laps, demolishing Raikkonen difference from 12 to 1.5 seconds in the last lap. What a driving! Strong qualifying lap for Da Matta in 10th position, reaching 9th in the race.

Final positions: Montoya, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Ralf, Alonso, Trulli, Coulthard and Barrichello.

Amazing seven races in points for Ralf Schumacher!

8 - G.P. Canada

Once more Schumacher made the difference. Starting from third place at the second row behind both Williams (Ralf and Montoya), the five times champion saved his place for some laps until Montoya`s mistake at the main chicane. After that Schummy followed his brother Ralf very close, but when the first pit series ended he was leading. That`s why Schummy is champion. He always feels the momentum of the race and pushes very hard to guarantee his advantage. The race had an excitant final with Schumacher`s brother very close, followed nose to tale by Montoya and Alonso. Alonso made a fantastic race, scoring the fastest lap for the first time at his short career.

Raikkonen achieved 6th place just behind Barrichello. Both made mistakes witch obligated them to make recovering races. Raikkonen made a mistake at his qualifying lap and started from the pit, while Barrichello broke this Ferrari`s nose at the first lap, when he touched Alonso`s Renault.

Final positions: Schumacher, Ralf, Montoya, Alonso, Barrichello, Raikkonen, Webber and Panis. Now Schummy is leading the championship with 54 points, Raikkonen is second with 51, Alonso 34, Ralf 33, Montoya and Barrichello 31.

Once more Ralf scored points. Eight in a row!

9 - G.P. Europe (Nurburgring)

Williams BMW and Michelin week-end show. More than that, Ralf drove a strong race, making no mistake. Montoya, by the way, showed why he’s the one pointed as the man to beat Schummy. His overtaking by the five times champion was marvelous, absolutely correct. He managed to stay outside of the line, as Schummy blocked the door inside. When both arrived to the tangency, he gave enough space to Schummy, whose car slipped a little and touched Montoya´s one and spun off. The marshals helped Schummy because he stopped in a dangerous position, what allowed him to stay in the race. Raikkonen drove a strong race also, coming from pole and leading until his special engine broken. Special because Mercedes brought a stronger version for his home race. This time it doesn’t function well.

Final positions: Ralf, Montoya, Barrichello, Alonso, Schumacher, Webber, Button and Heidfeld.

10 - G.P. France

Another Williams BMW and Michelin week-end show. Once again Ralf gave a magnificent mileage over his opponents, followed by his team-mate, Montoya. Amazing effort for Ferraris to be in the points. Strong race for both Renaults, but their engines broken before flag. Another very rare mistake for Barrichello, just in the beginning of first lap, but it was interesting to see his brilliant recouvering. Michelin tires were much more efficient then Bridgstone at his home track.

Final positions: Ralf, Montoya, Schumacher, Raikkonen, Coulthard, Webber, Barrichello and Panis.

11 - G.P. England

What a fantastic victory for Barrichello, after storming the pole on Saturday, exactly when he was on the first group to qualify. The brazilian is the “Overtake man”, as Montoya. Any time, any place, he manages some way to pass by his opponents. Of course that Silverstone isn’t the worst track to overtake, but just to compare, Webber stayed all race behind Firman, and Pizzonia managed just three laps to overtake Webber and Firman! Speaking of Pizzonia, he demonstrated his immense talent using Webber T-car, isn’t that strange? Why when he drives his usual car, he couldn’t be so fast? Jaguar could try to explain, but nobody believes…as a tem they have been using the "excuse" to blame of their drivers to justify their bad reliability or lack of speed. He was dismissed, but he will be back. He is a brilliant driver and didn’t deserve this treatment. Talking by another brazilian, what a race for Da Matta! He drove very strong, leading Raikkonen under a big pressure and made no mistake, after the second safety-car entrance, caused by a crazy guy that invaded the track. He had written his name in the history, as the first driver to lead one F1 race in Toyota’s car! Schumacher? Well, he was not in a very good week-end. Finish 4th, but took many time to overtake Villeneuve, Alonso, Panis and others…First race this year that Ralf were not on points, as he finished 9th.

Final: Barrichello, Montoya (big race for the colombian…), Raikkonen, Schumacher, Coulthard, Trulli (also strong race, leading in the beggining), Da Matta and Button (from last to eight, what a race…)

12 - G.P. Deutschland

Great Montoya! The colombian was in a terrific week-end. Bad for his contenders…Just after the start Raikkonen pushed very hard outside Barrichello at the same time as Ralf did in the internal side. Of corse the result was a stupid collision between them, putting all off the race. Looking carefully only Raikkonen could avoid it, as he was the only one with all the vision of the cars, but lift off is not what he likes, so…

At the race, Montoya gave a big show as Schummy struggled with his car. He was behind Trulli, trying to pass the Italian. Then, he managed outside him, but ended the manouvre outside of the track. When he came inside track, Trulli was there, but Schummy ignored and forced. Trulli avoided the shock, but Coulthard also overtook him. Later Schummy would pay for that, as he had a puncture and went to the pit.

Final positions:

Montoya, Coulthard, Trulli, Alonso, Panis, Da Matta, Schummy and Button.

13 - G.P. Hungary

The first spanian to win a official Grand Prix and the younger driver to do it, beating Bruce McLaren. His name? Alonso. From pole to the flag. Leading all the race, with no mercy and showing all his potential. What a marvelous race for Fernando Alonso. What a week-end for Michelin. A disaster week-end for Ferrari and all Bridgestone. Barrichello, who once more betted Schummy in the qualifying, had a unbelievable suspension failure at the end of the main straight, resulting in a scare accident. He was ok, but Ferrari…

Good race for Montoya and a great recovering for Ralf, who went off the track at the second turn and a strong Raikkonen.

Race: Alonso, Raikkonen, Montoya, Ralf with Schummy taking 8th.

Championship standings with just three races to go:

Schummy 72, Montoya 71, Raikkonen 70!

14 - G.P. Italy

What an amazing week-end for the Italian crowd. Schumacher snatched the pole, led the field and scored two brilliants records: the all time official quickest lap for F1 history with 254,8 km/h and the quickest ever race average with 247,5 km/h! And as a gift extended his advantage: now he has 3 points ahead Montoya.

The days before the race were hot ones, because the official communication that was Ross Brawn the one who complained with FIA about Michelin tyres. The argument were that the French tyres were in disagreement with the rules. The French manufacturer decided to bring new types for Monza, avoiding more and complicated discussions.

In high speed tracks Ferrari showed all their amazing powerful, reaching 362,5 km/h in the end of the main straight, against 357,4 km/h for BMW engines, 358,5 km/h for Mercedes and 353 km/h for Toyota.

Schumacher drove a perfect race and deserved the victory, followed by Montoya, Barrichello and Raikkonen.

Now Schumacher has 82 points, Montoya 79 and Raikkonen 75.

15 - G.P. USA

Another amazing victory for Schummy, but it seems that the rules simply does not exist for him and Ferrari. It was inexplicable the decision to not punish the german driver for his overtaking over Panis exactly in the corner that we had yellow flag. Also it was unbelievable the punishment for Montoya because he touched wheels with Barrichello, causing the abandon of the brazilian. But one thing shoould more be questined: if everybody there agreed the Schummy should be penalysed why McLaren and Williams did not appeal? Things we cannot explain...

The race was hard for drivers, because it rainned a little and sttoped. So we had a very slippered track, what caused some spins and off track visits. Schummy drove very carefully, but also very strong and won with a good margin over Raikkonen. After a very hard race, Montoya reached 5th and became out of the championship battle. Great qualifying for Toyota with Panis in 3rd and DaMatta in 5th, but in the race the team called them to wet tyres very soon and washed out any chances of good results.

Schummy 92 versus Raikkonen 83...

16 - G.P. Japan

All the eyes of wolrd were over Japan track when the green lights appered. Barrichello, the pole, jumped to the lead, followed by Montoya, Alonso and Da Matta. Schummy was in 14th position and Raikkonen in 8th...those confused positions were determined by a rainnny qualifying.

Montoya stole the front from Barrichello, but two laps ahead he felt problems with his BMW engine and stopped. Rubens took the front again and never let it go. Raikkonen was driving a strong race and assalted the positions until the second place. But there were 16 seconds behind the brazilian. To win the championship he should win the race and Schummy couldn´t be 8th...Schummy was under big pressure and touched Sato´s tale, what caused a extra visit to the pits. But every time that´s necessary Ferrari´s team is always incredible. They change his nose and complete the gas in 15 seconds only!...Schummy could recover again until the 8th place. He tried to be 7th, but Da Matta showed his teeth and hold the position. So the german decided to stay cool and try to garantee his place, because it was what he needed to.

Final results: excelent victory for Barrichello, followed by Raikkonen, Coulthard, Button, Trulli, Sato, Da Matta and Schumacher.

Schummy reached his fourth title in a row and his sixtieth title, beating the unforgettable Fangio. But, as he said: “Fangio is above me...”

Michael Schumacher: 193 races, 70 victories, 55 poles, 56 fastest laps, 122 podiuns, 1.038 he good or not?

Championship Drivers: Schumacher 93; Raikkonen 91; Montoya 82 and Barrichello 65.

Teams: Ferrari 158, Williams 144 and McLaren 142.


The main question in the beginning of this year´s championship was: "By the way, can anybody stop Ferrari?". Formula One is facing one of the most continuous domination we have ever konwn. Ferrari team had won the constructors championship since 1999 and Schumacher had won four championships in a row! For the others, only hope, challenge and persecution. Nothing more uncomfortable that regonize that you must improve your quality, but even when you do that, your biggest opponent is still in front of you. What a nightmare for Williams and McLaren...

The FIA again introduced changes in the rules. Three are very important:

- new qualification system, with the pre-quali and the final quali on Saturday;

- only one engine admited during all the week-end. If the team have to change engine, their driver would lost 10 positions on the grid;

- permition to use a test driver on Fridays practices with a third car, just valid to teams above 4th in the last year´s championship (not allowed for Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Renault).


Stunning domination for Ferrari in the practices. On Friday Schumacher and Barrichello smashed their opponents with 1,8 seconds of detach. On Saturday qualifying Schummy and Barrichello sustained the front row, with just 0,074 seconds between them, followed by the new Williams with Montoya, with only 0,5 seconds ahead. Montoya made a little mistake that costs him a least 0,3 seconds, so he could be closer. On the race the start defined Ferrari´s advantage, as Alonso´s move squeezed Montoya, resulting an off road for the colombian. When he regained the field he was far from behind and had to battle throught. That certainly permitted Ferrari team to manage their engine control, allowing their drivers to push only when necessary. For the first instint Micheal and Rubens had pushed very hard, gainning a strong advantage. So they could slow a little and manage to win. Some battles gave the crowd some fun: Montoya had to face Trulli, Ralf and Button; Massa versus Raikkonen switched positions, when Raikkonen had a engine blow just after been passed by the young brazilian. The very moment of the race was Fisichella versus Heidfeld, as they were side by side in the 3rd corner, with the italian taking advantage, but not before they touched wheels very softly. By the end another victory for Schummy, followed by his team mate Barrichello, Alonso, Ralf, Montoya, Button, Trulli and Coulthard.


The week-end started exactly F1 wondered: both Ferraris in front. Besides everyone expecting a very hot temperature, the sun did not shine as usual this time in Sepang and Bridgestone tyres took immediate advantage…oh! Excuse-me, Ferrari took advantage! It´s an amazing start of the season for Ferrari, and of couser for Micheal. One thing all teams must thank the italian team: they are showing all the world that there is no secret, just hard work. Right people on the right place. That´s it!. Micheal and Rubens always do the job, they can analyse the data, with Brawn and team, deciding the best options. Talking abaout options, Rubens made a different tyre choice from Micheal, and payed for that. As I say, in car races there´s just one way to win: you must be quick, looking forward, not backyard. If one wants to take the chequered flag before all the rest, must be quicker and concentrated…

Micheal scored the pole once more, with Webber, Rubens, Montoya, Raikkonen and Button following him. Da Matta marked 10th and Massa 11th, with Sato and Alonso scaping in the same corner, failing to mark time. At the start Micheal took the lead, followed by Rubens and Montoya, as Webber started very slow. But sooner Rubens made a veryr are mistake, slipping of the track and losing some positions. All his thoughts to win were gone with this, so he just sustained a stong race to finish in high points. The battle between Montoya and Micheal happened just with the chronographs, as they were at least separeted by 3 seconds. Button made a espectacular race scoring his first podium, showing that what BAR needed was just more money, and they got it saving Villeneuve´s salary. Montoya attacked until his last pit, but when he came back to track, he was just behind Rubens, wich were in fighting with his wrong tyre choice. Montoya lost 4 seconds behind brazilian guy, and decided to save points. McLaren? Well, Raikkonen once more suffered with a failure, but Coulthard came to the end, but…

Micheal won, followed by Montoya and a very happy Button. Massa also scored points, exactly in the same track he scored his first ever points in his career (2002).


Usually I say that you know a strong driver when he faces a new track. Why? Because he´s capable to find out where´s the secret of that, improving his mark everytime he´s back to track. That´s Micheal. That´s why he spin many times in the practices. He was looking for the secret. And he found it! It was in the S curve, just before the short straight before the main straight. To example that: Rubens made this curve with 18.450 rpm, lifting just a little, while Micheal did with 18.900 rpm almost flat! In the chronographs, it means 0´273 seconds of advantage (in that space)!…Amazing! That´s why Micheal is the best. He found the secret, determine the strategy and did it! Simply perfect!

Pole for the german once more, the third in a row, followed by his team mate, Montoya, Ralf, Sato and Button. It´s also inportant to say that Sato was very strong in this track, beating thte british all week-end, except in the race, but not because himself. Once more Alonso failed in the quali and would be the last place, sided with Raikkonen…what a year for the finn.

Green lights on and Micheal just eliminated his opponents: at the end of first lap he was 1´543 seconds ahead the field…how is it possible? Probably this is the question thar assault Rubens dreams… Not so far Raikkonen had a engine blow again…Can you inagine how happy he is? It´s his third abandon, always with problems…who could wonder that McLaren would face so bad time this year?

The race was completely dominated by Micheal, followed some seconds behind by Rubens. Montoya tried hard, but almost in the end he had a gear problems and failed to score very importants points. Button came to the podium once again, but certainly he would be there if Sato were not touched by Ralf. Sato made to special surpasses: first by Ralf and the over Coulthard. Ralf squeezed the japan guy, but he stayed there, resulting in a wheels brushing, with Ralf losting some places. Sato had a front wing damage, and had to change it. But he would be the first ever japan driver to lead one entire lap in F1 history! Congratulations to him! Very interesting battles, Alonso x Webber, Fisichella x Panis x Da Matta x Klien, Massa x Alonso.

At the end, Micheal won, followed by Rubens, Button, Trulli, Sato, Alonso, Ralf and Webber.

Standings: Micheal 30, Rubens 21, Button 15, Montoya 12, Alonso and Trulli 11, Ralf 7, Sato and Coulthard 4, Massa and Webber 1.


Button, stunning pole for the british! BAR is, with no doubt, the car of the year, besides Ferrari, of corse! Switching to Michelin tyres, saving US$ 20 mm´s Villeneuve salary and renewing the suport by Honda, the team has become the second best of F1 this year. Jenson, who always demonstrated his imense talent any time hits track, this season seems to have the chance to fight for victory. At Imola, he made a soberb pole, smashing the chronos by 0´258 ahead Schummy. Schummy made a big mistake at Variante Alta, what certainly costed him the pole. For the race, however, anybody believes that Button would resist Ferrari´s challenge. And really didn´t, but at least Button could lead some laps until his first pit-stop, when Schummy took the front he would never lose. Besides Schummy and Button, Montoya, Ralf, Barrichello, Alonso and Trulli fighted for positions, with the colonbian taking the 3rd place home. Alonso made the passing of the week-end, when just after change his tyres, he dived into Ralf´s car, stoling his 4th place at Tosa, while Raikkonen could be 8th, after a strong race, coming from last. Schummy?…four in a row!

Final positions: Schummy, Button, Montoya, Alonso, Trulli, Barrichello, Ralf and Raikkonen. Schummy, 40; Barrichello, 24; Button, 23; Montoya, 18.


Trulli jumped from 4th to the lead, showing once more the amazing Renault´s traction control, while a surprised Schumacher managed to stay ahead the field, but it was just a question of time. The german driver had to wait until the first round of pit-stops to gain the lead and secure it until the end. Fights? Just a very dedicated Alonso, trying very hard to catch his team-mate, but in vain, as Trulli was very strong. Barrichello´s strategy to not fight against Schummy directly, once more was enough just to put him just behind the six-time champ. Again it was unbelievable the sort of performance for McLaren and Williams. Montoya had brakes problems, while Ralf had a very discret speed. Coulthard and Raikkonen manage to finish the race, but one lap down behind the forth place (Alonso)...It´s really a bad year for both teams (McLaren and Williams) as this track is their main place to test. McLaren has a well konwn problem: Mercedes engine cannot suport the limit of 19.000 rpms, so they are limitated at 17.500, but doing this, they have no speed enough. Williams has a development problem. The chassis seemed to be very competitiva, but none driver can find the right balance in the race week-end...

Five victory in a row for Schummy. Can he beat Mansell´s record in Monaco?


Trulli, that´s the name of the game at Monaco. If Trulli had dreamed with a place to win, beside Monza of course, it would be there. But, much more than the victory itself it was the clear and spectacular driving for the italian. Pole and leading almost all the race, there was no doubt about who was in charge. Great exhibition for Trulli, Renault and Michelin. Schummy? Amazing mistake for the champ. The race had some accidents. Sato´s marvelous start was interrupted by a blow engine, just at the race begining, causing a mess. Almost all drivers were able to avoid him, but Fisichella jumped into Coulthard´s McLaren, causing both abandon. Later, Ralf, with gearbox problems, was too slow in the tunnel, forcing Alonso to drive into the marble at 250kmh...the result was a big shunt for the spanish driver, who was very angry with him! At that momment, Schummy was leading (Trulli had just made his pit-stop, followed by a later Montoya, and all the field. Then a rare scene took place: Schummy, inexplicably, blocked very hard his Ferrari´s tyres, just into the tunnel. Of course Montoya couldn´t avoid him and hit the champ´s car, causing Schummy´s shunt and abandon. What happened there? Schummy said that he was just experimenting his brakes, but also said that Montoya was not the one to blame...of course something had broke at Ferrari, but they would never admit...

Trulli, Button, Barrichello, Montoya, Massa, Da Matta, Heidfeld and Panis where in the points.


After a frustating Monaco GP, everyone was looking over Ferrari, but they did not give a chance...Schumacher vanish any tentative as scored the pole, btu had a soberb Sato joinning him in the front how. At the start, once more a big confusion happened at the first band, resulting in two abandons: Ralf and Da Matta. Schummy took the lead, followed by a very surprising Raikkonen. We could say that the start defined the race, because Raikkonen was 2 secondsw slower than Schummy and blocking all the drivers behind him. When Raikkonen had a blow engine (again...) Schummy had 17 seconds ahead the field! For the rest, only Barrichello and Sato fight for the second place was good to see. Sato rejoined the group just behind the brazilian, and made a spectacular move in the end of the main straight, suprising Ferrari´s driver. As Barrichello did not let too much space for the japonese guy, they had a contact, that caused Sato´s front wing broke. But just two laps after this, the japan driver had a engine blow...

Schummy, Barrichello, Button, Trulli and Alonso were main places, but Barrichello, Button and Trulli scored points in all this year´s races.

Championship standings: Schummy 60, Barrichello 46, Button 38, Trulli 36, Alonso 25, Montoya 24, Ralf 12, Sato 8, Massa and Fisichella 5, Coulthard 4, Da Matta and Webber 3, Heidfeld 2, Panis and Raikkoen 1.


Another surprising grid positions demoted Ferraris to marginal places, but the italian team confidence for the race was clearly unshakeable. And they were absolutly correct: at race trim Ferraris were unstoppable. Qualifying brought Williams BMW to pole again, but was little Schummy the one there, not Montoya, as everyone expected. Button, Trulli, Montoya, Alonso, Big Schummy and Barrichello followed him. At the start a great deception for Trulli, who had a broken transmission at the lights and abandoned for the first time this season. First part of the race brought Ralf leading, but just after the first pit-stop series, Big Schummy was in charge again. At this moment we saw clearly the “controled pression” that Barrichello made over his mate, Schumacher. It was clear he could be faster than the german driver, but he did not really try to overtake him. It was a shame...Schumacher managed to win easily, followed by Ralf, Barrichello, Montoya, Button, da Matta, Fisichella and Raikkonen. Later, after the race, both Williams and Toyotas were disqualified due to brake duct irregularities, so Coulthard, Glock (who substituted Pantano this race) and Heidfeld were promoted to points positions.


Again was not Schummy on the pole, but Barrichello. The brazilian dominated all practices during the week-end showing his potential, but in the race...

Before the lights, Montoya jumped to spare-car, wich is not allowed and would cause his disqualification; after the start at the first corner, Panis let no space for Da Matta, who had to brake hard, causing a mass (can you imagine what he could have done if they were not team-mates?). Klien touched him and stopped, being collected by Massa, while Pantano and Bruni clashed. Pace car on track, with Barrichello on the lead, followed by Schummy, Alonso and the others. At the re-start Barrichello seemed to be not focused and Schummy took the front just on the line, but two laps ahead Alonso had a puncture and clashed at the main straight, bringing the pace car again. After the re-start, three laps ahead Ralf Schumacher brought pace once more, when he had a tremendous shunt at the entrance of the main straight at 200 mh. He was unhurt, but had to be taken out of the car by the marshalls and went directly to the hospital. When the race began it was Shummy´s Sunday drive. He had nothing to worry with and won, while Button had his first abandon this year. Barrichello and Sato (first podium for the japonese guy) completed the podium, with the brazilian driver remainning as the only driver to score points in all races this year.

Championship: Big Schummy 80, Barrichello 62, Button 44 and Trulli 41.


Brilliant pole for Alonso, followed by Big Schummy and a very satisfied Coulthard, driving the revised McLaren called MP4-19B. Gene, replacing Ralf were 8th, with Barrichello scoring in 10th position. Amazing start once more for the Renaults, with Alonso sustaining easily the front, while Trulli came from 5th to 3rd. Ferraris also showed a good shape for their traction control with Schummy in 2nd and Barrichello jumping from 10th to 7th. The race could be resumed in the Ferrari´s moves, as Schummy was chasing very hard Alonso, while his team mate Barrichello were overtaking Sato, Raikkonen, Coulthard and Button to be 3rd. But Schummy and his crew never were happy to be 2nd, so they change his three stops strategy to four, surpring Alonso and stoling his "garanteed victory...". Schumacher and Brawn showed all their talent once more at the right moment it is necessary. Every time the situation needs something different they are ready to try, but not only try, but get the best from it. That´s why they are the best and it´s so hard to beat them. Barrichello, by his own, made a excellent race and was many laps trying hard to overtake Trulli, but with no success, as the Renault is yet a better car in the acceleration. But at the last lap, just two corners from the finish line the brazilian dived over him, in a amazing move and stoled the 3rd place. A very perfect move.

Final standings: Schumacher, Alonso, Barrichello, Trulli, Button, Colthard, Raikkonen and Montoya.


Since Barrichello arrived at Ferrari, Silverstone was “his track”. There he could be better than Schummy, and last year he delivered one of this moments to the crowd, winning from the back. This year, everyone expected his pole, but Raikkonen had another plans...The finn stole the pole from him, in a very good lap, driving the MP4-19B, but in the race...

What more can anyone talk about Schummy and his boys? They are absolutly unbeatable. Thay have the best car, the best driver, the best strategy and, when its necessary, they have the courage to change everything to win. That´s the race. Raikkonen took the lead scaping 4,3 seconds in two laps from Barrichello, but both of them were in three stops strategy, and Schummy in two. Because of that Raikkonen and Barrichello had to create a margin over Schummy to win the race, but Schumacher made a very consistant train. The laps before pit, he always scores his best laps, and at Silverstone he not only score it as he marked the same time he had done at the qualifying...Here he took the victory. When it counts, he deliver!

Terrific shunt for Trulli, with no consequences for him. He had a left rear broken suspension at 255kmh...

Shummy won, followed by a very quick Raikkonen, Barrichello,Button, Montoya, Fisichella and Coulthard.

Schummy leads the championship with 100 points, Barrichello 74, Button 53, Trulli 46, Alonso 33, Montoya 29, Raikkonen 18, Sato-Coulthard 14, Fisichella 13, Ralf 12, Massa-Panis 5, Webber 4, Da Matta-Heidefeld 3, Glock 2 and Baumgartner 1.


What a marvelous qualifying lap for Schummy, who demonstrated that he will be very focused in a winning home race. Schummy worked very carefully in the set-up to make his Ferrari really fly over Hockenheim track. Pizzonia was the new Williams driver to fill-up the place of Ralf, as Gené did not scored any point in two races he drove for the team. Montoya marked second place on the grid, but Pizzonia failed to be there just because the team decided to make some changes on his car before the attempt, and he was 10th. Button was 3rd, but as he had a engine change on Friday, he suffered a 10 places down, what would cost him the victory on Sunday. Barrichello was just 7th and both Renaults were very strong. McLaren MP4-19B appeared once more to be quick and reliable, but new Toyota TF104B did not show very much. On Sunday, with a big clean and sunny sky, Schumacher jumped to the lead, followed by Raikkonen and both Renault (what a amazing traction control for french team), while Barrichello missed the brealing point on the hairpin, touching Coulthard and squeezing Montoya, who lost many places. Raikkonen really showed that he would challenge Schummy for the victory, until a broken airfoil ended his hopes to the wall. The best fight of the race was Button and Alonso, for the second place, as the british was in a brilliant recovey race. They changed places some times, as Renault had a better accelaration, as BAR a better final speed. Button overtook Alonso, bringging down the 13 seconds difference from the leader Schummy to 8 seconds in the flag. Pizzonia showed all his potential to bring Williams to a excellent 7th, as he was out of races over one year!

Schummy once more took the chequered flag ahead of everyone, but nobody doubts that Raikkonen and Button would make things different for the german driver, if...but as ‘if’ does not exist, let´s wait next race.

Schummy 11 victories in 12 races...not bad!


One year ahead of a miserable appearance in Hungaroring, when Schumacher was lapped by Alonso, Bridgestone builded a special set of tyres for this race. The strategy paid off, as Schumacher and Barrichello were just unstoppable. Once more nothing could be done to beat Ferrari´s. Neither a little disadvantage for Barrichello, who started in the worst line of the grid, was enough for anyone catch them. Alonso had a perfect start, and a little misundertood between some drivers in the first corner, resulted in a spin for Zonta (who was driving for Toyota, replacing Da Matta). Excepcional start for Montoya, who came from 8th to 4th, taking advantage for his side of the grid, as Hungaroring is used only once a year, the track is very dirty and sliperry out of the perfect line. Very consitant driving for Pizzonia, who lost three places at the start, as expected by his starting position, but when he came to pit at 14th lap, he could rejoin the front group. No hard fights, only Schumacher scaping from Barrichello, another time demonstrating his unbelievable concentration and speed. 62nd pole, 82nd career victory for this soberb driver, which is running direct to his seventh championship title! 6th championship in a row for Ferrari, which is teaching the world how to create a real team-work!


Title for Schummy, lights for Raikkonen and Pizzonia. The belgian grand prix in Spa is regonized by its amazing first corner, where many times it happened some accidents. Once more some touchs, includind one between Raikkonen and Massa, but when the field arrived at the famous Eau de Rouge, Webber touched Sato, causing a big mess. Finally Bruni, Pantano, Sato and Webber were out. Safety car in, Trulli in front, followed by Alonso, Coulthard, Schumacher, Raikkonen, Montoya, Pizzonia, while Barrichello and Massa pitted for repair their cars. Green on and Raikkonen immediately push over and pass Schummy and Coulthard. Trulli leading with Alonso near him, but Raikkonen were closing them, when Trulli came to his first pit-stop. Alonso inherited the lead, but spun at the end of the long straight, due a slow puncture, and abandoned. Raikkonen took the lead and give no chance to anyone, driving a very strong and quicky race. Safety car came again when Button had blown tyre and crashed with Baugmtarner. All cars together, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Pizzonia, Montoya, Zonta, Massa, Barrichello, Fisichella, Klien, Panis, Coulthard, Trulli and Heidfeld. Green lights again and Raikkonen smashed any chances, scoring for the three following laps a new lap record and won, while Pizzonia, Montoya and Zonta had problems and abandoned. Great race for him and McLaren, back to victory.

Final positions: Raikkonen, Schumacher (7th title for thim!), Barrichello, Massa, Fisichella, Klien, Coulthard and Panis.

Raikkonen showed his imense talent, as did Pizzonia, who leaded for the first time in F1 and was in a consistant third place when had gearbox problems. Same for Massa, who came from last place to 4th.

Amazing title for Michael Schumacher and Ferrari


Once Ferrari had secured the title for Schummy, all the atentions were now on Barrichello´s car, looking foward to vice-championship conquest. As we have been writing before, with a magic and very well design and managed planning, the italian team had acomplished eveything they focused. At Monza nothing could be different, besides some spetacular fighting and a master driving for Schummy and Pizzonia, with both drivers coming from behind and reaching points zone. Soberb was also Barrichello, and once more, Ferrari´strategy changes "real time". In the practices Barrichello stunning pole indicated he would start lighter than his opponents. But less than one hour to green lights, a rain came to join some temper to teams decisions for the start. Only Barrichello, Massa and Coulthard opted for intermmediary tyres, but Coulthard changed his option just at the end of warm-up lap, starting from the pit. Massa and Barrichello could not make other decision, as they had few gas, so they would be obligate to pit soon. At the start, nobody had problem with the first chicane, but at Variante della Raggio Button forced Schummy, who lost control and spun. To avoid Schummy, Pizzonia breaked hard, but was hitten from behind by Panis, who abandoned. Schummy rejoined in 16th and Pizzonia 19th. Barrichello in the front completed the first lap with 6,9 seconds ahead Alonso (!), but Massa made one of the most fantastic first lap, coming from 16th to 7th...and to 6th at the second lap. But at the third lap Massa and Barrichello had problems with his intermmediary tyres, as there was no rain, so they pitted. Barrichello and Ferrari changed their options, and the brazilian should be at qualifying trim until be back to the front. And the decision was ok, as at the end Barrichello were leading, with Schummy just behind him. Great victory for Barrichello, second for Schmmuy (what a race for the champ), with Button completing the podium.


In a week-end to forget for the big champ Schummy, brazilian Barrichello had one to remember at last. He clinched the pole, lead almost all the race and lost the best lap to Michael in the very last lap of the race. Great race for him, wich garanteed his second vice-championship with this victory. The circuit, an amazing design, with very differents lines for the drivers to enjoy themselves. Barrichello had to fight with Räikkönen, but in the end Button took advantage of his two choice strategy, and gainned second position. Great race for Zonta and Massa, while the first one abandoned once more with gear box problems when he was 8th and Massa, starting from his best ever place, 4th, fought with tyres issues in the first stint, losing a lot of places, whose were recovered until came to 8th place, sustainning a big pressure from Coulthard.

Final positions: Barrichello, Button, Räikkönen, Alonso, Montoya, Sato, Fisichella, Massa, Coulthard, Webber, Villeneuve, Schumacher, Heidfeld, Panis, Glock.


No order more at Ferrari squad, so Schummy came to Suzuka free to fly again, probably the circuit he´s the untouchable driver. And he did exactly his way: pole, lead almost all laps, but lost fastest lap to Barrichello, while the brazilian fought from 15th place to 6th. It´s Schummy´s magnificent driving again. For the first time since 70´s that F1 had a qualifying at Sunday, because bad wheather predictions.

Schummy dominated the race very, followed by his brother Ralf. Barrichello and Massa drove very strong races. Massa came from 19th to 9th, making a lot of overtakings, including two over his future mate, Villeneuve. Trulli made his debut at Toyota, start from 6th, but couldn´t manage more than 11th on the race. Panis anounced his retirement after this race.

Final: Schummy, Ralf, Button, Sato, Alonso, Räikkönen, Montoya, Fisichella, Massa, Villeneuve, Trulli, Klien, Heidfeld, Panis, Glock, Bruni.


The last GP this year, bring a challenge for locals heroes, Barrichello, Massa and Zonta: since 94 no local driver score any single point there and since 93 none of them could win! So, Barrichello has prepared himself very strong to end these marks. But the destiny prepared another desapointement for brazilian crowd. This time, the fist time in Brazilian GP history, that wheather came not to help, but to finish the party. Barrichello was perfect in the qualifying lap, as did briliant Massa once more. But in the race, after start the race in intermmediate tyres, the chances of rain desapeared and they had to pit for tyres change before they want when both were driving ahead eveyone. Same for eveybody? No, because those with Bridgestone had a small problem: the grooved tyres took too many laps to come to its maximum speed, while the Michelin were flying since they touch the ground. Than, Montoya took the lead, followed very close by Räikkönen. Montoya made his move just after leaving the pit, where they were side-by-side. That overtake gave him the victory. And all drivers who could watch learn a lesson with the colombian: you don´t wait the chance, you make it!

Barrichello still came to 3rd place, while Massa scored another strong point for Sauber. But where was Schummy? Well, he made a mistake at practices, had a big shunt, came to spare car, started at 18th, came to 6th, spun, regained some positions to be 7th. But, as he said: "With this weather, no chances for victory to Ferrari!".

Final standings: Montoya, Räikkönen, Barrichello, Alonso, Sato, R.Schumacher, Schumacher and Massa.



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De la Rosa unhappy with test ban

McLaren's Formula One test driver Pedro De la Rosa says the ban on in-season testing could prove to be dangerous. New measures were brought in by the FIA, the sport's governing body, as part of cost-cutting measures for F1. With Barcelona hosting the last testing session ahead of the season-opener in Australia on 29 March, De la Rosa is worried if reserve drivers are needed. "We could be a problem, with regard to safety, if we haven't driven enough," he said after testing in Jerez, Spain. Teams are currently preparing for the new season, which opens with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne at the end of March. The FIA opted for the new ban in December last year and it could lead to F1 team's test drivers becoming redundant for the rest of the year. The 38-year-old Spaniard added: "I'm hoping I can test again in the next few weeks because to me it's very important to arrive in Melbourne with as many miles as possible. "Otherwise, the situation for a reserve driver is ridiculous. "Arriving in Melbourne with very little mileage done, or not having a single day of testing during the season, makes the test driver rusty in case we have to climb into the car."

Force India take wraps off F1 car

Fisichella gave the new VJM02 its first run-out in Jerez
Force India launched their 2009 car with its track debut at testing in Jerez, Spain, on Sunday.
Giancarlo Fisichella took the VJM02, which includes a Mercedes-Benz V8 engine and McLaren gearbox, through its paces at the Circuit de Jerez.
And team principal Vijay Mallya said they were looking to score their first world championship points in 2009.
He said: "I would like to see a strong start, rising to points mid-season and a definite improvement in qualifying."
Force India failed to register a point in their debut season last year, and Mallya added: "Regular points finishes should be the aim."
And despite the global economic downturn, the team is apparently in solid financial shape.
"Force India is in a good enough position," said Mallya.
"It's a smaller team with a much smaller budget than the big boys and so it is probably relatively easier for us to manage under these circumstances." This year will see the return of slick tyres and the introduction of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (Kers), giving the start of the season an air of unpredictability.

Belgium loses $4.7m

The Belgian Grand Prix last year lost $4.7m. The race day attendance was just 52,000, which was 10,000 down on the previous year. The race at Spa is seen as a major tourist event in the region and is funded by the government, but with such losses it will become hard to justify, particularly if the numbers do not get better in 2008. With the global recession this will be hard as people are not spending the kind of money that was once available. The one advantage that Belgium has this year is that there is no French Grand Prix and so there will be a number of fans who will be looking to go to other races to get their annual F1 fix. The bad news for the Belgians is that the British GP, the German GP and the Spanish GP are all looking for the same fans to help bolster their numbers. The Spanish recently announced that it is selling tickets in advance at a 5% discount. They are also targeting the British audience, hoping that Lewis Hamilton fans will consider a trip to Barcelona for the race.

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